Subtle Levels

Simon Richardson

Do we ever stop to consider how amazing we would be if we let go of all our inhibitions based on how people might judge us, or based on how we limit our expression to fit a certain norm? Our psychologies skew the total possibility of us, and our development journey wants to bring those aspects back into consideration and inner connection. Not necessarily for us to dramatically change, but because we are designed to have a tool box full of possibilities for any moment or situation that arises – rather than having just a few dozen that we trot out for everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had kind of the strangest dreams. Trying to go back to the earliest one I can remember, which it feels like I know at one point in that dream I went down in my hometown, at night, to the store my dad used to have. I don’t remember a lot more about that, other than going over to a school building. And, in this school building, it feels like there’s a performance that’s supposed to be going on, and there’s going to be a lady that’s going to dance, that I know. And she danced really beautifully.

But there are some nuns, or some conservative people, in the community that don’t want her to dance because she’s kind of dressed like a little sprite, or something, and they don’t like how she’s dressed.

So they seem to distract her, and she’s disappeared. And it’s right before the time that… like I think they’ve directed here somewhere, or locked her outside, I don’t know what they’ve done with her. So I go looking for her because I know her number’s coming up pretty soon to dance, and they just don’t understand, the other people. So I go looking for her and I opened up a door and it’s all snow outside, and I’m concerned that maybe they’ve put her out there and all she had was that skimpy dance outfit on.

And I go seeking her because I feel like once they see her dance they’ll understand better; there’s  something that she’s going to bring to everything when she dances.

And then the dream shifts.

John: So to start off with you’re dealing with, first of all, having caught up and gone through your dad’s store, so that becomes like a base. Other words, that has to do with you catching up with a certain part of yourself that’s necessary for you to access, or to reach, in order to have enough of a quality of nature to be able to go even deeper, then, or to take another step.

In other words, everything goes step by step. And the part that’s the little girl that has this ability to dance, that can do this stuff that nobody else understands, that is an expression that is currently being dismissed, suppressed, and who knows what all else, is a quality that you can’t access, or you can’t reach, until you have gotten to a particular point of development first.

And so the first level of development was for you to come into a whole sense of yourself in relationship to the store. Once you had accepted, and absorbed, that, then, as a base from that, you’re able to recognize something subtler, that prior was not knowable. And that something subtler is repressed within.

In other words, when you are beaten down, or have yet to develop a certain kind of spiritual connectivity, a certain kind of magnetism, prior to accessing that, this part would not be able to come into being. But when you get to a particular point, it’s just like the whole process of awakening is such that it starts off slow, and then, to begin with, it’s something that no one knows which way it will go. I mean, you could always fall back.

And then, at some particular point, something more catches and it would be very, very difficult to fall back. And then you can reach a point where you can develop a certain kind of glow, or quality of light, that you can hang out in.

And then if you don’t hang out in that, if you don’t stay there, if you keep needing to go further, then you open up the subtle levels of yourself that aren’t ordinarily recognizable in life, you open that up and are able to bring that through for others to see, and appreciate. And they don’t even know that they need to see and appreciate it. In fact, if anything, they would be inclined to dismiss it.

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