The Stillness of the Heart

ShutteWhen we look at the world today, we can see that every side has its own view and opinion about things. So that means that the loudest or the most powerful voice will always win out – because the decision isn’t based on the universal, or the best possible for all. So centuries will pass, and each generation will live according to its own theories – if it is strong enough to put them in place. The point is, there are no solutions in this back and forth, only temporary positions. Only by bringing in the purpose of life to the equation will we be able to make decisions that are aligned to the purpose of the universe and, therefore, will still be right in a million years. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Basically, my meditation dream was causing me to recognize that we live in a world of mirrors. In other words, everything is a mirror, and we are mirrored to what and how we are.

But when there’s projections we don’t have the mirror. We contend with the projections, instead of the natural mirroring, and that causes us to volley back and forth, and when you’re volleying back and forth you can’t have a light bulb moment. You just have the reactions that are on the breath, because there’s never a solution on the volleying back and forth of the breath – but in the letting go to a natural stillness that we all carry and have forgotten.

And so, the dream that I had involved being before a person who had been traumatized, or had knowledge of traumatization, and so the idea was to be, probably as you see from TV, is you’re trying to be a detective and you’re trying to figure out how to wangle what is going on out of them.

And, in doing so, they can see that you’re doing that, and, in the movies they all of a sudden then maybe let go and confess. Well, they only suddenly let go and confess when they catch up with something of a letting go process inside of themselves. In the movies it will have you believe that the cops beat the darn person senseless, so to speak, in order to get something to come free.

None of that causes it to come free. It only causes the defense mechanism to become more entrenched. It causes the confusion and the amnesia, for them to become further removed from it.

The true letting go is a letting go that happens when they hit this moment of stillness, a stillness that is inside of themselves, so that they then have a voluntary freedom. But you don’t induce the freedom. You don’t induce the clarity. A teacher does not take and lay out the A, B, and C’s, when a person just studies a volume of information and gets it. It doesn’t work that way.

The student comes to know something by the way in which something is recognized at a depth inside of themselves, and that depth inside of themselves, that goes beyond the in-breath and the out-breath commotion, is a stillness place.

So, in the meditation dream, I’m in an outer scenario presenting reasons for why a particular unfoldment makes no sense. This is projection. Everyone knows what is right and what isn’t right. They can sense what is right and what isn’t right. It’s for them to come to grips with that. It’s not something that you pound into them. Everyone assimilates to the stillness. It’s just a question at how they do that, how their mirror works.

Whenever this assimilation occurs to a stillness, that’s when something shifts in the environment. But when something happens as a defense mechanism, because there is some sort of projection that can trigger feelings of being manipulated, or controlled, or come up in some way that impacts your common sense of stillness, decency, within, then you can’t assimilate.

This is why an expression which is innocent, and simple, and from the heart, penetrates more directly because you’re working with the common denominator. Something that is heart to heart is non intrusive. It’s easy to take in because we all have this stillness place inside of ourselves that is facilitated by heart to heart. What is outside of that is projective, or linear, and when it’s taken in too much, like as a kind of mindfulness, it’s easy for that be experienced in terms of creating reactions of the breath, and that is where pain starts, instead of touching the heart directly, the stillness of the heart.

So what I see inside myself is defensive collapse after collapse when the heart is unable to assimilate a situation. I’ve seen this happen so many times that I tend to sharpen my pencil offensively, in other words, trying to go at it with even greater intent to focus and attention of the out-breath of thought, instead of the heart in a surrendering way. To be offensive, which is projection, is an approach that rarely works because unless you’re lucky and the existing scenario is somehow able to let go of the demeanor that is being thrown at it and accommodate heartfully.

What I’m describing is an argument for the angelic side not getting lost, because this is where the integrity, there is integrity, which permeates out, but at more of an innocence that everyone understands heartfully. Or is an approach that when it includes the reflective condition that it also takes into account the heart in order to be effective. Putting it another way, to be effective the approach needs to set aside and point to the heart in a more masterful way.

You don’t cause an awakening by thumping. When conditions are too removed from the heart, and are too much to assimilate, or are too much for the heart to take in, that is when a woundology is hit, or a defense mechanism takes over, and when repressed pain and such predominate – because the heart can’t hear it, the heart can’t know it. It’s snuffed out by this other. So when the heart is unable to predominate, that is when deflation or a collapse occurs, and there is a kind of a fear, or despair, or all of those negative emotions that arise.

In manifestation the in-breath and out-breath per se, in other words, just that alone, creates veils of confusion. It occurs in the breathing process when there isn’t the ability to access the stillness of the out-breath to in-breath interval, which involves being able to embody the longing and sweet pain that is a stillness.

Everyone comes into manifestation with both an in-breath and out-breath way of having to be. So first of all you have to embody, or catch up with, the longing or the stillness, so that the journey towards God is invoked in search of something more lasting, which, again, of course is located where the in-breath and the out-breath reside as the stillness of an essence.

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