No Relief

The image of taking a vacation can imply the same thing in a dream that it does in real life: it’s an opportunity to let go of all the things that are pulling us this way and that way. So, in this dream, the desire to let go amplifies the problem being faced, in that there is a stalker, or the potential for someone to be assaulted, so the dreamer must become a detective to sort this all out. Of course, this isn’t the movies, so sometimes the case isn’t solved in the end, which means there will likely be more dreams that address the specific issue from a different angle. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this dream I’m a woman detective, but I’m going to be going on leave shortly. And I’ve been investigating the case of a woman who was either assaulted, or afraid she’s going to be assaulted.

And it’s kind of sensitive because it’s possible that there’s either a police officer, or someone associated with a police officer, involved in the stalking, or the assault; we don’t know for sure yet.

John: Which basically means a quality in your nature, you’re like a detective, and you’re getting ready to leave the equation of things. But, before you can leave, you’re noticing that you’re having to contend with an energetic in which there is an imbalance that, in the dream, is like a stalker or an assault kind of energy, but, in reality, in the overall, it’s a vibration that you’re not able to drop, that you haven’t dropped.

And so whenever you try to leave, to go on vacation or whatever, you want to put aside all the things that are in the way, and what you’re finding in terms of what you have to set aside is you carry a synaptic energy, pent up; things can be pent up both positively and negatively. Pent up is a type of imagination about something that one would like to do that’s wonderful, or the opposite of that is equally possible, and confusing, from a reflective standpoint. And there can be something pent up that has to do with the vibration of being stalked or assaulted.

This is just another wrinkle in this kind of way of being, that you’re still trying to set aside, or let go of, so that you can go on vacation, or so that you can go somewhere. In other words, this is something you still hold; it’s still a synaptic energy in your nature.

Jeane: So, because we don’t know who the person is that stalked her, or assaulted her, or wants to, and because it even maybe someone associated with a policeman, or a policeman, I have to be careful with what I do with the evidence on the case that I’ve been gathering.

So there is one policeman, or detective, and he actually has a roommate or somebody that shares an office with him or something, that is one of the people that’s on my list, that I’m suspicious of. I’m not even not suspicious of him, the detective, actually. And then there is a policeman that may be used to date this woman that I really am suspicious of.

I have some direct evidence that’s not enough evidence yet to really identify the person. Now that I just will be keeping concealed. My concern is I want her to be safe while I’m gone, or I want the information that could lead to capturing someone, if they do approach her while I’m gone, available to somebody else.

And I want the information given to someone so that she’ll be kind of watched over, protected, and they’ll be keeping their eye out for what the problem might be while I’m gone. And I’m giving a copy of that to this one detective that, even though I’m kind of suspicious of his roommate, I can tell him who else I’m suspicious of, and he’ll keep an eye out while I’m gone.

John: So what you’re dealing with there, is you’re dealing with kind of a yo-yoing that you’re doing in the unfoldment process, in which you’ve gotten to a particular point in which you’re able to reveal, or release, information – up to a point. But the other part still is sitting in a state of distrust, or still hasn’t sorted something out, or come to a succinct conclusion.

And so you’re going to be holding on to that when you go on vacation. So you’re going to set it in motion. You’re going to be passing it forward. In other words, it’s something yet to unfold.

The thing that’s not being recognized here is that there is something that continues to keep continuing and never, never stops. You’re never really truly able to go on vacation because you’re shifting the responsibilities, and you’re shifting the information. You’re packaging it different this way, and different that way. And so you’re having to take note of what that really does feel like, but it’s not making a big shift.

Jeane: Once I’ve got all the material together I have to walk to the office of this policeman I’m leaving the material with, and that involves my leaving the building. Then I have to walk down this corridor that’s actually outside; it’s suddenly like there’s woods there. And there’s a big wolf that’s been running wild.

So he comes near me first to see if he can scare me off. But I pause for a minute, but then I keep on walking. And while I’m doing that, this big bird – I thought it was like a bluejay but it lost a feather off to my right. When it falls down that feather is about as big as an eagle’s feather, but it’s all blue. Part of me wants to go and investigate the feather, but the wolf has run over there, and it’s a pretty big wolf. So I have to just, you know, let that go, and go on down.

And it feels like that lets me in the back area where either the detective lives, or works, that I’m going to leave the material with. So I outline what I want him to do to keep an eye on things. And

then I leave. Then I wake up.

John: You kept playing with the same mind that has the problem. You never did let go of the problem, just kept moving around from left hand to right hand. And so when you wake up, you’re lying to yourself in terms of any relief that you might feel that you have, because if you look real carefully you’ll realize that there really isn’t any relief, it’s just been postponed, or suspended. You’re still carrying all of that.

And so the theme of the dreaming is, and the big question that has come up, is there anything that can be done, or anywhere to go, in a world, and in a schematic, in which nothing can be shifted?

What you’re doing is that you’re going through these antics where you’re not really shifting anything, you’re just moving things around. Even rationally speaking you have to know that that doesn’t solve anything; that just passes the buck, postpones it. It doesn’t work that way. That isn’t what one is trying to do; that isn’t what’s important.

Your dream seems to be indicating that eventually what you’re doing there is going to become frustrating. Eventually what you’re doing is going to become something that will be unbearable. Eventually what you’re doing there is going to become something that, no matter what you do, and how you do it, you’re still not letting go.

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The Ripple

Everything that we experience becomes a vibration, or combination of vibrations, that we must process through our systems, in the same way that our body processes food for the nutrients that are useful and expels the waste that is not useful. Our dreams are part of this sorting process, where we can connect right to the fundamentals of the vibration and see it in an unbiased format – this helps us process certain energies into further evolution, and lets us let go of the energies we no longer have a use for. In this analogy, we can understand how important our dreams are to our health and well being. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my dreams, by comparison to this, were pointing out that in this total letting go is where everything is able to happen. And that even a dream itself is a flicker that happens, that is a ripple in the total letting-go process.

So what happens is, if you are a person who’s totally caught up in this, that, and the other in the outer, then the reflective conditions of the outer are your boss, they control you, you don’t have any freedom of a letting-go flow.

And so you go from hot to cold, from sad to happy, expansive to contractive, and you just yo-yo. And that even in what is considered deep states of sleep, or meditation, where you have an image of something that you write up as a dream, or an experience, or whatever, where that is coming from is that you start with the principle that you are not meant to hold on to things. And so, in the letting go, you have let go to all of a sudden you have hit a point where there’s still something that needs to be lived out, burned off, a dross yet that still can cause a ripple on the water. And that ripple is what you perceive.

So what’s interesting is that you can follow this concentration, or a type of longing, using the outer as a vehicle means, as the greater teacher. You can follow that as far as you can hold this state of intention of letting go. You can go as far as that can go.

And when it hits something in which something rises up and comes out, if you can keep that from rising up and coming out, you continue to go even deeper, and deeper, and deeper into the letting go, as a depth, as an overallness, as a wholeness, as a universality of beingness.

And so the principle of working with meditation, and truly meditating, and with dreams, to describe what a dream is, to describe what those images are, is to understand that you are pulling, out of a stillness, a ripple. And you’re portraying the ripple.

And so, in an awakening process, an awakening process being a process by which you come to know, and be, everything, in terms of all that is going on – by this letting go. The awakening process can be understood, in terms of where someone is at, based upon how subtle of a ripple it is that they are able to grasp. Because when there is absolutely total stillness, there is everything. There’s just oneness.

But when there are still ripples that arise, the way to think of it is to think of it in terms of conditions that one imposes upon themselves as defense mechanisms. If a person goes through something that’s traumatic, and they don’t want to experience it, or live it out, they repress it. And it gets repressed deep, deep in the synapses of their nature. And then, if circumstances come to where the stillness is enough, the energy that’s used to keep it repressed is dropped.

And, what ends up happening, is this ripple can suddenly come to the surface, and that ripple will come to the surface as an image. And that image can then portray a hint of something behind it yet, where you stopped, where you were at. But, otherwise, you wouldn’t even have the knowability of that. So it becomes like a type of seeing and hearing, in a nothingness, in which everything is.

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Medicine for the Soul

We may wonder: why are there so many religious and spiritual paths? One answer could be: there is only one purpose and reason to existence, but there are many ways to connect to it – because people are different. Some learn by seeing and doing, others by being in service, others by intense repetition of certain processes. So it is for each of us to find the way that most resonates with our passions and ways of proceeding; that will ensure that we have the greatest chance for connection and development. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my second dream, I’m sitting in a fairly large classroom being taught by someone who is also a physician. And I’m sitting near the back. And when I get up and leave, and somebody notices, I guess, they asked me about it because I guess I have a little bit of a judgment on a physician that teaches it because I mentioned to them that I know that he prescribes a fair amount of muscle relaxants to his clients. Not an abusive amount, he’s not out there selling them, but I just know that he does give things to his clients that will help them calm down. But that’s not kind of a route I want to go.

Then, as I’m walking down this pathway that’s outside the classroom, people are partying on the side and on the path. And somebody is feeling like I’m judging the doctor, and I say that, no, he’s not doing anything illegal. It’s just like I think it’s not the route I want to go. But they’re off partying.

For a moment I step aside and dance with one person, but then they start dancing with two other people, and I get back on the path because I realized kinda because of my attitude I’m kind of going down the path a little bit more alone – rather than being part of the party.

John: You’re comparing the Naqshband mannerism with the Chisti, basically. The Chisti approach is you come in through like a kind of classroom, and you’re able to appreciate and enjoy, and be party to, an unfoldment of tools, techniques, mannerisms, traits, characteristics – basically medicine for the soul – that’s handed out, that can help tweak this and tweak that, in terms of you able to be, then, more natural, as opposed to caught up in some capacity or another by the unfoldment that has its oppression upon you.

So that image could have just as easily been an image of going into a class in which Dean’s doing all of his techniques, and there’s nothing wrong with the techniques, the techniques are meaningful, the techniques are helpful to those who are in this particular motif of needing to look, and to listen, and to grasp something through this means, in which there still is kind of shaking out, or in-betweenness that is blurring things.

But in your particular case, you don’t need it, because if you indulged in it it’s liable to get in the way of something that you have a sense of naturally. And so, like I say, it’s like the comparison between a mannerism of truly letting go, so that everything unfolds naturally. Or, not quite being able to cut through, So you have these practices and mannerisms that are distributed and made available in which to help sort yourself out to the letting go.

These are things that are offered to those who awaken in this way. And you’re shown that you do not have to awaken that way. Other words, you don’t need that to truly let go.

It’s kind of like, for example, when you go to a naturopath and the naturopath can tell – if they’re energetically attuned they can tell – what it is that the body seems to need to break a confusion that seems to prevail that is keeping the body from self-healing. And they can prescribe, or make available, that which helps facilitate that energetic signal being naturally received.

Because when it’s received, it’s not the thing that’s prescribed that necessarily does it because the body has a wholeness, it is complete. And it’s meant to be complete, in and of itself. It’s just been distorted based upon inappropriate conduct of use of energy that has been shoved down on it. In other words, not recognizing that the vibrations are all intertwined.

And they are all intertwined because they’re all connected, and they’re all connected – well, the easiest way of saying it is, the human being is made out of everything that exists, so a human being is connected to everything that there is. So a human being, in its consciousness, needs to just let go and then everything is readily there, in that empty space.

And so you’re making the point, or being told or shown, as a realization and recognition inside, that consciousness, or the awakening, or the awareness, is automatic.

So, this is what makes it so difficult for a teacher on a spiritual path is because the students have an inclination to want to be told, to want to be led, do not realize how all-inclusive and powerful they are. And that all that they need to do is let go, to get out of their own way.

And there are practices that, for some, seem to lift a person a little bit closer, cause something to open up; that’s an exposure to something that leads to a greater natural knowingness that is part of you, in which you may have some cobwebs that come to be dropped just by the process of recognizing an energetic that has always been there, but, somehow another, got askew.

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