00df1Just like the flora and fauna around us, humans have energetic connections to the environment we occupy. But the human can raise these connections to a much higher level of consciousness, and, in doing so, can gain more and more intelligence from those connections. That’s why an owner’s manual to human life is not necessary, because we are designed to get all the information we need from the energies around us – again, just like everything else we see does. This shows us just how disconnected we really are from our natural capability, and why we often feel lost. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I notice that I am able to experience a quiet, heartfelt meaningfulness with everything around, with every little inflection. I’m seeing this in the meditation dream.

In other words, it’s like in the meditation dream there are things that are just kind of there, almost like little flickers. They’re not constellated or anything. They’re just flickers that kind of go into a stillness. And each one of those flickers, what causes it to be able to just kind of zip like that is that it has a revelation, or a vibrational heartfulness, and then that goes boom, boom. It’s like going back.

And so such inflections, or revelations, are in the breath. In other words, I saw this on the inner, but then when you take and you describe it in terms of how that is experienced when you’re walking around in the outer, you experience this sort of stuff dancing on the breath. It’s on the breath, and it’s dancing on the breath, and what it is, is it’s a revelational kind of touching of the heart. It touches the heart. That’s a revelation. It’s that little thing that goes schtt, schtt. And that little zipping takes it right into a stillness, takes it all the way back. And so every vibration corresponds to an aliveness within the breath that is placed upon the heart.

And, of course, in this case one’s using the heart as a type of symbolism, the deeper symbolism of the heart, in which it is actually a point of stillness where it absorbs a type of quality which is like a revelational touching. It absorbs that. It’s almost as if it’s been estranged, and then it just feels, ahhh…, when it all comes back. And then it’s still.

So in the dream I notice the embodied vibrations touch the heart, and when this vibration is recognized or something the challenge is to carry the revelation within the vibration on the breath, to the heart – absorptively. If the revelation is not taken into the heart, in an absorptive way, there is a distraction that breaks the natural connection.

Every connection exemplifies the self, because the self is everything. There’s just one thing going on. When a vibration’s revelation is not embodied in the heart, the self gets confused. Such confusion creates doubt. Doubt is the illusion of separation. Separation corresponds to the thinking perceptions that imagine something to be missing.

When a given thought corresponds to other thoughts, or, in other words, goes thought-upon-thought because it’s lost the revelational aspect that goes into the heart to a stillness, this causes a veil when that comes in the way to what is a greater overall beingness.

So, to absorb is to embody. To notice the revelation behind the inflection is to touch the heart. To hold the heart and breath, as an energetic aliveness, is to experience the self. Nothing more is needed if this is done all-inclusively. When there is a need, or energetic gap, not nourished by a revelational stillness our beingness tries to fill the gap by deviating.

The purpose behind the dream was for me to notice the flickerings. In other words, where I would see this schtt, and how there’s a little revelation, there’s something energized, there’s something still there that’s a spark or something – and it zips into the stillness. The purpose behind the dream is for me to notice the flickerings and how each flickering points to a self that is revelationally complete. As a vibration each flickering corresponds to the heart breath, revelationally, as a stillness. If the stillness is too much to sustain, the thoughts and nuances get magnified. In other words, you’re not able to hold it.

What we’ve come to know is that when you hit the stillness space, and where it’s most recognizable, is where you give up on something that becomes exasperating and you hit a stillness where the out-breath turns to the in-breath. That can be too much to handle, and then you have to fall back into this or that again. So when the thoughts and nuances infect the self’s aliveness, which is a stillness, and an all-inclusiveness – and that can’t be lived – then you get the deviation.

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