Building Blocks

higgs-candidate-eventWe all spend much of our lives learning how to fit in, and hopefully succeed, within the parameters of the society we find ourselves in. And, of course, that is a man-made construct that is far removed from the laws of nature and the laws of the universe. Instead, if we adhere to the laws of the universe, we will come to understand that we can be a part of the wholeness of life – which is not a passing fad or style, but a never ending process. For instance, it is a law of energy that like goes to like – frequencies attract. This means we cannot demand kindness from others; if we want to attract kindness, we must generate kindness in ourselves. If we all understood just this, things might be very different. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, I and everyone else in humanity, at the end of the day, all bed down – in other words, find a place for the night – in kind of a common, overall field. In other words, it accommodates and takes in everybody. We’re all making the best of where we find ourselves. But the only thing that’s different is I’m like the last one to come there, the others have all claimed their spots.

And, to began with, I don’t know any better, either, and try to pick a spot that is strategic, in terms of if it rains it’ll be okay, or if the slope slides it’ll be okay. Other words, all of the kinds of figuring out that one thinks that they have to do – because that’s what everyone else has done. And so it’s in keeping with the same vernacular that I think I need to function, as if the spot that I’m going to select is also then somehow taking into account everyone else’s spot who has come before me, as if it’s just a process of everyone trying to do the best they can.

Somehow I realize that this is working with life in a way that’s like everyone else, in other words, it keeps one going around and around. And, of course, that’s especially absurd if I’m the last man to be doing this because obviously I’ll have the least options, and the odds that I’m going to find a spot that’s able to cope and shift as needed, better than others doing the same thing, strikes me as kind of absurd.

After looking around in the same demeanor, or mannerism, as everyone else, I suddenly get it. This won’t work. This can’t work. So then rather than taking a coping approach that sorts things out the best I can, I elect to situate myself differently. I look to where there isn’t such thinking and calculation.

I select a spot where the building block possibilities are still unknown and unseen. What everyone else is doing is meritorious, but also visibly predictable. And so what everyone else has done makes no sense to me. I know deep within that there is nowhere in the field of life for me to comfortably place my bed roll when the approach is to bear the heat and burden of life like everyone else – that plays into the hands of the dense, reflective outer. So I want to go back to the building blocks of it all.

So the meaning is, as I wake up from the dream, and at first of all, there is this whole sense in which I wake up from the dream in a still place that is at peace; in other words because I’m no longer thrashing about. So I’m still, because I’m in touch with the catalytic building blocks of life.

Everyone else is sitting around trying to rearrange things, as if that’s how it works. I mean, long ago, I came to recognize you don’t go finding the center of a puzzle. So it’s a welcoming shift. I’m not suffering, because I am not caught up in the reflective. Nor am I looking at changing the reflective. Those are battlefield conditions that everyone else I know has adopted. And I feel relieved that I haven’t, because I know better to expose myself like that, I’m the odd man out. What’s left is all awkward.

I even look at those that have a better position, and I see how they’re holding that position, almost as if they’re fortunate, and I’m the unfortunate. And there’s no such thing, not with the reflective like that. And so, unlike everyone else, I have placed my bed roll in a non-combative spot in which the catalytic building block components of life are basically quickened.

That is not true for everyone else, because they’re still in a coping mode. I feel fortunate because, even though I am the last person on the scene, I am the only person to let go of the reflective outer conditions and come to abide instead in a place of beingness that has let go to having to put things together; you know, a shifting this way and that way.

But instead looking at it in a type of a newness, based upon the catalytic building blocks that are in the universe, this being an energetic, or an access to an energetic, therein, upon a whole other level of all-encompass beingness.

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