The Spell of Decay

0400Energy cannot change its state by itself. That’s why it is said that the broadcast of an old episode of I Love Lucy will arrive on some planet, light years from now, and be exactly as it left here 60 years ago. And that tells us how important the process of physical life is: it is an opportunity for energy to take form, and to change, and to evolve. And, it is the nature of the universe to always elevate and upgrade what it is doing, and how it is doing it. This is the refinement process that we are born into, and that we are here to take advantage of with our own life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What’s interesting is I had a meditation dream that points this out, and then a sleep dream that, again, flaunts about to point it out.

In the meditation dream, I am observing an unfoldment that does away with the outer senses that perpetuate a thought-upon-thought beingness. I suddenly realize that the elimination of the thought-upon-thought plane of manifestation would turn out the lights of manifestation.

This causes me to ponder how this is to be done. What can be done that leaves the outer unfoldment process as a functioning plane, like a type of reality? It will be a functional manifestation creative state for the reflective to be, so a sight and sound can continue as the awakening goes on, and on, and on, endlessly.

In other words, as if there’s an endless purification – but you never get out of it. If you wanted to be a total purist from somewhere else you’d say that this is unacceptable, but what has happened is it has become acceptable because, deep within, I carry a wayward need to live out an extensive vibration, and that extensive vibration, any kind of a vibration, any kind of quickening, perpetuates existence, or manifestation. And so I find that I settle for that because obliviousness is too much of a leap; whatever obliviousness is. Whatever it is, I’m not there, so I am left to remain in a bifurcated way to a vibration.

And the meaning is, even though we may want union, the condition we are in is that of separation. And we can settle for a subtleness from God; it’s a subtleness meaning it doesn’t become God – in the plane of manifestation, anyway – as we live out the reflectively visible and hearable abstractiveness on the plane of manifestation, which means that we’ve come to accept ourselves as having to bear the pain of how it is for a reflective sight and sound to preside. It has to preside as an aspect of decay. If there isn’t some aspect of decay built into it, it can’t be.

This is the criteria for manifestation to exist. And so this is where I am at, not ready for there to be no vibrations whatsoever. What I am saying is, I have reached the point, after deep inner reflection, to be at the crossroads within where the sight and sound reside, for the sake of a vibratory manifestation, that I am in, and apparently keep choosing to live with. I agree to a not so bad way, so to speak, as far as sight and sound goes, if sight and sound must be. Meditation dream.

Now this is an interesting thing, this sleep dream. In the dream, I have a sense, from somewhere in my being that it is possible to establish the connection needed. I feel that even though this is possible, I don’t have the means to reach this and my ego is such that I figure it will come to me as I try to figure this out on my own.

So my mind has a vague idea that I could take some building blocks, put them together on my own, in a particular way, that I am able to access alone. As I said earlier, I have never done it before, yet I am adamant that I can do this on my own. So I go at it. I am of the opinion that my intention, in some inner sense, will get me through.

My approach to build a means to access the above, or to catapult to the connection, is misdirected, but I remain adamant in this approach. Eventually I realize I have run out of time. I wander away on a new path seeking to reach the means needed. I had been feeling I was running out of time when I was on the intuitive path, but, okay, that was as good as it got. And then all of a sudden now I’m an old man, with not much time left for this to happen, for something to happen, before I physically die. And I have the look of a person who is starting all over.

So what is going on? From the meditation dream I realize that manifestation is unable to go beyond a particular point. My thought-upon-thought beingness is what manifestation, per se, is, and what it’s all about, even. From the meditation dream, as a being of sound on a plane of sound, with outer tools that apply to this dense plane of mindset sound, I come to know that no matter what I do there is always going to be decay. That is how manifestation was designed and, from the sleep dream, I repeat the pattern to realize the waste of time. I’m unable to extricate myself from such a condition. The limited tools of my wayward reflective nature are a foolishness and, as an old man, now without the verve of the young man, I am still adrift.

Observation: Something is missing. This something that is missing lies outside of the faculties at my disposal. I can reach a certain point of purification, and realization, that will take me to denoting that I am in a hopeless state in and of itself. In other words, you cannot get to where everything is purified or you would not have existence. So it would take a shift beyond manifestation, a step into a whole new place, to break, once and for all, the spell of decay.

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