The Epicenter

522xcdqEnergy is similar to water, in that it is constantly searching for a way in to the next possible space it comes across. But there are rules involved. If an energy meets a similar vibration to itself, the door is open and the energy may enter. If the energy meets a much higher vibration, and the energy isn’t refined enough, entry into the space will be denied. And if the energy meets a much lower vibration, to enter that space could put the energy at risk of lowering its own vibration. These are the laws that dictate our interactions, and we can see this in every situation we have experienced. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I have the sleep dream. This sleep dream is very interesting. This is funny. This is a wonderful little story.

To accentuate the knowingness, within, that is outside of vibrational thoughts, comes the following dream. So, to tell you the dream, first I have to tell you the imbedded impression history of it. The history has to do with something, whether this is true or not I don’t know, but I’ve been told this, and have no way of confirming if it’s true, that in Hamilton, Montana, in the 1890s, it was the orchard capital, one of the orchard capitals of the country. or the world. Apple orchards.

And the frenzy, just like maybe the tulip bulb frenzy of the Netherlands or something, the frenzy was such that the land sold for as much as $10,000 an acre way back then, or so they say. If this is really so, I don’t know. It is something I heard and this was like an input used to cause me to see something, in my dream, and doing it in a dream way.

So, in the dream, there is this piece of property that’s set to be sold at an auction. And I have my concerns about this auction; it has to be conducted in a particular way because I know something more. The government is against whatever it is that I have a sense of, for reasons I don’t know even, other than maybe it’s their collective consciousness opinions of things, their setness, and has it in their head that, if it proceeds, in any regards along the lines of something that I have as a wholeness knowingness, that this would be a disaster.

So this is a kind of collective consciousness that’s going to do anything and everything it could possibly do to keep it from happening. But, I have looked within, and see this quality about the place, and the current owner, which is a woman, I see her swimming underwater. She doesn’t have to breathe even. She’s just swimming underwater.

And what this means to me, in the depth of my dream, I already know this in the depth of the dream, I don’t have to wake up or anything. I don’t have to come out of it, it proves the naturally ordained unfoldment that’s there. It’s just sitting there waiting to just go boom, straightaway.

So, it’s before the auction. She’s in an amnesia. She’s caught in the collective of things. She’s an outer person, now, and so I talk to her and point out that I have done a genetic test of the property. And I point out to her that the soil is imbedded with – it’s just all over the soil – it’s imbedded with this ancient, ancient quality.

In other words, it’s like this is one of the epicenter points. And I tell her that what it means is it is part of the ancient history, and is a property at the heart of this ancient apple history, which has gotten lost in a huge trance. And I’m trying to get her not to succumb to the powers that be, that will refute this. And I’m telling the property owner that what this is really about is going to be revealed and to not be bamboozled by what is being said by those who have no idea. Isn’t that interesting as a dream?

So, the meaning is: in the meditation dream I was introduced to how to catch up with the flow, outside of mind thought, that can come through me. In this dream, I dream of an ancient history that is at the heart of such a wonder, and that this has gotten covered over by errant ignorance, and a forgottenness, resulting in conceptualizations which, in this dream, I’m seeing are coming to an end. In other words, I’m fighting against it, which means the natural inner unfoldment is to come out – without the dense, mental thought-upon-thought building block basis in the way, in terms of it being a veil.

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