Against the Odds

Morris Finkelstein

We are an ecology. Our body, soul, and spirit all live inside our energetic aura, which serves as a transmissive barrier to the external world. Yet, within our aura, we create the ecology, through our history, our current thoughts, intentions, and emotions, and an entire atmosphere of the energies we constantly create from the inside and process from the outside. This energetic ecology is an invitation to certain energies, and a barrier to other energies; just like a garden, what will be attracted to and grow in the ecology we have created and are creating? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So last night, in my dreaming, it’s the first time I never slept. I came to bed and never slept. I came in really late in the morning, and what brought me back was things suddenly went kaboom, just like there was a snap from someplace, a snap, and in the snap there was all kinds of lucid dialogue. And the final image that brought me back was I have a way of creating odds on something.

So I was creating odds on how something could unfold, in regards to a stillness, and the odds were against it. It was minus two. Not too bad odds, slightly against the possibility of it. You know, go down and you watch these UFC fights, it’s not unusual that when the odds are that close that it’s really kind of almost 50/50. So the degree of going into something, and then flickering out like that, was such that there wasn’t a whole lot to report.

It’s very interesting. It has me in a very bodacious mood to be like that because somehow or another I’m freed up, more freed up somehow. Just like what you were looking at was still looking at something, but then on the other side of that is a greater freeing up again. That’s the sensation of the effect.

All that I wrote about it was, in my meditation dream, I’m looking and looking for the stillness. At one point I am given some bad news about it, yet somehow just hang fire yet. In other words, I don’t just despair, and wake up, or come out of it, or go into thoughts or anything like that – and it’s because I know this is the only thing meaningful.

I shouldn’t say it’s the only thing meaningful; it’s the most meaningful thing, and so one hangs fire with it even though you’re not getting there. And then I am told that it isn’t supported sufficiently, meaning by the environment that I’m in, but I keep looking. And then, because I’m not taking no for an answer, the dialogue starts up and I wake up trying to grasp the lucid dream dialogue, but the last thing that is obvious, that I see, that causes me to just completely snap out, because what happens is the sensation just snaps, it speeds up, there’s the dialogue that’s there, and then there is the seeing of the minus two odds against this happening. And the odds are on the side of this not being possible, minus two, in other words.

If you were rating this thing for betting purposes, it’s kind of like being able to go inside to get a report. So this is what causes me to come back. You know, this is the succinct thing that causes me to shock open, come back. I’m surprised it’s 5 o’clock, just shocked. And then when I come back upon an inflection I realize, even though I went at it and went at it, and things had kind of like a stifling nature where one couldn’t get through and couldn’t get through, minus two isn’t too bad. That’s almost 50/50. So that’s all I dreamt.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Against the Odds

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