Right at Home

19 - Open DoorSometimes one gets that feeling of being welcomed in, or welcomed home. There is something very natural about the way it feels; effortless, easy, warm. It is no different with the energy worlds, where certain frequencies open up new vistas for us. Our energetic signal is the key that opens the door, and, as we elevate in our journey, new levels can become our home. It is the way of the universe that energies always find a home where they belong. The question then becomes: with what do we want to be at home? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this dream I have been participating, with my attention, where others aren’t paying proper attention to yet; they still have not gone through that yet, meaning they haven’t paid proper attention to. I have been shaking and waking this sort of thing up.

The Chistis have their practices and, in their practices, they’re supposed to be getting themselves closer to the stillness, but they haven’t yet somehow or another awoken that properly, so when they delve into the outer, which they know is their calling to do, they don’t know how to delve into the outer from a proper stillness standpoint. Or, as I say it, so when it is time to delve into the outer from the inner, this being where everyone is destined to go, the journey isn’t able to be natural from the above.

The above is the stillness. It’s not able to be natural to the stillness, that I have seen, and I have done the outer and have a direct connection to that stillness that I have awoken. I spent the night going over this. In one image I tell everyone I have had enough, from what I have already gone through. In other words, they are just now getting into what I had gone through, and I am announcing that I have had enough from what I have already gone through. I’m exhausted, I’m worn out is my story. And so I’m not engaging in an unfoldment in the outer like everyone else is drawn to do. That’s my story so to speak.

But, in the next image, I go to the door of the outer energetic, knock on it from a stillness space that I’m holding, it opens, and I am recognized immediately. I have been here and done this before, apparently, because I am recognized as being right at home. I am greeted in the modality of life as follows: a comment is made about how soft the cotton is this time, and I don’t remember this being so soft before. So, in other words, recognizing the stillness.

The meaning is… before remember the stillness could only come to the door. That was in the meditation, and this time the door can open and it can go into life – but it’s not going into life with the weaponization projections of having to contend with something in the outer as having a meaningfulness.

So the meaning is, this dream is indicating that I use stillness to touch the outer, and do not change the world, or try, even, by any form of direct involvement. This is an approach that brings the inner into the outer, and comes from and into the outer, after having visited that interval at home, or the in-breath to the out-breath.

What I do that others can’t see, because they have to have some sort of outer appearance involvement, is on my own unbeknownst to those who are visible in this way, because what I do proceeds within a stillness, which is an emptiness, which is a nothingness. The stillness opens the door and does not disturb or disrupt anything. It is the epitome of soft, and gentle, and kind and gracious, as it is intertwined with the essence of oneness. It’s not fighting anything, is basically what I’m saying, and therefore there’s no visibility. It’s not a thought, per se.

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