The Linkage

44472Some aspects of the universe are very simple to comprehend: everything, whether energy or matter, is looking for an ecology in which it can thrive. For matter, that means finding a suitable environment with a plentiful food source. For energy, that means finding something that vibrates at a similar frequency. And since energy cannot change for us, we have to change for it, particularly if we are interested in connecting to higher energies that can’t come to us just because we like them or want them to; we must find that frequency in us – of compassion, of healing, of purpose – and generate it until it becomes an invitation to that same energy in the universe. This is how we join with the things we truly care about. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the early part of the evening, it felt like my dream was impacted by having watched the boxing match last night because it was like, lying here in the bed, but there would be like one fighter lying there, and maybe, you know, another fighter.

And I’m kind of studying this energy, that they’re in-between fights, as part of getting ready for a fight. But there’s also an energy where they just lay really still as they prepare, and so that’s what I’m doing, too, is laying really still and preparing as though I’m preparing for a fight by being very still.

And that dream just kind of went on for a long time where I was kind of just studying how that was. That was the initial dream.

John: A lot of the process towards trying to get a person to recognize how to connect, or open up, has to do with understanding the principle of magnetism – in terms of the stillness. Most people just jump into things, and thus don’t have a centering in terms of their connection.

So this is dealing with kind of a step, kind of like a practicality step, in which you can’t really act or do anything that has any viability, in terms of sustainability, of a connectivity – if you don’t understand the principle of holding an energetic, or a magnetism.

Jeane: So, in the next dream, it feels like I’m with someone else, and we have a teacher that’s been teaching us in this small room. And then I’m kind of clearing up the paperwork and things afterwards, because we’re going to have an exam pretty soon, but I’m also getting ready to go on a trip.

So I start out the door and then I remember that I’ve forgotten some of the paperwork or something, and we might have an exam, so I go back in and I start looking for where I put that paperwork. And trying to remember whether I’ve even thrown some out. I think I find it, and then I take off again with my friend that I’ll be taking the exam with, too, and we get a certain distance away and then I remember that I kind of see this water and it reminds me that I haven’t packed a bathing suit, so I want to go back and get that.

But, as we head back, either she or he, can’t remember which it is now, has pulled us down this slope a little more than I realized and it’s almost like this tide coming in, and water around us, and it makes it hard. And it’s like I’m kind of trying to get them to stay closer to the top of the slope, or I feel like the water can come in and sweep us away. There’s even someone in a boat that kind of looks like it’s going to come right up along side us, so I’m kind of pulling at them to kind of keep coming up the slope so we don’t get swept away. So then I can get back to the house and get my bathing suit.

And then it feels like the dream just shifts, and I’m in this neighborhood and I’m looking to return home. But, at first, I go up to the wrong house, and that person almost wants to delay me because they have some questions to ask, or they want to see if I want to use somebody for a babysitter. And so I have to kind of get away from them, and continue on down the block, because I’m trying to find the right house – and I feel like I can’t be delayed in the process. That’s all I really remember dreaming.

John: It’s interesting your dream this time is different. Well, it’s a little different in that it’s still about a type of connectivity, and coming together in an intertwined linkage, but it is struggling and fumbling with kind of a step in that process, that has to do with being able to be in sync, or in tune. In other words, there is some sort of lack of cohesion, in terms of the connectivity, in both dreams.

And that sort of subject of things was actually kind of covered before, and so it’s interesting that you reach back to that. The time that that was covered it wasn’t understood that that was an important component in terms of connectivity, and, in your dream, that is an aspect, or an issue, that you are finding yourself having to contend with before the connection is able to be cohesive.

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