Risky Business

Jack Kirby

Solutions are an elevation above the problem. Think of an argument that escalates to the level of shouting: it no longer matters what the point is, both sides are now in the wrong, and the situation will never be resolved at the top of one’s lungs. Said another way, what is coarser is always trying to bring the finer down to its level. And that is a risky proposition for what is finer because it has little to gain and much to lose. In all things we want to bring the coarser up to the finer, that is how all of life refines and evolves as it goes.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember a lot about my dreams. I had one dream where it feels like there was someone on your side of the bed. I think it was a man, and he had a red cap on.

And it felt like I could fight him, okay, but there was this dilemma. If you fought and won, that was all okay. But if you fought and lost, if my side fought his side in the future, we would always lose.

And then there was a third thing where maybe if you didn’t do something right now, then, in the future, the fights would always be one on one. It wouldn’t like be one would always win, or one would always lose. It would be what it was in that instance.

So I was pondering all that and looking at all the different scenarios, or possibilities of that. That was the first dream.

John: So when something’s in red it’s also kind of dense, or rooted, raw in its nature. Often times that would be connoted with one’s condition in manifestation. The root chakra is red.

And, in the dream, you are realizing that you aren’t able to solve issues that way, meaning in a dense mannerism where you have to confront things in terms of their emotional content, and their mental rigidity, because to do so you’re inclined to lose a balance in relationship to yourself.

You’ll be alright if you are able to somehow prevail, in that where you were able to kind of get some idea, or understanding, across, or touch with some sight. But it was a risky business game, and another approach is needed. And the approach that you came to see, that was effective in terms of dealing with something, was not having to go at it in an overall, dense way, but to be able to respond to a flow, as the flow unfolded, where basically – you call that one to one – but basically it’s a type of freedom that you have to be able to relate to things in a way that doesn’t involve such intensity that you could end up losing yourself.

So the difference between the two points, in the dream, is that one point is more in the outer density of things, and the other is more in a kind of letting go of more of a degree of that density, so as to be able to catch up with a vibratory flow upon which you could deal with other vibratory flows in the world, in your life, and deal with them in a more direct way – as opposed to having to contend with the dynamic of explosiveness, and reactionariness, and things that are traits that one is deemed to be, when one experiences these traits, one is deemed to be fighting to get free of that.

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