Vibrational Imbalance

imatWhen we begin to deal with life from an energetic perspective, instead of from the perspective of the world of matter and physical things, we have to become more sensitive with, and listen to, the whole of our systems, because they are designed to read the subtleties of energies, whereas our brain is not. And it’s important to be able to read the energies so that we can give an appropriate response to them. In the dream, a baby needs to be cared for; in the physical we know the responsibility and requirement of caring for another life. But, our energies need care and feeding, too, so we have to become sensitive to those needs through our journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream, the parts I remember it felt like in order to get something, and record something, I have to go up on stage where a play is going on. You’re down in the audience.

When I need something, I need someone to bring me something, the curtain’s gone down. It feels like my sister is bringing it to me, but she’s trying to get up on the stage, I just hear some scratching, I finally find that she is trying to come through almost like a radiator or something, so I have to tell her, that’s not big enough. She has to go back and come up another way.

And then the scene just shifts, and I’m meeting you at someone’s apartment where we’re going to be doing some recording, but you’ve hooked up the recorder in some kind of really weird way, that’s more complex, that has all these things attached to it. So I’m unattaching those so we can just have the recorder work so that it’s more simple.

And when I look up on the wall I also see that, as far as broadcasting, we’ve got some kind of new setup that I think either broadcasts or receives sound better from the distance, but the recorder itself I have to simplify because you’ve made it kind of complex.

Then I step outside for a minute, and it’s almost like I go to the car and I come back and we have a baby. It’s like I’m carrying the baby, and she’s all bundled up, and so I’ve kind of removed the bundle a little bit so that when I hold her up it’s like I’m looking right into her eyes. She has these really sweet eyes.

And then I’m bringing her back into the apartment where we were meeting with the other people and doing the recording, but there’s like a blind or something over the door, so when I first try to get through I realize it’s too wide, and that it’s going to be awkward because my focus is really on the baby and I don’t want us covered with this cloth, or whatever it is.

And so I pause for a minute because I realize, instead of trying to work through it myself, I should wait until they just pull it apart because my focus should just be on keeping the baby okay.

John: So you have three images going on there, and all of the images are designed to give you information – in terms of the theme of the dreaming – which has to do with working with vibration. It’s almost like the first dream that you had set the stage for what then became images to give you additional information.

The first dream set the stage, even though it seemed pretty hard to pull out, because often times you can be in a deeper space. The first dream actually has a deeper quality to it. I was looking at it as if it was a state, and yet it wasn’t quite a state, and yet it was a state – but it was just a deeper quality in which it was showing a pattern of how energy is. But the images that you have all depict states. In other words, it’s almost as if that primary image then is not quite in sync with a way of being; and that’s what those images are.

So the first image, in which you have something that rises up through something, like feminine energy, or the energy rising up to how you are on a stage, is imbalanced, because the feminine energy stays and holds a rootedness, holds itself in the manifestation, doesn’t rise up. And the image of you being on a stage is out of balance, too, because now you’re elevated.

If this were a masculine dream, which it’s not, the image would be of the masculine having to recognize something that causes it to pull down, which would have to do with kind of getting grounded, and rooted, in order to catch up with something which would be of the feminine completeness, a light imbedded in the matter.

But the way this image works is that something has become unnerved, or disassociated, and thus there is that as a problem. And then it falls into the second aspect, in which the sound that’s coming out, or the broadcasting and such that’s happening, there’s something about that that just isn’t effectual.

And then what’s interesting is the dream throws you on the other side a little bit now, almost as if, okay, you have seen how this kind of is an impingement, and can you recognize that there is a certain care that needs to be upheld as a stillness, instead of a referencing, a vibrational referencing, and that stillness, like being on the other side of a door that you seem to be veiled from – because yourself on the flip side has this vibrational imbalance – but on the other side the responsibility that you have for something that’s more precious is something that’s innocent and still.

And so somehow this is supposed to enable you to recognize, in a reflective capacity way, the way you are imbalanced vibratorally; or not necessarily you’re imbalanced vibratorally because deep down you never are. I mean you’re bifurcated based upon ignorance, but you yourself have the thread of something deeper that is just fine.

So you have created a contrast in order to come to a better understanding about vibration. And what’s interesting is your essential understanding is one towards an innocence, and stillness, like the baby that is just there to be held, or to be nurtured, to be maintained as a quality. And that quality is maintained in the breath, and not in the other where the vibration is askew.

And by having the images, so to speak, thrown at you this way, you’re able to denote something that apparently you need to denote. So it’s interesting how the theme worked, isn’t it? That was the theme of the evening, had to do with recognizing vibratory imbalances.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Vibrational Imbalance

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