The Same Aliveness

ige99sAll energy is also intelligence, at any level we can consider: the energy of the sun which feeds everything on this planet in many ways, enabling its growth; the energy of motherhood which has the intelligence of how to care for a child; or the energy of youth, which urges a new life to explore and learn. These energies, these intelligences, cause what we witness during our lives. And we can connect directly to such energies, thereby gaining the intelligence of them, when we begin to let go of our personal view of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, my world for a long, long time was comprised of dense outer objects that held my attention. I came to accept my fate as being an outer way of perceiving. This changed when I learned to shift my attention to a consciousness in which the outer way of having to identify things could fall away.

I can’t explain that to an objectifying mind, because that sort of thing just spins and spins the thought-upon-thought and so on, but I guess the way I would catch up with this is I would flicker from the state of outer to a letting go, and, when I would be doing that, I would be making observations as almost a type of intuitive inflection of something in a stillness. And then I would get more into the stillness, and actually more into watching and seeing how the denser things could just fall completely away, and that was more into a light.

In using a freedom of my focus and attention to go back and forth, from the outer back into the light, to the breath, I notice that I had a tendency, because as you’re doing that you’re not necessarily purified to begin with, so you have other levels that you have to catch up with and go through, and so for me there was still this tendency to indulge in outer reflections under certain conditions.

I should denote that the back and forth between a concretized plane of physical existence, and an inner plane shift, which occurred when the objectification falls away, and there is just light, is based upon awareness of breath. Or, in other words, talking about the breath of consciousness, or the breath of cycles of creation. And the out-breath, with its need to objectify the world by following thought into matter, embraces the outer with the linear momentum amidst it all.

The in-breath has a primary focus upon my essence being, concerned more towards the light of things and the letting go, causes the opposite to occur. In other words, they’re contrasts to each other. The out-breath is one thing, and in-breath is another, and generally for the longest period initial time, the average person is not because they’re geared with senses that are all outward oriented, and learn how to work with that in terms of how they see things in a dense way. They work with a momentum that is out-breath concentrated, but from this out-breath/in-breath, over and over again, back and forth, you come to notice the heartfelt magnetism of the in-breath and how it alters your attention in the outer, how they expand and contract between each other. You start to notice that.

And then back to the tendency hook for me is the idea that I can bait my buying and selling hook in a memorable way. In other words, it draws the attention of something that causes something to feel good. It causes a sense of a breakthrough kind of cutting through things kind of accomplishment, and you could get lost is the thought, and the momentum, of such action.

In other words, the image is like I knew how to bait my hook just in such and such a way in where I could go to a stream, for example, and pull out the fish, and knew just how much time to spend in each spot because I understood the ways and the mannerisms of working with a certain quality and momentum, to reach into life in that way, which is the out-breath falling, is the out-breath sense.

Then with the in-breath there is a letting go, as you want to not have to do this, and that, and the other, and want to reside in something that’s gentler, or softer, or more of an essence, and then you eventually let go of the fascination, in terms of what you’re doing for yourself, you know where you can catch the fish and stuff, and there becomes a sense where you actually start to work with facilitating the in-breath of another.

So, in the out-breath, instead of a good deal orientation for myself, I would now be excited for someone else, and find myself actually helping them get what they want. And that’s a level of consciousness. That’s a level of awareness.

And in this meditation dream not even that satisfied the outer schematic. In other words, the outer schematic is bigger than that. In other words, you can quit doing it for yourself, and you could start doing it and helping others, and yet it’s still bigger than that because the out-breath, I came to realize, that there still is a type of buying and selling.

In other words, we’re going out-breath to in-breath, out-breath to in-breath. Each level is shifting and becoming more awakened and conscious.

So, in the next level, I had the tendency to want to say goodbye and move on. In other words, not contend with the trance that the person is in, just leave them there, but the tendency to say goodbye also demagnetizes one’s energy because it really doesn’t make sense, because to do something like that actually drains you. So that means that there’s something still going on inside of yourself. You know, you’re not really letting go.

That’s a step, and that doesn’t work. That actually creates a lot of moods and anxieties and stuff like that in your nature. That has you jumping around with a lot more thoughts than you need to because you’re constantly having to do battle in that kind of inner subtleness. And then, eventually, that too, in the back and forth of the breath, falls away, and when it does there’s kind of an emptiness of being. You stop the portrayals. You just walk away. You don’t say anything, you just walk away. But you walk away holding an energetic almost to the heart in an all-pervading way. To embody that is to put, in my heart, everything around me embraced as it is, as me, and in doing so a greater awakening in the oneness of everything occurs.

So what I’m describing in the awakening process, all of which is founded in the breath, and is the condition of man, in terms of constantly breathing in and out as cycles of creation, in terms of where they’re at on the various levels, and on and on it goes until there is an overall oneness and a nonbeing therein.

To reach this level is a shift in which I am you, and you are me, and I am everything, and everything is me. When this occurs that is when I don’t exist, except as an all-encompassing nonbeing, because everything is the same aliveness, and it all goes into the oneness.

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