Medicine for the Soul

We may wonder: why are there so many religious and spiritual paths? One answer could be: there is only one purpose and reason to existence, but there are many ways to connect to it – because people are different. Some learn by seeing and doing, others by being in service, others by intense repetition of certain processes. So it is for each of us to find the way that most resonates with our passions and ways of proceeding; that will ensure that we have the greatest chance for connection and development. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my second dream, I’m sitting in a fairly large classroom being taught by someone who is also a physician. And I’m sitting near the back. And when I get up and leave, and somebody notices, I guess, they asked me about it because I guess I have a little bit of a judgment on a physician that teaches it because I mentioned to them that I know that he prescribes a fair amount of muscle relaxants to his clients. Not an abusive amount, he’s not out there selling them, but I just know that he does give things to his clients that will help them calm down. But that’s not kind of a route I want to go.

Then, as I’m walking down this pathway that’s outside the classroom, people are partying on the side and on the path. And somebody is feeling like I’m judging the doctor, and I say that, no, he’s not doing anything illegal. It’s just like I think it’s not the route I want to go. But they’re off partying.

For a moment I step aside and dance with one person, but then they start dancing with two other people, and I get back on the path because I realized kinda because of my attitude I’m kind of going down the path a little bit more alone – rather than being part of the party.

John: You’re comparing the Naqshband mannerism with the Chisti, basically. The Chisti approach is you come in through like a kind of classroom, and you’re able to appreciate and enjoy, and be party to, an unfoldment of tools, techniques, mannerisms, traits, characteristics – basically medicine for the soul – that’s handed out, that can help tweak this and tweak that, in terms of you able to be, then, more natural, as opposed to caught up in some capacity or another by the unfoldment that has its oppression upon you.

So that image could have just as easily been an image of going into a class in which Dean’s doing all of his techniques, and there’s nothing wrong with the techniques, the techniques are meaningful, the techniques are helpful to those who are in this particular motif of needing to look, and to listen, and to grasp something through this means, in which there still is kind of shaking out, or in-betweenness that is blurring things.

But in your particular case, you don’t need it, because if you indulged in it it’s liable to get in the way of something that you have a sense of naturally. And so, like I say, it’s like the comparison between a mannerism of truly letting go, so that everything unfolds naturally. Or, not quite being able to cut through, So you have these practices and mannerisms that are distributed and made available in which to help sort yourself out to the letting go.

These are things that are offered to those who awaken in this way. And you’re shown that you do not have to awaken that way. Other words, you don’t need that to truly let go.

It’s kind of like, for example, when you go to a naturopath and the naturopath can tell – if they’re energetically attuned they can tell – what it is that the body seems to need to break a confusion that seems to prevail that is keeping the body from self-healing. And they can prescribe, or make available, that which helps facilitate that energetic signal being naturally received.

Because when it’s received, it’s not the thing that’s prescribed that necessarily does it because the body has a wholeness, it is complete. And it’s meant to be complete, in and of itself. It’s just been distorted based upon inappropriate conduct of use of energy that has been shoved down on it. In other words, not recognizing that the vibrations are all intertwined.

And they are all intertwined because they’re all connected, and they’re all connected – well, the easiest way of saying it is, the human being is made out of everything that exists, so a human being is connected to everything that there is. So a human being, in its consciousness, needs to just let go and then everything is readily there, in that empty space.

And so you’re making the point, or being told or shown, as a realization and recognition inside, that consciousness, or the awakening, or the awareness, is automatic.

So, this is what makes it so difficult for a teacher on a spiritual path is because the students have an inclination to want to be told, to want to be led, do not realize how all-inclusive and powerful they are. And that all that they need to do is let go, to get out of their own way.

And there are practices that, for some, seem to lift a person a little bit closer, cause something to open up; that’s an exposure to something that leads to a greater natural knowingness that is part of you, in which you may have some cobwebs that come to be dropped just by the process of recognizing an energetic that has always been there, but, somehow another, got askew.

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