Born Noble

d616We live in a world that makes it very easy for us to take our life for granted, to think that there is nothing special about us or our possibility. But if we could see ourselves from the perspective of any other living being in the universe – flora, fauna, energetic entity – we would understand that we are royalty among all things. We have the greatest gifts and abilities, and, on this planet, we are only at the very beginning of that possibility. The universe awaits us to take up this crown, and the responsibility and service that comes with great power, and lead the way into the future of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my first dream ended up being more of a strange experience, in that you and I were doing something, talking and doing something, and I was very involved in it.

And then you came to bed. And when you came to bed, I realized that whatever we were talking about or doing wasn’t real, that I must have been dreaming, but it was much realer to me than the sleeping, you know what I mean?

So it was like I was in this state of shock that it wasn’t real, and that I was actually in bed and I was actually dreaming. And so I don’t remember what the dream was because I was so shocked that that wasn’t the reality.

John: We’ve been doing a little bit of that, and it’s kind of increasing in crescendo, and I was told what that was in my sleep. Let’s see what the word is; it’s two words.

It’s a quality that has to be brought out into the outer, or retained. In other words, you hold that and bring that out into a knowingness. And that which you bring out, which is like the lucid state of the soul inside that creates the reflective dreams, and the ability to hold on to that, to pull out the amnesia, to go outside of the veil – normally you have a veil of something that kind of is your mood, or trait, or whatever that holds something in check, you know, just literally said in a point blank way, sounds like the ego.

But it is the trait referred to as catching up with what is, inside of oneself, the place that’s called born noble. Born noble. And one of the things that has been kind of constantly theming is a type of revelation, that is becoming more and more readily seeable, is the nobility of things, the more noble aspect in each human being.

And that opens up, that is the state that is behind, as a quality of essence or beingness, is behind every person. This quality in which they are connected to this emptiness, or space, within, which is who they really are. Or, to go into that, outside of the veils, outside of the mood, outside of an ego, is to go into the born-noble quality.

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