Getting Involved

help-upIf we are on an elevating journey, we build higher connections. Then, in all we do, we want to help bring whatever, or whomever, we are dealing with up to our (energetic) elevation. Why? Because otherwise we are returning to a lower state. So we want to help everything refine by raising it to our level, or radiating out from our level. That’s how the world improves, and the universe evolves. And it is a natural responsibility of the human to take on this role in the unfolding of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember my last dream. And, initially, I’m in a school-type setting where I’m a counselor. It feels like a college. This girl who’s attending the college has come to me for counseling, and initially I think that she wants counseling on changing her diet, but she actually wants counseling on quitting smoking.

And I almost try to steer her towards somebody else that’s kind of more of an expert in that area, because I haven’t counseled people that much on quitting smoking, but she just wants to work with me. So I kind of agree that I’ll work with her, and give her some writing assignment to start, to see where things are.

Then she and I are leaving the building, and it feels like we’re walking on a street that looks like across the street where I’ve parked a car. And, it’s dark out, and I don’t want her to walk back to the college on her own, so I go to get in my car. She’s still kind of standing near the street, and there’s one car very close on the right side of me, and another on the left, and I start to kind of start my car to go forward, and then I stop all of a sudden because I realize the car on the left has his bumper that’s come out that’s in front of my car, so I’m going to hit it if I keep going forward.

So I stop, and then the scene just shifts very suddenly, and it feels like it’s daylight. And she and I are out climbing in some mountains. I’ve gone on ahead of her up the mountainside. It’s quite steep, and there’s lots of rocks, like we’re climbing over an area where there was an old rockslide. And I’ve turned around to talk to her. She’s below me a fair distance, so we holler back and forth, and I see a few rocks slide down in one area, so I’ve turned around like I’m going to come down – but then my shoes, I lose my shoes somehow.

They kind of fall over the edge a little bit down towards where she is, so now I’m going to have to be pretty careful about how I come down. Then I see some more rocks fall, so I’m kind of telling her kind of where to go to be away from the rocks. And she kind of squats down near one rock that’s a big rock, but I’m concerned because she’s left her back exposed to the rocks on the mountain that are coming down, rather than hiding on the other side of the rock where she’d be protected from it.

But then suddenly my whole view gets blocked out because there’s this big slab of rock that’s come down right in front of me, and that’s when I realize that these aren’t just rocks sliding, but that the mountain is a volcano and it’s blowing up – except the rock doesn’t seem to crush me. It goes right on by me, but then I just have this feeling of being lifted in the air and that’s when I wake up.

John: It’s a very interesting dream in that what the dream starts off with is it points out that you have a deeper responsibility in terms of what you have to look at. In other words, there’s quite a bit of difference towards just adjusting one’s diet and stopping an affliction. In other words, one can take and work in kind of a casual way with eating suggestions, but that’s all that that is is suggestions. It leaves everything kind of in a wibbly-wobbly mode.

But when you’re directing something in terms of stopping a process, in other words, dealing with an issue directly… and what issue is it that you’re dealing with, and how is it that you’re dealing with it, and meant to deal with it more directly?

Well, it is shown that when you take someone in, so to speak, into the car, and you’re driving there is an issue with hitting a bumper. It’s difficult to navigate in that fashion. But what’s also interesting is if you take and allow your energy to reach out, to probe out, to extend out, like go up the mountain and something follows you, that you have a way of kind of being able to, from a position of taking natural steps on your own, you have a way of taking and making it possible for something else to unfold. You can even let your shoes go down to help. You can even lose your shoes. In other words, you have a way of sustaining something in kind of a very unusual, connected way.

So, the beginning of the dream is indicating, however, that in order to do something more you have to address the situation with more succinctness. In other words, you can’t just be as casual about it as you were. When you see something that is amiss, you can work towards changing that which is amiss, but you don’t just take and coast along with simplistic mannerisms that leave everything kind of askew – with the idea being that there’s something more that will come to be.

What you’re seeing, at the very beginning, is what needs to come to be, you have to be involved. You have to put your attention on something that you don’t want to do, that isn’t the way you have been conducting yourself, and that is addressing a complexity, and hitting the complexity straight on.

Your dream is kind of suggesting that there still are bumper issues, in terms of trying to approach it in more of an equal mode. Your dream is basically saying that you carry a responsibility, the latter part of your dream, is saying that you carry a responsibility that can take and set a pace, and can help others who may be struggling to maintain the pace. In other words, you can even help them in their walking. You could transmit your shoes across, so to speak, they can suddenly go down the hill.

And the dream is also indicating that there is a plus and minus problem in this approach, as well. The negative problem is that when you take and are causing something just to remain connected, or are helping to pull something along, there is a possibility that something inadvertent can get in between where the connection isn’t proper enough, or strong enough, and you suddenly realize that that is causing a collapse, the fact that something got in between, almost as if maybe there was a kind of pseudo-dependency instead of a proper connection. And that then causes, in order to contend with this thing that causes a barrier to be in place, this causes you to aspire off the ground, to rise up.

In other words, it’s a corresponding response to having had something get in the way, and then a collapse has happened, and so you rise up. Isn’t that a kind of a rising up that’s a type of letting go, which is a type of breaking a linkage? Or, because a linkage has been broken, that there is something that goes to a quality of a deeper innerness inside – but a deeper innerness inside that takes you out of the equation, rather than staying in the equation? Isn’t this interesting? So it’s very, very interesting.

So what you are shown is you have to sustain, and maintain, a linkage and know that there is something about a clarity, of how you are connected, that has a means built into it, that will get lost if a barrier comes in that you accept, or allow.

It’s very interesting, isn’t it? That’s quite a process dream.

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