Ill Fate


We all have our energetic rhythms, some days we feel bright and strong, and other days we feel weak and vulnerable. But what we may not be as aware of is that those states in us are also attractive to other energies. So when we feel unhappy or angry – or are around people in those states – it is important to have strategies for not staying there too long, ways to uplift our energies again – so the energies that are attracted to those lower states don’t have a long time to gather around us. Being aware of what is attracted to us, energetically, can help us learn to invite and encourage certain energies, and limit our exposure to others, as a safety to ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had trouble with dreaming last night because I was not feeling really well. I remember one dream where it felt like I don’t know what we were doing, but I went over and maybe the car that you had had backed over a cliff. And it wasn’t a really dangerous thing, in a way. It’s more like it had slid down this dirt cliff and come to rest at a place that was above a little village, or something, so I had to go down there and decide how we could help get the car out, and who was going to help us.

But one of the problems I ran into was I had been in a house earlier, in one of the villages, and it felt like they worried about witches, and they wanted to kind of sometimes do something to kind of neutralize women – almost like because they thought women were witches, or they had to do some process. And so were they going to suspect I was a witch, and would that interfere in the way of getting the car up and out of that embankment? That was all I remembered from the earlier dreams, and then this morning I have a dream.

John: See, the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with having a protection, and having an effect, based upon maintaining and/or adhering to a vibrational condition. So when you have a car, meaning yourself, that goes over a cliff and gets into a vibrational spinout, in other words, where it’s reduced energetically to a quality that lacks its usual, or lacks what it could hold onto as a usual dynamic, the consequences of anything that’s caught in a thought-upon-thought collective is something that can be easily seen or visualized. It stands out, and thus you have the image of being vulnerable in kind of an exposed way.

What this is meant to show you is that the protection you have, there is a protection. In other words, thought-upon-thought causes a breakdown of things in which there is an exposure, and consequences that arise out of the exposure. But when you hold onto a vibration that sweeps through the exposure lower-self vibration, there is a protection there. The reason it works that way is, just think of how it is in the outer in which when you are in a state of depressed nature that bad things happen to you, and that when you’re in a state in which your quality of energy is uplifted that things make way for that, things open up for that.

So the portrayal of you being in kind of a collapsing of energetic, to an image of being in an exposed, and vulnerable, position, is because that is what happens when you are not holding onto a quality of vibration that you’re meant to be aware of, and that is when the protections are removed.

In other words, maybe the way to see it is that if you’re in a state of true innocence, like a child is, they have kind of like a type of guardian angel that looks out for them. As you get older, and become more sophisticated, and take on the righteousness of having ideas and vibrations that you’re going to hold onto for yourself, then you exchange what had been a protection for those ideas. And because those ideas have no guidance, really, in them, they are reflective, you are vulnerable to kind of an ill fate.

And thus the image that you have, the image is not predictive or anything like that. The image is just symbolic of the fact that you let go of holding on to a certain space that you are aware of, and, in letting go of that, in exchange, that there is this kind of breakdown which is exaggerated by the image of being like a witch.

In other words, your dream world takes and uses accentuations from some place or spatiality inside of yourself to create a shift, to reveal what the state is that you are in, and that’s revealing the state.

Now, I actually also believe that maintaining something that is a little adrift like that, something where there’s a certain direness, maintaining that long enough, having that infiltrated into the molecular makeup loud enough, long enough, leads to one catastrophe after another. So you’re on the verge of the breakdown kind of way of being, vibrationally.

Jeane: Thanks.

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