A Space of Being

It may seem that the ideal way to be is to fit in to every situation we find ourselves in. But, then, who are we? The better way is to find ourselves within, and hold that space and alignment, in everything we do. Because the world will always challenge us in ways that will ultimately define who we become – because of how we choose and respond. Instead, we can choose in advance who we want to be and uphold that sense of self as challenges arise. If we can stay intact personally, we can be at home, and comfortable, anywhere. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream, I feel like there’s a group of us, some of them people I’ve known from high school, and we’re all visiting somewhere where people seem to be partying a lot, like I know in one experience I’ve just seen how much everybody’s partying, maybe parting all night.

And it feels like then I go back a second time, and this time I approach a few people I know to see if they want to stay with me because I actually have some rooms I have in that area, a place maybe that I rent out year round, it feels like it’s not something just temporary, but it’s not my main residence either.

Since some of the people are going to be partying so much, then this would give them a place where they could go and rest. But then I start thinking I haven’t been there for a while, to these rooms I have, so maybe I should go check out that they’re okay, because I’d heard the landlord was making some changes.

So I go in, and at first when I go in to this area, and it’s nearby where the party is taking place, I find myself in a very plain room with just a plain wooden door on one side, and it’s quite small, feels empty. And I wonder if the landlord has limited my place to this, rather than the three rooms I think I have.

But then I open the door and I glance over to the right and I see a really large room with kind of a red shag carpet on it. Some furniture stacked at the far end, so it’s not a place which is really set up and lived in, but if someone had to they could even sleep on the carpet. And then I am pretty sure there’s another room that would be two bedroom that’s off to the side of that.

So it feels like I can have my friends stay there, that it’s not like the room has been restricted. And that was the first dream.

John: So, the theme of the dreaming last night was to be able to drop, or let go, of whatever it is, in terms of an energetic vibration, that causes one to have a mannerism upon which they carry themselves.

And that, in doing so, then it is possible to be shifted, and grounded, in a way that takes in the whole, or the overall, naturally. Otherwise you are caught up and having to live out, or proceed to reconcile, as if that’s going to get you somewhere, you’re going to have to reconcile a personal energetic mannerism because, until there is a total letting go, anything that you experience has to be lived out.

So what you did is you actually created this imagery, but you did it in a way in which you are sitting as a container energy, so to speak, to the overall. So, the dream starts off where there is all this partying and carrying on, which is, you could say, very similar to the way the outer is: there’s this, that, and the other constantly going on.

And then, because you know that that gets in the way and obstructs one’s awareness to what is transpiring, as a wholeness in life, in other words, that that can blur the ability to recognize and know that because we are connected to everything that exists out there, that we can go into a stillness and get out of the way of all of this action in the outer. And we can even provide a means for the outer to let go, just by a spaciality that we’re able to carry, in terms of ourselves, and then this will lead to change.

So, in the dream, you find yourself noticing all of this activity going on, and you seem to also know that there is a whole other way of being, and that you have this space, or room, where it’s all quiet. But, then, because you’re affected by the outer energetic, you’re not exactly sure, maybe you better check this room out, this space of beingness where everything is let go of, where there is a true state of rest, or stillness. Maybe you better check it out to see if anything has changed.

And so, to begin with, you try to look at it to see if it makes sense to compare between that which is always going on, and a loudness out there that is disjointed and never really quite knowing what is going on condition, and this which is a total stillness. To be trying to discern, in that particular manner, is not quite apropos. You just need to let go, and be natural, and the sorting out, the letting go, happens as it needs to happen.

So, for you, the definition of the word being grounded has to do with the letting go, and probably that’s the better definition in all ways of looking at it, is to take yourself outside of having to equivocate this, and equivocate that, in relationship to an unfoldment flow. And, therefore, you’re able to be in life, and okay with life, and that’s why you saw, inside the room, the red shag carpet. Red’s a color that’s the most grounded color. It’s the color that’s the slowest, or deemed the slowest. It’s actually something that, in an unconscious state, is considered the dullest.

It’s the most in life, so to speak. It’s the most having gone into the illusion of things, and yet in a letting go it you can fall into whatever it is that is transpiring and be able to sleep on it, do whatever you want, at ease, and that makes everything the way it needs to be.

So, what you’ve done is you’ve taken and noticed, observed, as an awareness, to what is going on all around you, meaning around you being the outer, life in general you might say, your thoughts in general, your nature in general – all of that.

You’ve made note of that and gone inside and let go of it, dropped notions initially that may have tried to have you steer it this way and that way, so that in a sense when you truly let go, truly became empty, you were able to thereby experience the wholeness to which you’re intertwined. And so you could, in this letting go, reconcile the redness, the shag carpet of it all, the one that’s associated with putting in the roots that one needs to make the tree capable of rising up to the heavens, to something that is all-inclusive. There would be the knowingness of the roots, that are invisible, that reach down into the depths of the ground.

And that’s the nature of being able to sleep on red shag carpet, to be able to be in flux to whatever it is that happens, because one has learned to let go.

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