A Type of Food

Harrie)We see it everywhere in the natural world: a bee circling the field to find the flower it likes, the deer sniffing out its favorite grass, the hawk watching for movement in the meadow. The universe exchanges through the feeding process, and energies are no different. Energetic frequencies are attracted to like frequencies as a way of feeding and growing. Compassion, as an energetic quality, can come to be with a person whose actions and intentions signal that they could be a good source of food for the essence itself, and, in the exchange, both person and essence are fed and grow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a long dream that was like the same dream, and it felt like a continuation of the last two nights, almost, except the form it took this time was almost like I felt like I was running too much heat. And you were in bed, and I could roll over closer to you and the heat would increase, and then I was trying to increase the heat enough to remove something – but you could remove too much, take away too much. So I was trying to get it to the right point.

It was almost like you could see it almost like in sections, it would move like in sections, at least three of them. It was hard to actually get it to where it would only remove as much as you wanted, or it was removing something all the time, and there was some state in between I was trying to reach where it removed so much, but not too much, so it wasn’t too hot. It was almost like I kept doing it over and over, but it seemed like it was almost impossible not to just remove way too much.

John: There’s all kinds of ways in which there is kind of a stillness grace that is always trying to be there – if we can sit with, or be with, our need. This is actually a very deep subject that’s behind the principle of prayer, as a type of healing, and as a type of letting go to whatever causes us to be all jumpy, and throws us around, which can be a quickening in our outer nature instead of a letting go to more of a stillness.

And when one comes to understand that there is this letting go process that is behind what causes a healing connection to occur, or the recognition of being able to have an inner divine presence come to grips with our need, this is a very deep science and it’s one of the reasons why people might fast, for example, and at the same time you don’t want to carry your extreme nature, chanting, fasting, austerities, and such to such an extreme that you go beyond the point of a kind of true letting go, or true sincerity.

In other words, you could get into it as a means of controlled action, in which, then, that need, and the sincerity to the grace, is contaminated. The underlying principle behind all of this, the reason why this works where there is a need, and then there is a letting go, and that there is a way of going away from how we see ourselves that may even appear to be going into a weakening condition, the reason why there’s so much behind this is because, in a reflective outer condition, we are groping about, and yet in our groping about we can come to recognize that there is something more.

That we can maybe let go of the intensity we place upon the outer reflective, and come to glimpse that we have a need. And it’s as if the need is drawn back into the essence, or, you might say, it’s as if that’s like a type of food for the essence.

In other words, it’s like the reflective is astray. The need to come back into the essence, or, in other words, the food of that essence, of something as an essence, able to digest, or take in, and contend with, and service the need is what life is all about.

That’s why the idea that when a person has the sweats when they have a cold, or a fever, or whatever it is that that they have, and you take and you do the opposite condition inside of yourself where you strip yourself down, you are actually letting go. A person, when they’re really, really sick, however it is that they’re sick, if they are all jumpy and reactive then they are counterproductive to something right there able to service the need.

When you go to sleep at night, the reason why sleep is important is you let go, and in that letting go you are in a spatiality to where something can access your need – to where your need is there in the stillness.

And so, if you’re physically weary, if you’re spiritually, psychically, weary from the heat and burden of the day kind of thing, there is a way that you can let go and be in the stillness. I suppose one could call it come to grips with your soul, which is the essence of all there is, as opposed to the nature of your thought-upon-thought and mannerisms that exist in terms of this in-breath and out-breath, or combination of the in-breath and out-breath, always projecting some sort of modality that you take on as a bifurcation instead.

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