A Closed Eye

4e55sWe all have felt it: that sense of angst, or ennui, or feeling of despair, or sense of loneliness, or of being lost. We know it comes from an unfulfilled urge, deep within. Of course, it can seem like it is an ache for a better job, or a need to find a partner, or to be recognized for an inner beauty, but these are just lower manifestations of the bigger scenario: the urge to return home, to return to what created us. Until we follow that urge, we will always feel a bit empty, we will always think that there’s something more, and we will always hope for something just around the corner. Meanwhile, the answer waits inside us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the meditation dream’s kind of interesting, and then everything else kind of had to break it down in little components because the theme was about vibration, and that was a pretty deep way of looking at vibration. And then comes the shallower way in terms of, again, how one is contending with it in an outward sense. In other words, it’s like I’m beat up in the outward sense, and so the report in the outward sense, in terms of the state of it, has a much blander way of putting it.

The sleep dream was about sustaining a meaningful sight, and, in this case, it’s a sight that’s like the essence that you have a sense of. So, in the dream, sight is something that can be purposely denied. In other words, you can hold a space in a way that leaves you removed from the sight. The image is the taking of a needle and injecting it, like above the eye, or the cheek, or something that causes the eye to close, so that it cannot see what it doesn’t want to see.

And the meaning is, in having taken a step on the path where I am aware of how vibrations affect everything, there is no way to shut off the inner flow realization without purposely blighting one’s self, in other words, because the eye is no longer the normal eye that you think that it is.

And then there was this other and it’s hard to describe what the dream is because the dream had to do with very low vibrations, and just kind of caught in the malaise of that, kind of like sickness. And so I report it as a conscious vibrational awareness is also blighted when a person purposely sabotages self by going into a scenario where the consciousness is dumbed down.

In other words, there’s kind of a common joke in life that people rise to the lowest common denominator, and so I’m in that lowest common denominator. So to offset this reflective resonance, and sustain and shift the vibration, involves accessing, you know letting go of that lowest common denominator, and accessing an empty space.

So that’s like an answer, a quick answer, but it’s in response to a dream which has me swept up by an outer in which there is an unconsciousness to the vibrational breath, and, as a result, a vulnerability to a collective thought-upon-thought energetic slam down. The energetic, of course, is the thought-upon-thought, which is a very low thing, so it causes you to be really dumbed down.

You can’t see, and you can’t point out, and you can’t pull yourself out of something that is like that when it predominates. And so these last two, you might say, dream images, are designed to show even though they’re from the profoundness of the meditation dream, this is how I find myself in the outer however, generally getting caught up in something which is blighted, and trying to function in a blighted scenario – and it’s not meant to work that way. There are natural veils based upon the loudness of misalignment, and/or it’s as if the effect has closed the eye so that nothing can be seen, or readily denoted.

And of course the meditation dream, you’ve even forgotten it it was so profound, right? That’s how you break out of the amnesia by being rescued from a plight in which you are shifted away in what is really going on, because there’s this higher-self awareness that has gotten lost in the outer collective that just needs to be realigned, and that this is the condition in which you find manifestation all the time. It’s always in this condition, and that this is akin to being in a spatiality in which you think everything with your senses, and your way of trying to bicycle around and cope, you’ve talked yourself into believing that everything is copasetic – but it’s actually like a whirlpool and so it has riptides underneath the appearance that suck you down and take you outside of a cognition to a deeper inner self.

And you could even say that this is a type of dream that describes the condition of a human being coming into the physical body. They come from somewhere that is unknown, you know a depth of an innerness, and in the outer things open up, or happen, some things open up because they’re meant to open up in terms of the way one’s journey is designed in some fashion, imbedded into their molecular nature, so to speak, already. And that which has no real value, in other words, that which is just reflective, eventually you catch up with it as just being reflective and it goes away, just goes poof. As the statement goes: where there is light, there is no darkness. And if something just automatically inflects through, it’s hard to recall the condition that you may have been in.

The roots of our nature, in this thought-upon-thought illusion, go poof when you connect with something that is outside of that and closer to the essence – and that’s why it just all goes. Now as you catch up with a quality of the energy behind your breath, or the soul of your nature, that is something closer to the essence again and you do hold onto that, and you do kind of take that with you.

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