The Trance of Substance

5166_We know that ice is frozen water, and we can also say that matter is frozen energy. When the temperature is right, ice will become water again. And so it is with matter, which will evolve or devolve back to energy. What is being said is: everything is energy in one state or another. As humans, we are uniquely designed to connect from this physical state into the energetic states, while we are alive. That ability is called development, whether religious or spiritual, and is the purpose of our time as a physical expression. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, to kind of repeat, first there must be the sweet pain of longing – sustainable as both an angelic heartfulness and out-breath reflectiveness. In other words, you can’t be easily broken, in too much emotion, too simplistic, and you can’t be too Wile E. Coyote, or otherwise you can’t hit that sweet pain stillness.

And, when you do hit it, it’s as if you’re suddenly magnetized to propel to the in-breath. In other words, it’s like you feel safe, or you’re willing to be able to do that. You’re able to let go of what had been your out-breath nuances that had you in its trance. And so then you start on the in-breath, that you don’t know much about, which are the higher planes of yourself waking up, that go to the stillness of an essence.

So, when the sweet longing is sustainable, the way home to the interval of essence stillness, at the in-breath to out-breath interval, is able to be revealed.

For most human beings the sweet pain at the interval of out-breath to in-breath stillness is not something that is acceptable, or sustainable, and it has to be acceptable and sustainable and surrendered to before there is a chance of propelling towards the unseen light at the interval of stillness between in-breath and out-breath.

In other words, that’s something that you have to have kind of a type of faith in, and you get that faith by the mirroring, a kind of mirroring that happens at the out-breath to in-breath interval of sweet pain sudden stillness that automatically mirrors, really, really finely, to something more, which is that same in-breath corresponding that is where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, that stillness point.

That’s why in the end a realized person realizes that there was no journeying at all. The in-breath and the out-breath were a trance modality tone, or mode, that they took on into varying degrees, and that there was only just the stillness and that there is no journey. So sustainability of the out-breath to in-breath interval of stillness is possible only when manifestation’s concretized denseness, which reflects our suffering plight, is healed. Until this happens, our true home, as a stillness essence at the in-breath the out-breath, is not even recognizable. It’s just a theory.

The illusory journey that leads to outer stillness and the inner stillness has to deal with the spiritual illusion of the in-breath seeking an awareness. And then, of course, the out-breath seeking an awareness is us wandering about, traveling away from God, in a state of bewilderment.

First we must redeem ourselves in order to face our shadow plight of thought-upon-thought out-breath. We have to redeem ourselves by we face that. Actually, it just falls away as a type of darkness. The idea that we get through it, no, it just falls away. It’s like a type of darkness. It falls away at that interval – if we can hold that interval of sweet pain – and then the other planes of ourselves then start opening up.

I mean, obviously, it’s always going on, because in each out-breath and each in-breath there is implications of all of this. What I’m doing is looking at it as if we’re accentuating it, first by talking about out-breath, and then in-breath.

So, when the journey is away from God, this being depicted as an out-breath orientation, and that journey, or illusory aspect of it being like a journey, somehow hits the stillness and sweet pain, it’s almost as if something gets propelled by being able to catch the glimpse of that stillness as it opens up to a conscious choice of the heart – in an in-breath way. And, when that happens, then we have to contend with spiritual illusion because the out-breath is an illusory traveling in ignorance and bewilderment, and the in-breath is a traveling in terms of spiritual illusion is when it takes and acts like there are planes of light and such that is really who we are. But they are like qualities; again, very subtle, subtle essence qualities, but still not the stillness.

When it is, at best, only possible to touch the heart in the sweet pain interval between out-breath and in-breath, because that’s how it has to start, intermittently and unsustainably, because we are not ready to handle the stillness; in other words, you still have to be cradled or whatever, it takes so long for something to become. When you can’t quite do that, or sustain that, or hold it means more dense reflective outer suffering on the plane of collective consciousness’ manifestation is yet involved, or needed.

So what we’ve talked about is we’ve gone back and forth, and back and forth, and we’ve played with kind of a quality of innocence that is the in-breath, the planes of light that simulate the angelic, and a sense of sensibility, of which that sensibility leads to a stillness at the essence – if it follows all the way through in an in-breath way.

And we’ve talked about the out-breath way, which has to do with a defiance that comes down as a thought. It might have been an okay thought that we thought we could play out, or live out, or be, but only come to find out that we’re in the mire of a world of nothing but that. And, fortunately, we sit in this Bardo of in-betweenness of in-breath and out-breath, and when we’re like that we tend to then relate to things with the mind and the senses, which keep us caught up in this world of there being a time and space.

And so what changes that now, or what shifts that, or the next step beyond the quality of the angelic and then a masterful approach of trying to needle along, is an approach that, when it isn’t able to maintain, or recognize, the stillness, and yet knows that there is the stillness, almost as a whiff, or sense, of that, can it exercise the forbearance of letting everything just be? And, if it can let everything just be, it comes to know the greater overall as a letting go and a stillness; to the stillness place that is the in-breath interval to the out-breath, that interval which is the essence of it all. Those two come together as one and the same, the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Duality is broken when the two intervals of stillness of above, and below, come to see each other as one and the same. When the stillness permeates the illusory sensation of an in-breath and out-breath, journeying falls away.

To make sure this part is perfectly clear, I would like to repeat that stillness is not possible as a completion until first the sweet pain interval between out-breath and in-breath is accepted, in other words, you let go to it, you’re able to handle it instead of having to jump back into the thoughts and the breath action of out-breath and in-breath as a kind of amnesia.

The accommodation of this, as an inflective, is what directs us to journey to God. Instead of moving away from God, we’re now aspiring to the all-pervasive essence and stillness, which is, as indicated above, where the in-breath to out-breath interval is at, and the getting there causes us to travel through the spiritual illusions, which is the planes of light and all of that, and we break then the trance of all aspects of substance. We are just essence in that journey.

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