Up to a Point

you-are-almost-there-25-638 - EditedThere is no end to our spiritual journey – if we are lucky. But there is an important transition to aim for, and that is the shift from being dabblers in the spiritual realms to actually living our spirituality – in all we do. And it’s important to remember that it is not our fault that we have been born into a time and place that makes our journey particularly difficult. There is also no greater feeling of settlement, nor greater experience of the magical possibilities of life, than to become what we were designed to become. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now that’s all very esoteric and whatnot, and quite wordy; what are the dreams behind it? So I had a couple of dreams that point out something.

In my dream, I am seeing that I am proceeding all the way to the point where something is 90% done, but not finishing the process. For example, I am over at a house that is being cleaned up, and I am shown a place, like it stands out along maybe an outer board, or something, which everyone sees, that has spots on it that need to be cleaned up.

So I’m handed a can of cleaner and I spray it on the surface, but that’s all the farther I go. I don’t wipe up the spots that the cleaner would be dissolving; I just leave it at that. And then I leave, as if that is all the farther I need to go.

So I go back to a place, because this was something that one had as kind of a cabin somewhere, so I go back home from this place in the woods, and a person asks, “Who took care of the spots?” In other words, there was someone at this place, that had stayed behind, wants to know and was aware that there were these spots that had to be cleaned up, or taken care of, and the answer, which I hadn’t thought about this, but then all of a sudden it dawns on me: that had fallen upon me – if I had finished what I started. But it’s only at that moment that I realize, ah-ha, I had just sprayed the cleaner on there and left it at that – as if that was all that needed to be done.

And then on another occasion I take a person to a place where they have never been before. This person is surprised that this place exists, but deep down I know that they do not know the half of it. There’s a wilderness trail that extends from this place and goes into the woods, and that person and everyone would be surprised that back in the woods, kind of just kept there, is another property that has just been sitting dormant for a long time. In other words, nothing has been done with it.

And, of course, to see that in relationship to the other you realize, oh, okay, there’s a whole lot more going on than what meets the eye. So, you could say, if you take a person on an excursion that will invoke the question: what is going on in terms of the dormancy?

So the meaning is, I am describing a condition in which, on a revelational outer way of being, I am coming up to a point and then stopping. As far as everyone is able to determine, I appear to know better than that, as I am able to take an unfoldment process to the obvious. But then step back, just like what I described before, how that works.

Why? You know, in a way I could say, well, maybe I could venture an explanation, but the better way of saying it is something is just getting in the way and preventing me from seeing it, and following through. Actually, I see it in a way that can cause something to be known, but there is a living of it, or something, that is missing.

And, from the meditation dream, I am seeing that I am aware of the way things flicker in life, and can touch the flickering, but there is a final step in the process. That involves living this as an intertwined and interconnected self, not just knowing, and describing, as set forth in the meditation dream.

I know that to do this involves an inner process that has yet to come out, and, when this does, the stillness presence will effuse into the environment in a way that others are able to readily assimilate and come to know as their self. In other words, it doesn’t just skewer and scramble things up. It doesn’t just take things up to a particular point. It’s a step that takes something through, and it does it in a way so that what is revealed is a greater quality of one’s self. And, because everything is in a oneness, this greater quality of one’s self is revealed throughout the environment.

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