The Chalice

141764The chalice has, for a long time, been a symbol of what we seek; it is the Holy Grail, after all. And like any quest, or spiritual/religious journey, the process of seeking makes a person fit – in an energetic way – to receive the knowledge or wisdom they are after. In folklore the journey always goes through dark forests, and dangerous territories before the bright, clean fields are reached, leading to the castle where only the few may enter. This story is our story; the truth is all around us, but is hidden until we make ourselves fit to see it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, as a consequence of this kind of dream, I noticed that I had spent most of the night, and even the meditation dream, moving around in this kind of unseen in the knowable way; in other words, pre-existence. To reveal this to myself, you can denote that, but that doesn’t help much if you can’t take and put some sort of imagery to it, too.

So to reveal this to myself, I came across two fragile and ancient crystal goblets. It’s kind of like what you’d see in a castle, that maybe someone would take and drink wine out of, or something.

And, at one glance, you could tell that they are ancient, they’re old and probably priceless, except there’s a problem. It’s a major problem. They each have what looks like a bullet hole through the side. And to seek to repair isn’t a good idea, or option, because they’re so fragile that as you’re repairing them you probably break them further.

And so there was just that, and then all of a sudden there’s also a woman, who is in disguise, who comes before me. And, in this dream, It’s almost like I’m a woman, but maybe a woman of a certain kind of stature, or something. And so this other coming in disguise, and I’m like kind of a type of Queen or something.

And this woman kind of allowed herself to be found, because suddenly I recognize her in spite of her disguise. How I recognized her I don’t know, but I have, and I know that she is actually a sister I have, and have not taken the time to know. And that she is just one of many other sisters that I have, that I’ve lost touch with years ago.

You know, it just kind of like all wakes up like that. When, prior to her arriving, or coming to the point where I suddenly got it, I had no idea of such a thing. So, as in the meditation dream, there is a way of being that is awakening inside myself. At present is like an unseen nature that I’m coming in touch with, in an invisible way.

To make this knowable to the shell of myself, I am presented with two goblets that are from a lost period long, long, ago, but cannot be fixed based upon current technology. In other words, where I’m at at the present.

And that dream is supported by realizing that, from a depth within, hidden from you for a long, long time, I have a number of sisters who I hadn’t met before, and who are not approaching manifestation in a way that has befallen me. Just like in the prior dream, I wasn’t able to find a place to be. I couldn’t approach things in that same way like everyone else was because I had to go pre-manifestation, to the building blocks.

I am a person who needs to appreciate what has been lost. The sense of what is needed to understand how to fix, which also corresponds to the energetic use of the goblet, is connected to these sisters I have, that my sophisticated mannerisms have kept me estranged from, in terms of this subtle, connected part of myself.

And then suddenly there is a moving about, and the moving about initially is invisible. And then eventually the effect, or the influence, of that – in moving around invisibly – influences what is able to come through me, and to me, that had been heretofore out of sight.

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