On the Other Side

Brittany Castle

Most people admit to a feeling of longing in their life, at least at some point, and it often is associated with the ideas of finding meaning or finding connection. Spiritually, meaning and connection are intrinsic to the journey, and inseparable from one another. In everyday life, meaning and connection can get separated, in the sense that a career or family can give meaning, and friends or partners can give the feeling of connection. But the deep longing that we may experience can only truly be fulfilled by the spiritual meaning and connection, the other options are merely placeholders. Through a spiritual path, the longing is satisfied, and then everything we do has meaning and connection.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I seem to be with you, in the same large drugstore, but maybe in a slightly different section of it. And it feels like you and I have observed some films, at some point, of a man and his wife who are doing something somewhat shamanic – and you’re quite interested in this.

So after we’ve watched these films a few times, it feels like we go to a separate area of the drugstore where this man and woman will be, and other people, a large group of people, have come almost like for a weekend workshop, or meetings, or I don’t know what. It’s just in a different area of the drugstore.

And when we go there there’s a large crowd. It’s like this man and woman who have these shamanic techniques are on a circular platform, and it’s crowded with other people who are there also, and we’re observing, but we’re further back in the crowd watching, And it feels like, at some point, you must catch their attention, and you actually go down close to where they are, or talk to them.

But it’s almost like I’m kind of invisible to them, or they don’t pay attention to me, one of the two. But when whatever they were demonstrating, or talking about, is all over, you come back to where I am and we’re going to leave. And it feels like they’re disappointed, like maybe they wanted you to go with them, or partake in some part of their ceremony, or something that they were using, or exchanging. But you’ve come back to me, and we’re leaving.

And I notice that, in a sense, they don’t really pay attention to me at all because they have this disappointment that you’re not kind of joining their group, or their ceremony, or whatever. That was the end of the dream.

John: It was kind of hard to follow because I was drifting in it, because what I was drifting in was in kind of a recognition, or understanding, of how things abide in kind of a connectivity. Where you were going back and forth, up and down, with all of that.

In other words, the connectivity, the glimpse of the connectivity, that is like on an in-breath, other-sideness of yourself, that is kind of like more on planes of light even, is perhaps a way of saying it, because the thought mind senses keep one oriented to things being distinguished as in a kind of separateness. That was inflected in the first part of the dream.

In the second part of the dream, what you’re doing is you’re weighing, it’s like you’re measuring, the degree of indulgence, and experiencing the pros and cons of that, in terms of the heart, because everything vies for the heart. And you have your outer mind sense thought aspects, and then you have this connectivity, which is like a spaciousness, and it has to follow some sort of heartfelt connectivity in order for it to be meaningful – thus like the whiplash between the interval of the out-breath turning to the in-breath, where the longing is accentuated.

And the degree to which you understand that, or know that, or have caught up with that, or are awakening to that, is kind of like being measured, or evaluated, in this aspect of the dream.

So basically what you’re doing is, the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with recognizing that the connectivity that is important, that pulls things together in an overallness, that that’s what life is really all about.

And then comes the information in which there can be the dreams that slip to that sort of thing a bit, for imagery purposes, and thus then the slow recognition of where that is at in relationship to the breath, and that this is more of on an in-breath level. And on an in-breath level, it’s more subjective, it’s more subtle, it’s more etheric, it’s more like in the light, or planes of light, and therefore unspoken, and intangible, and yet all effusive, which runs counter to the energy that is coming down, which gets magnified in a whiplash way when it hits the interval between the out-breath turning to the in-breath, to where from the whiplash it starts its return journey as an in-breath going back to everything that is.

And, of course, in the going back it travels through the planes of light, and who knows what all else, and that an awareness from the longing, whiplash area, just like in outer space where you talk about a spaceship that will use the gravity of a planet, or the density of something, to create kind of a snap, a propulsion, is kind of like that in terms of the breath, is a way of saying it, as you come to recognize the greater dimensionality of yourself, as a kind of other side, that is on the in-breath. The out-breath we’re very familiar with because the out-breath is a concretized, thought-upon-thought quality of us, being us, as matter in manifestation.

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