A Journeying Motion

444gesHere’s a simple view of spiritual development: Since the universe is trying to refine, if we help it refine, the universe will refine us. That’s not bad. And what that means is that if we put our energy and intention on making everything we touch better, not for us personally, but because it helps the everything improve, and because we want to live in a world that gets better every day, the universe will respond to that, energetically, and that energetic support will develop and enhance us. Does that seem strange? It shouldn’t because that is what everything else is trying to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember one dream, and, in this dream, I’ve traveled somewhere with a group of other people, and we’re staying in this resort that seems like it’s more in the countryside with little cabins, and a main building, where everything’s kept.

And, at one point, I leave the cabin I’m staying in, and I decide that I want some things that I had brought with me from my hometown. And it’s like when we had arrived we had checked our luggage and our purse in, and I know at some point we’re going to leave, so I go down to the main area and go up to a counter And there’s some women behind the counter there, and I talk to one of them and I give her a slip of paper, and she goes and she brings me back one small bag.

I know there’s two other things, and I open up the bag and I show her that in that bag I just had stored two things. One was some beads or something that you would make things with, and I can’t quite remember what the other thing was. But now I want to accompany her and we’ll go over to a building where other things are stored and I’ll have to help her sort and find my bag, my other two things.

And then I’m explaining to her how things work where we come from, and what I explain is that one of the ways we kind of travel, or shift, there, is we’ll take something that’s kind of like from our hometown that’s lighter – lighter in all kinds of ways, like something pleasant – and then we put it next to something that’s actually a little darker, or heavier, and when we combine the two together then that kind of creates something that pulls us along, because it lightens up what was darker. And that’s kind of how we shift there, or how we travel there, because apparently it’s somewhat different where I am now. And that was the dream.

John: I was doing something similar to that, too. And the reason why one was dreaming like this was because the protocol of things was put into question, and has been put into question, in relationship to how things are.

In other words, I don’t think that it’s recognized that the in-breath and the out-breath, per se, are part of the illusion. And that on the other side of all of that, outside of the in-breath and out-breath, that, yes, the breath is important, but the stillness that is outside of the journeying motion is where something is at.

So what you were doing, in terms of your dreaming, is you were going back and you were reviewing how it is with the breath, and how something kind of comes in and realizes, and recognizes, something. And it used to be described as when you went through things you had kind of a blackboard effect, in terms of the density, and the gravity, of things upon which you could hold onto, or grasp, the recognition of something coming in. Otherwise, without a substance, or density or something, it wasn’t possible to catch up with it.

Well, all of this is along the lines of the breath yet, in-breath and out-breath, in-breath and out-breath, at a particular point, or in a particular phase, in a particular modality. And what you were dreaming was still trying to play with the in-breath and the out-breath – as if you’re stuck at having to journey in this way. And the reason is because things are so entrenched, in that regard, that it’s not something that’s easy to recognize, that the place where one has to get to, or be, is a place in which, yes, you have the in-breath and the out-breath, but you have the recognition of the stillness that provides you the relief.

So what you were doing is you were actually flipping around with the breath. You’re flipping around with the breath, and what was causing you to flip around with the breath was pretty much, as a scenario, this idea that shook something up. And in the flipping around with the breath, yes, you could see all kinds of reflective things. And when you dreamt it, it felt like bewilderment. In other words, it wasn’t like you understood it, or that it gave you any relief. It kind of like was like a flip side. In other words, you may have been dreaming in a particular way, and now all of a sudden you have this flip side.

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