Left Out

imsIt is always a conundrum how not to take our lives personally. After all, what could be more personal than the individual, unique life that we are living? Well, if we elevate our perspective, we can understand that we are part of a much larger unfolding. From this view nothing that is going on is “personal” to us, it’s just part of the larger unfolding. Yes, we may have to respond or deal with it in some way, but we are really on this planet to make ourselves ready for our next journey – after this life – so the specifics aren’t what is important. What is important is that we use this time to be ready to graduate from this life, which is made possible by us acting in a universal way, here, rather than in a personal way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well maybe from my dream you’ll be able to get it because, like I say, we tend to dream in kind of a symbiosis, and so what that might mean is the subject matter nature, vibrational nature, should correspond to how it is in you in some fashion – even though it won’t be necessarily the same as in me, but how it is in you.

So, in my meditation dream, I see myself as off to one side, by that I mean kind of like out of the limelight. In other words, it’s as if I’m on a side of the room where that side of the room doesn’t have anybody paying any attention to it. And then there are chairs and such on the other side of the room.

It’s almost as if you might say then there’s something in the center of the room, and that center of the room would be facing that which is on the other side – and I’m like behind that. That’s what I mean by being out of the limelight. There’s no sense of myself behind all of that. There’s just what is observant in the front.

And so, in the center, even though I don’t even see the person in the center, I just know that there’s someone who’s going around and he’s pointing things out to each person on the other side. He’s pointing things out about them, or to them, using them as an example to make a point.

And so I’m noticing all of this, but I’m not in that front part so it’s kind of like I feel like I would like some attention in that regard, and I’m feeling left out of the loop, or ignored. As an example that I seem to note, because he’s using each person to make points, an important point he could make would be if he took and reached the bottom of my sock he could pluck something off of the bottom of my sock, and make an example of what he plucks off, like a germ or something, that’s for others to note.

So the way I felt about this is, I can feel the noteworthy speck on my sock that’s there, that could be pointed out for example purposes, and I’m feeling like I’m left out of the loop and he’s not coming to anyone where I’m at. He’s just with all those going back and forth with the people in the front, and so I’m off to one side.

So what is going on is I am craving some sort of acknowledgement, and recognition, in this dream, but it’s a very strange way of doing it. In other words, it’s as if how I am exemplifies something. To be like that keeps me from denoting what is important, or catching up with on a subtler level, because I have a way of seeing myself in life that is getting in the way.

You might say another way of saying it is, there’s something on the bottom of your foot, and my whole sense is that the sock is a little different. It’s made out of cotton and whatnot, and you can touch it and it’s a soft sock, but on the bottom there’s going to be some little fleck, there’ll be something there that can be reached, pulled up, and identified – and a point can be made. And because he’s doing this with all these others, this is what he needs to do with me. And I’m feeling left out that that doesn’t happen.

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