The Clutter of Things

098gesWe know that suppression is not a solution, it’s merely a postponement. In spiritual development, it is important to be in the clutter of things because we want to elevate and refine them, not ignore them or avoid them. This begins internally, with our psychologies and defense mechanisms, and then can extend outwardly into life. This may sound like hard work, but it is made much easier when we realize that we are in service to something higher, and that understanding will give us the detachment we need to let go of what holds us back. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the next dream, it feels like there are two or three rooms that are linked together, that maybe are next to a house where a man and his wife live. I guess someone related to them was living there and has moved out, and I am moving in for awhile.

Well, when I go into the rooms what I notice is that they’re really cluttered, and there’s two rooms that have a toilet in them even. And, at one point when I’m going to use the bathroom, the man who came from the other house, the father of, I think, the person who moved out, is wanting to go move things around in one room so I can use the toilet there.

And then I kind of have him pause because, for one thing, I think the other toilet works better, but I realize the rooms are so cluttered that my idea is that there’s certain things in one room that I’ve stacked up on each other, now, that I think need to be thrown out.

For me the starting point might be to take all the stuff that’s kind of cluttering and, at first, get it organized in one room so it’ll be easier to throw out. And then I’ll use the room that I’ve kind of gotten more organized. And that seemed to be all that dream was about.

John: So it’s somewhat similar to the first dream in that when something is dense, or intense, more outer rooted, more extreme in its nature, because it still has to get beyond a weighted-down barrier in which things are overwhelming.

In this dream it’s similar, in that when you go into the house, the house that you are inclined to realize exists in the environment of things, has a lot of clutter in it. And yet when you go into the depths of this house, the three rooms you’re trying to reach a transformational quality of being in, you find that you are following a process in which you are learning, in which you can flush things away, or that you can remove what is impacting, or keeping, you from being able to function freely in such a scenario.

So, the first dream you were contending with issues by realizing that you needed to have something that you could contend with more on a one-to-one basis, energetically, as opposed to the whole shebang of intensity and everything else in one fell swoop – because that could be overwhelming. And, in this dream, what would be overwhelming would be to have to take on the situation as it exists in one huge fell swoop now, so what you’re doing is working at this in a way that is cope-able for you, which means you may have found yourself placed with the idea that you needed to try to make do in a situation in which things were over-the-top, and that you didn’t have even a proper toilet, or means of releasing things.

And so to try to get more to, like in the first dream, the one-to-one correspondence energetically, you’re taking and trying to narrow down what it is that you have to contend with, so you’re trying to move things off to one side to free up, or establish, a momentum, or a spatiality, in relationship to one of the other rooms.

The thing about this is that’s a start, that’s a beginning, that’s the way that when you come into a house that to begin with you do have to take and relate to what you are able to relate to, or see, or come to know that isn’t overwhelming in terms of yourself, but, ultimately, and eventually, you have to reach a point where you can take in, and take on, everything in the house. And it’s a three-roomed house, meaning that the taking on of everything, and the handling of everything, can lead to a four – and a four is a type of completion.

So what you’re describing is an aspect of process where you are learning how to contend with things in a way that is cope-able for where and how you are able to marshal your energy, in terms of what is in front of you, or in terms of the situation. You’ve kind of gleaned from the first dream that things can be way too much to try to contend with straightaway, because that could lead to a collapse, or a breakdown, and that by taking and going at things in a measured way you could move slowly forward. But even in that dream you are going to have to eventually deal with everything that is there in front of you.

You’re not designed to just kind of move things around, and establish a cope-ability, and maintain that as a way of being long-term. You’re meant to be much bigger than that, so even in that dream you’re eventually going to have to, even though initially you had to recoil from it which is understandable, when you were taking on something that could end badly for you, eventually that was like a shock, and that shock is like a trauma, and that trauma is like a stepping back then, and going at this thing in a more balanced way.

And you’re doing then the same thing in the second dream, in that initially you’re placed into something that you realize, okay, you were placed there, something wants you to be able to be there, but in what you’re placed in is way over-the-top. You’re not able to function very well like that, and so you take and you move things around inside of yourself so that you can kind of contend with things little by little.

When you’re moving things around inside of yourself you’re still suppressing things. You’re taking something that you can’t quite cope with now, and you’re putting it in another space, or in another room – and it is all one house. What you’re doing is you’re suppressing something to have to deal with later.

So both images are saying the same thing in terms of kind of a way of process unfolding. The theme of the dreaming, or the quality of the dreaming, is such that instead of probing straightaway so much out into the inner and towards a stillness, one is taking and looking at the condition of things in an outer context way.

It’s as if one’s in a different aspect of the breath. In other words, when the theme of the dreaming had to do with looking for the stillness one was more in an in-breath sense of things. When there is the dreaming that is contending with the barriers, or the intensity, of things and the clutter of things, one is in more of a manifestational out-breath of things.

What’s interesting, and significant, in terms of what your dream is saying, is that in the first dream you have initially the sense that you have to fight, or contend, with that sort of stuff, and realize that you can’t because it could end badly. And, in the second dream, you get the same kind of information, with a slightly different twist, in that you are directed to have to be in the clutter of things. In other words, there’s something that wants you to be in the clutter of things, and yet you recognize and realize that that is too much for you, and so you’re going about it in the only way that you know how to go about it to keep from being dumbed-down or overwhelmed.

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