Letting it Emerge

3erx090In this dream, the dreamer sees a piece of property, that has been covered in junk, for its deeper qualities. And this says something true about all organic forms of life, especially humans: no matter what we have become covered up by in life, we are, at our essence, fine, and we have everything we need. It is when we focus on all the surface junk too intensely that we get thrown off course. In the end, none of these things matter. What will matter is how much of our essence we allowed to emerge. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And, in the dream, I had come, it’s like on the edge of town, or there was this piece of property, anyway, that was like on a corner, a corner parcel, and for all intents and purposes it was a nice looking piece of property, good sized lot.

But, on this lot, was a trailer, and it was kind of junked up. But I had come to just accept the appearance of things, it being what it was. And then one day I came along and all of that was gone: the trailer, the junk that was scattered around this lot, everything was gone. And as I looked at the lot I realized, this is kind of a pretty lot.

Of course, it was on a corner, made it kind of desirable, and it didn’t have any obstructions or anything so it looked like it probably had a decent view. So then I go onto the lot, and when I go onto the lot, because it had a trailer and junk that had been cleaned up, the lot had been altered. It was disturbed in the center – and I even hear a voice that says something about how it’s horrible, how things are horrible.

So I turn around, and so I’m in the center of the lot, and I start looking. And my eyes can’t help but fall upon everything directly in front of me, which is how this lot has been misused and abused. It’s all torn asunder. From before it had a natural beauty, and with what was there, gone, it had what I saw a kind of hope. It could heal, or be redeemed, or now used in a better way or something. But when I went on the property, and then looked around, what my eyes immediately saw looking around this was miserable.

And so, at one point, I take and I go up near the edge, where the property joins another piece of property, and there I see ant piles and stuff, and my sensation is to get a shovel and bust these ant piles up, or something, because they were so old.

The meaning, and the essence of this dream, is how to let something just be. That piece of property had been abused and, in its abuse, yes, you could even see it as encroaching with its awkwardness to, say, an adjacent property, and you would notice this if you got too up close and personal with this parcel; if you went into it, and stared around at it.

But if you stepped back from it and you looked at it, and you didn’t indulge, you could see that there was something very wonderful and interesting that could potentially emerge, that this piece of property, in the context of the way it was naturally situated, really was a desirable parcel that was a corner lot.

The significance of this dream was to point out that deep, deep, deep down I have a sense that something, that is completely fine and copasetic, it may not be if you stare at it too closely. It may not be if you try to orient yourself in relationship to that, and that alone. But if you’re able to look at it in terms of a larger picture of unfoldment, able to look at this thing not in some sort of limited context, this piece of property was just fine. And that was causing the problem was the indulgence.

Now the way this corresponds to the meditation dream is the indulgence was in the breath. And, like I understood yesterday, and then had to look at and dress rehearse again in my dream, meditation dream, sleep and all, was that it really doesn’t matter which part of the breath you’re on, whether you’re on the in-breath, or the out-breath. Both of them are breaths that journey, and that you have to stop that journeying in order to have a beginning and an end, an above and below, a microcosm and a macrocosm being one and the same. You have to find the note of a stillness, and you have to find that note by quit trying to noodle around.

And we have come out of the stillness as if we have something that we can live, and play, and not get caught up in, and when we come out we are caught up in the journeying, either moving away from God, or moving towards God, in terms of the breath.

Away from God is the out-breath, and towards God is the in-breath is one way of saying it. Or you can just ignore however it is that you say it, and just point out that whether you’re looking at it in this regard, or that regard, as long as it involves the breath, per se, the effect upon an effectuality that involves the breath, and an intention that indulges with in-breath, or out-breath, in some capacity, that that stands in the way of the letting go of the stillness, of letting something be, and letting it emerge as an essence and a wholeness in and of itself.

The motion and all of the action of the breath and whatnot has actually undermined, indulgently, the sense of things – because there’s a deeper sense that is fine. The in-breath and the out-breath kind of contend with how things are in relationship to sorting out what touches the heart, and doesn’t touch the heart, because both of them go back and forth. That’s a yo-yo syndrome with the heart. You just keep letting go and letting go.

There is a quality of one’s self that knows what that is like, in the stillness from which it all originated, and that it is the motion and movement of the in-breath and out-breath outside of that  that’s mired things up. And it’s not a matter of this side of the breath, or that side of the breath, or anything like that. The thing that’s important about the breath is that there is an energetic behind that that is an intensified energetic behind the breath, and that intensified energetic comes from the stillness. And the bifurcation is us trying to rip it off, or steer it, for our own edification. Whether we steer it in as an in-breath, or steer it as an out-breath, we’re still being disrespectful and repudiating the importance of the essence.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Letting it Emerge

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