A Contractive Nature

33f885It can seem difficult to grasp what it means to be “in service” to something higher, but it follows a certain logic. In any job we’ve ever held, we were working toward the goal of the larger company. Humans didn’t invent that paradigm, humans intuitively modeled what they were doing against the working processes of the universe. So for a human to be in service to what created him or her, is to contribute, through their life, to the greater universal goals. And a huge part of that process is to bring higher energies into the planetary realm. A famous example might be Einstein and his work, but we are all capable of making a connection and bringing something higher into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So all I remember is part of one dream; it seemed to go on for a while. There’s at least two of us in the dream. I think I’m female, and it feels like I’m trying to get something to absorb, or shift, and I’m doing this through a voting structure.

But if I have certain, maybe like four or five, Democratic votes, it’s not quite working. So then I have to go meet with someone and gather some Republican votes. And it’s like I have to put the votes from the two sides together to get a certain number, and the number is like under ten, actually, or around ten, or it might even be around five. But I didn’t quite have five of my votes, so I have to go get their votes.

And then it feels like if I can get the votes right I can get something to dissolve, or shift. It just seemed to be a kind of slow moving dream in a way, not slow like in a draggy way, but it just was kind of mellow. I was just working on it, and there might be other people that had comments on it because, you know, some Democrats don’t talk to some Republicans – but I wasn’t worried about any of that. I just was trying to get the situation to shift, so I didn’t care where the votes came from.

John: What you’re describing is a development, or unfoldment, that reaches a point in which it has to invoke through itself more than it is currently looking at or dealing with.

I guess an example would be if you’re a student of a teacher, the teacher takes you to a point but then knows how to release or let you go into something more, almost as if you’re being passed on to the teacher’s teachers, or something or to the spiritual elders or something.

Well, what you’re describing as a process is that you have a sense of where you have a part of yourself that sees a calling, recognizes a calling, to being able to provide, or bring through, absorptive energy that pulls something through to a grounding. But, what you’re looking at, in this dream, is the recognition that there is a greater need to do this.

In other words, one can get to a point, I suppose, where everything seems kind of copasetic, or just kind of a state of balance, but nothing can stay in a state of balance because everything is continually going deeper and deeper, and more and more is having to come out, in terms of a greater and greater overallness, an intertwinement process that contains a wholeness that is capable of taking into account even more.

And when one gets to a point where one has taken in something up to a particular point, and degree, and found that that is creating a certain balance, it is easy to draw the conclusion or to assume that that is enough. But the dream is indicating that you are recognizing that there is a quality that’s being triggered, or tripped, inside of yourself.

In other words, it’s not like you’re making the choice, you’re just recognizing. In other words, you’re recognizing that something is pushed to pull through something even more, in a greater capacity way. And what you’re realizing is that you don’t care quite what it is, or how it is, that that occurs, in terms of the variables that you access as a depth inside of yourself. You just know that that is what is coming through you, and even though that may be surprising to you, or even something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do, you’re realizing that you have to do that. In other words, you’re realizing that you’ve come to a recognition that this is something that is important, that has to happen.

It’s kind of hard to describe how you take and you throw off the old mannerism in order to embrace something more that is streaming to the surface. So what it is, is kind of a catching up with an awareness of a greater part of yourself, that maybe you saw in bits and pieces, but hadn’t taken into a greater account because nothing pressed you, or was pressing you, inside of yourself to take it into a greater account because you weren’t necessarily noticing it before.

But now you’re noticing this something more, inside of yourself, that needs to fill a kind of gap. Now what is that gap that you need to fill? Well, the gap has to do with an overallness. It’s nothing specific. It’s an overallness. It’s a general container overallness, and it’s a greater overallness than what you have been going along with, that’s in the equation of life, that’s before you, yet there is this something more. And there’s an excitement in that, and you’re catching that excitement. That’s why you don’t care where it comes from, or how it comes, because you just sense it as having an excitement level to it.

And, of course, where that goes is that takes you to what is called the self. It takes you to a quality of the self in which it’s a type of self that doesn’t lose itself, or doesn’t dissipate, because it holds a continuity that pulls things. On an energetic level it’s kind of like a black hole. It kind of pulls everything down into a consecrated state where it all becomes visualized, or becomes actualized, pulls it into an actualization.

That’s the contractive nature of manifestation. It can pull things down to where they’re actualized, and do it in a container-quality way.

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