The Epicenter

522xcdqEnergy is similar to water, in that it is constantly searching for a way in to the next possible space it comes across. But there are rules involved. If an energy meets a similar vibration to itself, the door is open and the energy may enter. If the energy meets a much higher vibration, and the energy isn’t refined enough, entry into the space will be denied. And if the energy meets a much lower vibration, to enter that space could put the energy at risk of lowering its own vibration. These are the laws that dictate our interactions, and we can see this in every situation we have experienced. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I have the sleep dream. This sleep dream is very interesting. This is funny. This is a wonderful little story.

To accentuate the knowingness, within, that is outside of vibrational thoughts, comes the following dream. So, to tell you the dream, first I have to tell you the imbedded impression history of it. The history has to do with something, whether this is true or not I don’t know, but I’ve been told this, and have no way of confirming if it’s true, that in Hamilton, Montana, in the 1890s, it was the orchard capital, one of the orchard capitals of the country. or the world. Apple orchards.

And the frenzy, just like maybe the tulip bulb frenzy of the Netherlands or something, the frenzy was such that the land sold for as much as $10,000 an acre way back then, or so they say. If this is really so, I don’t know. It is something I heard and this was like an input used to cause me to see something, in my dream, and doing it in a dream way.

So, in the dream, there is this piece of property that’s set to be sold at an auction. And I have my concerns about this auction; it has to be conducted in a particular way because I know something more. The government is against whatever it is that I have a sense of, for reasons I don’t know even, other than maybe it’s their collective consciousness opinions of things, their setness, and has it in their head that, if it proceeds, in any regards along the lines of something that I have as a wholeness knowingness, that this would be a disaster.

So this is a kind of collective consciousness that’s going to do anything and everything it could possibly do to keep it from happening. But, I have looked within, and see this quality about the place, and the current owner, which is a woman, I see her swimming underwater. She doesn’t have to breathe even. She’s just swimming underwater.

And what this means to me, in the depth of my dream, I already know this in the depth of the dream, I don’t have to wake up or anything. I don’t have to come out of it, it proves the naturally ordained unfoldment that’s there. It’s just sitting there waiting to just go boom, straightaway.

So, it’s before the auction. She’s in an amnesia. She’s caught in the collective of things. She’s an outer person, now, and so I talk to her and point out that I have done a genetic test of the property. And I point out to her that the soil is imbedded with – it’s just all over the soil – it’s imbedded with this ancient, ancient quality.

In other words, it’s like this is one of the epicenter points. And I tell her that what it means is it is part of the ancient history, and is a property at the heart of this ancient apple history, which has gotten lost in a huge trance. And I’m trying to get her not to succumb to the powers that be, that will refute this. And I’m telling the property owner that what this is really about is going to be revealed and to not be bamboozled by what is being said by those who have no idea. Isn’t that interesting as a dream?

So, the meaning is: in the meditation dream I was introduced to how to catch up with the flow, outside of mind thought, that can come through me. In this dream, I dream of an ancient history that is at the heart of such a wonder, and that this has gotten covered over by errant ignorance, and a forgottenness, resulting in conceptualizations which, in this dream, I’m seeing are coming to an end. In other words, I’m fighting against it, which means the natural inner unfoldment is to come out – without the dense, mental thought-upon-thought building block basis in the way, in terms of it being a veil.

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Another Zone

Connection-stringsEnergy is intelligence, and, if we connect to an energy, we can receive its intelligence – if we are able to translate it. This may sound far out, but we do it all the time. When we major in a subject at college, or pursue a passion, we build, over time, connections into that domain of energy. That’s why great insights come to those who dedicate their lives to a subject – they built the connections, and learned how to translate the intelligence. It’s important to be aware of this mechanism, because it’s the way everything works. But, more importantly, it works this way so that the higher parts of creation can guide us as we navigate through an alien world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I just somehow or another found myself having to realize that the wholeness has to do with something that’s outside of all thought whatsoever. And so, instead of the usual context of taking and pulling out a meditation dream, still using reflective forces, so to speak, of something that I am able to glean from the other side, or identify beyond the dream imagery, I instead went into a space where I was just responding to the flow, not struggling to understand the meaning through a focus and attention.

It was just automatically there, and it was almost like glimpse after glimpse after glimpse, and each one was a sentence in and of itself of what was going on; no thought involved. It was just like everything was flash, flash, flash, flash, and each flash said what it said, nothing more. Next flash, something more, next flash, something more.

And when it was like that there was no thought involved, per se, of a focus and attention of trying to understand the image. The image spoke. The image was like a language, a direct language. There wasn’t the need to zoom in, or tunnel down, to get what was behind it. It was just there, and that is a coming from a knowingness, a wholeness, that is correlated to the stillness at the top, where the in-breath turns to the out-breath.

There it’s direct guidance, not something you fumble with to catch up with the best that you can – and I can’t put a context on it. I found myself just writing a sentence, and then writing another sentence, and writing another sentence, and not knowing even if these sentences came together and made any sense. All I knew was I was going from this, to this, to this, to this, and I didn’t even go back and re-read it, really, because to re-read it would be to try to thread it in a way that steered it so that it said something directly, in keeping with a focus and attention, in regards to an imagery that was based upon inflecting through the dream. Didn’t do that.

This was too direct, which meant that it was more in the stillness of the interval, or at least towards it more, of where the in-breath turns to the out-breath; not angelic, and not Jinn. And, when I dreamt this, that’s why I was real curious what you would dream to see if you automatically went into this new modality,however, what you did is you expressed the story of manifestation, what it’s like to be, you know, plop, in manifestation, aspiring to stare at this, and stare at that, knowing somehow or another that there had to be more, and that something more would’ve been the breaking to a stillness interval where the out-breath turns to the in-breath, which would have been infinitesimal. And, if you would’ve hit it, you would’ve been infused – but you didn’t quite let go.

Because you didn’t quite let go, you suffered. Your dream is a suffering dream. If you would’ve hit it you would’ve hit a tremendous energy. You wouldn’t have probably been able to handle it and would’ve had to fall back into that other, but that’s what you have to somehow or another be able to catch and hold onto. And you need, almost as a slingshot effect, the in-breath. But, prior to hitting that, you’re overly indulged, and still affected, and poisoned by just out-breath that’s strung out in the encompassed unfoldment of concretized matter, that is portrayed as a traveling away from God.

The other slingshots you into traveling towards God, as an in-breath, and that is the spiritual illusion side of yourself when you start doing that, because, again, you don’t really catch up with the pure light, but that sweet longing causes you to travel as far as that can possibly carry you, until you get caught up in thought-upon-thought again.

That’s why it starts off as infinitesimal, and then the thoughts come in immediately. At some point it’s more than just this infinitesimal, split second glimpse or something. It’s a little bit more, and so that quality that creates like a kind of big bang effect, imploding you towards the essence of yourself where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, you’re questing for that to happen yet. You’re sensing it.

It’s just like there’s the statement in Sufism that the watcher role is an important role. The watcher role is where it stands, and stares, and somehow or another it gets it, it gleans it. Somehow or another, in the standing and the staring, it lets go. You didn’t quite hit the letting go there.

In my dream, I hit the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, and was shocked because I really wanted some sort of focus and attention, and steerage, and there was none. It just was a direct straightaway without any noodling to determine this or that.

Well, that’s what it’s like to catch up with, and to be in touch with, the true mirroring that is pouring into life before the thought-upon-thought, and beyond the angelic, which is this stillness of the in-breath to the out-breath.

And so probably my dream, my sleep dream, will get into portraying it better, but the meditation dream, for the heck of it I even labeled what it was: I said, “From another zone than mind.”

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Reaching Beyond

"Black hole" Eye of ConsciousnessIf we’ve ever been in a situation where everything is laid out in advance and predetermined, we usually don’t feel comfortable, we don’t feel at home. That makes us inhibited and unable to be our true selves. What if we apply this feeling to our life? Do we feel comfortable here, are we able to be ourselves? Well, we might say that being ourselves is to be connected to our purpose, and aligned to the purposes of the universe. Otherwise we will always feel like a guest in someone else’s house. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream last night was very hard to pull out. What I remember about it is it seemed like first I’m in this building where I’m working, but my office is somewhat separate from the other people. And it feels like when you go into a space, where you have an office, that everything is laid out a certain way.

And then I go upstairs to visit the other people’s office. My office seems to be upstairs, too, but theirs is in a little different section, but I really can’t pick up or lay anything down in there because it feels like they’re just getting ready to leave for the day. And, again, they’ve got everything laid out in a certain way where they don’t want you to touch anything.

Then it feels like I go back to where my offices were. I look at them, and how they’re laid out, and it feels like the way they’re laid out it’s really hard to figure out how to make it work, because there seem to be so many rules about how you pick up, or put down, anything, and it doesn’t have a certain flexibility.

So I go downstairs, and go outside, and it feels like I want to go look at how the things, or people, are doing things outside. And again I seem to run into the rules of how it’s done, and they don’t seem to make a lot of sense to me, and it makes it all so much more complicated than it could be. That’s the best I can describe the dream, because it was just an odd dream.

John: There’s a breakthrough to be had, and you didn’t make the breakthrough. But what you did was you found yourself immersed in the thickness of this, and were watching it, or looking at it, or staring at it, which is one of the first kind of steps in terms of catching up with something of a letting-go epiphany.

The whole schematic of the dreaming is about a deeper letting go, to a stillness, from which everything is naturally known. And, essentially, what we contend with is things that are conceptually known, or you might say known based upon the overlay of thought-upon-thought kind of tradition of things. Like in your dream, things are laid out in a particular, conceptualized way, and wherever you went everything was laid out in a certain orderly way that somehow or another choked you, it was an environment that impeded something, that you knew to be something that wasn’t right, yet you couldn’t break out of that which wasn’t right.

I mean there was your office, there was the other office, there was going outside. It seemed like wherever you looked, and however you went, this stuff was layered in front of you. And you had a sense that it didn’t have to be that way, but you didn’t break out of it.

The step you didn’t take was where you would suddenly not be affected by the thought-upon-thought, conceptualization and concretization, all around you, that was layered out in wherever it was that you looked, and however you functioned, that was in the vibe of all of that outer. And even your sense that you hadn’t sorted it out, even on an inner, so you couldn’t go outside, you couldn’t go into your own office space, you couldn’t go into the next door.

In other words, you couldn’t find it even through shadow dynamics. And what there was to find is that if you could hit a stillness, or just stop completely from that effect filtering as a collective vibration through you, in other words, if you could free yourself from that, you could actually get to a point in which there is a kind of flow, a kind of naturalness, that is outside of the thought-upon-thought.

In other words, even the focus and attention that we apply towards trying to sort ourselves out, from this mayhem that we’re in, is it still kind of has an aspect of clarity of thought, pinpointed with maybe the heartfulness, yearning to break through. And, to a certain degree, then, you do catch up with the inflections.

And this is a way of catching up with inflections where the out-breath turns to the in-breath type of glimpses, infinitesimal glimpses. And then the rest of the time, of course, everywhere you look is this mayhem whenever you are going about what you would consider the usual protocol of life. You are in this overwhelm, this malaise, that you can’t break out of, but you can have that moment of inflection, sweet pain, sweet longing, whatever you call it at that interval where the out-breath turns to the in-breath.

In other words, to put it in a feminine way, you’re trying to find something that’s complete. You have a sense of something inside that’s a completeness, and everywhere around you is not complete; you’re just haunted.

The masculine word for this is to try to find a wholeness. That’s where everything just naturally emulates somehow; it’s kind of like out of an essence. In other words, it starts that way from the standpoint of looking at what is involved, because we’re in this loci, what’s involved to reach beyond it, and that has to do with delving into a certain depth of ourselves, which is considered the feminine aspect, that catches up with the sweet longing, or something, that pulls something in, or seeks to make something come clear, so that it can catch the inflection of a stillness -instead of this overwhelm that propounds it.

It’s an overwhelm that propounds it based upon how manifestation is. Manifestation is something of power and control. It’s something of a momentum that is perpetuated by thought-upon-thought, masculine thought, that comes down and gets concretized. And so you’re dreaming about the concretized effect, and the first step out of that, the sense you have that you haven’t quite caught, and every person has this triculating inside of them, as a quality of stillness, but when you’re speaking strictly of your impact of how you are in manifestation that triculation is infinitesimal.

I mean it’s an inflection of what is the real light, or the real place, of which this is the real place if it opens up enough. In other words, as the Bible would say, if you had something like a mustard seed, which is a type of light, you can move mountains, or all obstacles. In other words, the light can break this, as an aspect of light meaning stillness, can break open into something that’s as above, so below, and the glimpsing of this that causes and sets in motion something is this sweet pain, or sweet longing, stillness that is hit infinitesimally.

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