This is a Step

imag333esIt is a particularly unhelpful track we humans have gone on, that we believe that we are the source of what is happening. And to compound the problem, when we come across an obstacle, we think that we will find the solution. But this conception removes us from our faith, belief, and trust in the unfolding of the universe, of which we are an integral part. Did we think the universe created us and then left us to our own devices? Unlikely, when we acknowledge the precision and beauty of the unfolding of everything we know. That is why so much of our work is to let go of this deep-rooted concept, and embrace the fact that we are part of a bigger unfolding, one that is trying to help us all the time, if we can just get out of our own way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember all of the dream. I know they were fairly profound last night, and that I was kind of struggling in them in a way. One dream I remember going into a room where Lew [a teacher] was, but he’s wearing more like a bathrobe, and he’s turned away as though he’s upset. And it feels as though I’m trying to give him some information that’s a little more reassuring about what’s happening, because this town that we’re in I seem to know more about. I know something about some history there, or things that are buried, or hidden there, and so I’m trying to be a little reassuring about how things look.

And then I remember going into another room where Lew’s in bed with his wife. And I’m over near the edge of the bed, because he asked me I have to tell him about some of the mysteries I’ve read. And it seems to me like I’m walking around to the opposite side of the bed, and making the bed, as I’m talking to him about some mysteries that take place in different countries that I like. But I’m a little sheepish about that, that I read these mysteries, although I know he likes mysteries, too.

And then some people come in, or I get distracted, because I notice that in other rooms that are on opposite sides from each other, it’s like there’s a little girl in one, and I don’t think there’s anyone in the other one, but some candles in those rooms have caught on fire. The room the little girl’s in there’s more fire. There’s less fire, because I seem to be putting the fire out, in the room I’m in.

But I have to leave my room to go over to her room and show her how to put the fire out. I seem to feel like I can put the fire out because it’s come from candles that have dripped, but in the process, although the fire in those two rooms seems to get put out, there’s a room on the opposite side, in fact in an other area even, that used to maybe be an old jail, that I had known about because again I seem to know about this town more than anyone else that’s in it, when the candles caught fire they seem to cause a melting that revealed this room. Part of that old room was a jail and there’s some old skeletons there. It’s like Lew’s kind of looking at that with a little bit of interest.

Then another part of the jail contains a woman that had been maybe locked up, or contained there, that I felt I was not a very good influence. She was maybe even somebody that had been in charge during that time, but it was better that she was dormant. And I also seem to be trying to find some tea for people, maybe even to serve her tea.

Then I suddenly seem to be whisked away by a couple members of the group who are flying from where we are to Malta, and they’re going to fly back. I know the timeframe they’re going there and coming back is really tight, so you can’t get separated from the group with whatever they do when they’re there. But what they seem to want to do is to go to this market and eat these special Swiss or Swedish pastries. I’m more concerned with how will our timing be with getting back. And I think that was when I woke up.

John: The dreaming last night was very much process oriented, they were like work dreams, in that the underlying schematic had to do with how one contends, or is involved with things, in life, and it’s an involvement though that’s based upon the understanding of letting go. But you don’t just let go. You have to come to see why it is part of a greater plan to be in a position, in terms of yourself, to be letting go.

Now, to begin with, the process starts on the path where there is a certain focus and attention. Now, in many instances, let’s say focus and attention is something that has to be established, and you build to that, as part of a way of holding a quality of attention that is needed to break the trance and spells that have you preoccupied. But, in this working dream, it’s now time to take and set aside the focus and attention a bit to a greater letting go.

So you start off with the focus and attention placed upon a type of doingness. Your focus and attention starts off well meaning enough, but it’s not accepting the recognition that everything is already known. Now it’s good that you’re doing this with Lew, as opposed to someone else, because it starts off with the idea, in regards to something that you’re doing for him, that you feel needs to be done, as it is important in some fashion; as if, if it isn’t done, then something is missing.

First of all, it’s a good quality of focus and attention that you have found, but now you have to set it aside because it really has a deeper listening center that’s needed to unfold.

So the next image what you’re doing is the deviations. The idea about there being a this and a that that’s interesting, or significant, is deviation, something you can turn to. That has to be understood in relationship to the shift in the quality of the focus and attention. In other words, you’ve caught up with the focus and attention to get to a particular point. Now that focus and attention has you indulged upon looking upon something in order to kind of sharpen it, or streamline it, or cause something to be that needs to be, but it’s something that needs to stop because you’re attempting to do this with something that actually knows better, and sees better.

And so then the dream tries to hint you on this. In other words, it took a good initial step, you to kind of set the table of things, so that you would then be able to see that the idea about this being a mystery, and that being a mystery, that this is the bed that you had to figure out how to sleep in, so to speak. You know, you’re trying to figure out how to make the bed. That’s where you’re seeing that your focus and attention can still go, and that would be utilizing the kind of focus and attention that you first had to catch up with, but now need to drop and let go because you’re capable of hearing something in a quieter center of yourself, that doesn’t involve having to do any lifting or heavy action anymore. You can do it in a deeper, inner presence spatiality.

So what this is portraying is that, if you can make the shift from this focus of attention which has to do with the idea where you have these things that you need to still finish up, or indulge in, or whatever, if you can drop that, then you get caught up in a quality that incorporates, I would call it a type of stillness in that there is something that has died, or gone away. In other words, there’s no need for that sort of sustainability.

But see the dream is now pointing out that the reason why you had to hold an attentiveness, to a this and a that, is because if, and as, you caught up to a level of stillness that in the next step inside of yourself comes out something that has to be reckoned with because it is something repressed that is too much. In other words, it’s a power, or a quality, inside of you that’s been repressed that’s too much.

Your dream is saying that you have this quality inside of yourself that you’re having to try to be very careful to not fall into, or not awaken, that you are on the path towards having to contend with, that is dark, that deep down you see this dark, dark side that’s more than you can handle, or more than you realize or believe that you can handle.

The focus and attention now needs to shift to be utilized in a new way, and that new shift is a type of letting go, and in that letting go is kind of a death to the action in that kind of motif in which you have been using that as a means, like a defense mechanism means, to keep from unleashing that would come out if you were in a stillness, which is kind of a side of yourself with kind of a dark power feminine energy that you are afraid of, that you know that you house somehow inside of yourself.

If given the choice, if you were making decisions, you would prefer to continue to do a this and a that and a this and a that as a kind of means of keeping that veiled. And if you quit doing a this and a that and a this and a that, that comes out, and that’s something that you’re going to have to reckon with. In other words, we take steps on a path, and this is a step that you’re walking into.

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