Power Presence

mredtSometimes the doors of life open easily for us, other times we can’t open them no matter how hard we try. In many instances, it is because of our energetic state. And this is another reason why it is called spiritual “development,” because usually our energetic state seems completely random to us (though it never is), so we develop to become the master of our energetic state, consciously. Yes, the developed are known as masters, not of religion, but of themselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I remembered the end of my dream. It felt like I drove into this garage, I think with some of my friends, and went through a checkpoint which was run by the people that had been trying to capture me. And they let me through. And it looks like I’m getting away free, then.

And, after I’ve driven off a ways, the man who had started all this out by kind of falsely reporting me shows up, and he’s absolutely furious that I’ve gone through the checkpoint. But then, for some reason, I drive in this kind of square around the garage and park right where he can see me.

I think I’m going to have something to say to him about this whole process. I don’t run away. It’s like I park still in the garage somewhere where he can see me, kind of headed towards him in the car, because it’s like I want to say something. It’s like I drove around in a little square, or something.

John: Which is the right adab because it’s like there’s the statement, or there’s the situation, or the story, in which there’s a guy and he comes before a lion. And, of course, there’s something about the lion where he can’t take one more step. And it’s almost as if there is kind of like a third person in the scenario, observing this, that he’s reporting to, saying try as he might he can’t take one more step towards the lion.

And then he’s told that if he doesn’t get over that, the lion may think that he has an ill view of the lion – and will eat him. So, in other words, it’s like what you’re doing is, what this image is, this actually punches through the defense mechanism, to a certain degree, in that you adopt a type of freedom in a bodacious way.

Ordinarily, you would do what you would do, and go off to one side. But, in this particular case, you stand in clear visibility. To be able to stand in clear visibility requires the development, inside of one’s self, of a type of power presence. It’s on an inner level. It cuts through things. It’s what makes the difference.

And you might say that that is an outer dream, in relationship to an inner thing that I was trying to do to try to find what cuts through things, because I’m not looking for a one, two, and three answer. It doesn’t work that way. To try to come up with, or have some notion of, a one, two, and three answer would still be using the in-breath and the out-breath. I’m recognizing that to go beyond that, through that, and that’s the stillness, and to have the true stillness is to be in a spatiality whereby how it is that you’re able to function is untouched by the outer modality of one’s mind and senses. That’s what enables one to be where something isn’t seen, you know which is to see the light.

In other words, a Sufi doesn’t necessarily see the real light, but can somehow function there. That’s how that sort of thing is possible. What you did would normally have you, then, taking and going around a corner, but, instead, you were able to hold a space because in that space your presence exuded, and, therefore, you couldn’t be, on this inner level, distorted.

The whole principle of distortion, and the degree to which that exists in terms of the outerness of things, is really best represented by the Yin/Yang principle. And to be able to stand in the face of something like that, then, is to be kind of like the statement soldier between two worlds, but you’re really not that, either, because that still implies a demeanor, taking on a demeanor.

What you really saw, in terms of you being able to be out in the open, was not necessarily an adamancy. You could just do it. It could have been an adamancy, but you could just do it. It was removed of the defense mechanism.

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