i0032sWe associate relaxation, and vacations, and the beach with being in the south. It seems as if things are easier there. And our dream images can reflect this, too. Here we have an image of heading into the cold, up a mountain, where it’s harsher. Yet it’s also a place where fewer people have made the effort to journey. This is the story of a spiritual life, where we must go, inside, to a place where few people have consciously chosen to aspire, but where the experience is magnificent. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, I seem to be joining a group of people who are going on some kind of a trek and this involves going up into the mountain, and there’s snow and ice, and two or three of us finally make it up to like this ice cave.

There’s some people that have gone in ahead of us, and there’s the guide, and when we make it up kind of crawl up into this ice cave. And you almost feel like there’s no going back; you know, we’re going to have to continue the trek. But there may be people that don’t make it that far, too.

I feel like I’m excited about going on this trek, but that’s really all I remember of the dream. It’s almost like there’s no going back at one point. And I’m glad we’ve made it to the takeoff point where we are.

John: It’s an interesting way of trying to catch up with a quality of a vibration. In other words, it’s kind of like kind of like being introduced to a type of letting go, and, at the same time going in the direction of a kind of spiritual inner North inside of yourself, where it’s cold and the conditions are harsh.

And yet there is something there, even though it may seem more barren. Barren on one level, but relieving on another. So what you’re doing is you’re trying to find what that feels like. In other words, you’re trying to come close to that quality, to soak up that quality, in kind of an inner vibration.

In the South, things are comfortable, and your senses are quickened to all kinds of things. When you go to the North, there’s actually more going on, in one regard, especially if you looked at it in nature. But it’s at a depth within.

This is hard to describe, other than to maybe compare the traits of North and South, as they are in nature. In a southern slope, for example, which gets the sun, that condition is never as fertile, it’s a little more barren; always is a little bit more barren. It’s almost as if something isn’t quite protected, or fully properly embraced, or something. It’s like something is a little too harsh, transcendent, or something.

And that the importance of the evening, to the South, is where you get your dew, and something really sweet that can descend. Harder, of course, when the conditions of something of a fire energy so prevalently prevail.

Now, the experience, again in nature, of the North side is quite different and profound, in that the trees grow much, much better there. They’re more protected. They that’s where the water source is hidden, it’s latent. Everyone likes the feel of the wide open spaces of the South. Yet, in the North, it’s a greater closeness.

Those who are in the business, we’ll say, of husbandry, which is growing trees, timber business, know the value of northern slopes: that’s where the trees are the best. They also know, that from the perspective of man selecting things for himself, the South is what is chosen. You have your better views, seemingly, there. But the nurturing, the uplifting, comes from the North.

And so even in nature you have this whole imagery of going to the spiritual North. North is going to the spiritual side, and South is going more out into the outer of things. And so when you’re going into the ice caves, and you’re trekking, it’s an interesting compacted effect, in which the quality of the sun, and its overall transcendence, it’s not an overriding condition. And it’s really neat, too, in that there’s such a stillness in it. Even in the full daytime of things you can find a stillness, in nature, on a North slope – much more so than on a South slope.

Somehow or another, what you’re doing is you’re seemingly needing to bring to your attention something really, really deep last night that was operating on a level that was not apparent, in terms of dreams, that was kind of a training, or a teaching, a kind of adab kind of teaching where one is meant to come closer to the subtler levels, as if there is a system, so to speak, on an inner level, to the letting go.

And so you are being shown this quality, only you’re being shown it in terms of ice, a way of going and looking at that. In other words, there’s an impingement in there that is for you to see. It’s the going to kind of a North side of yourself, but still doing it with an aspect of putting yourself into things. And yet, somehow you’re meant to see the difference. You have to see it that way.

In your case, how do you experience the essence of the ice cave? You’re kind of doing an interesting tandem: the ice cave and the spiritual North simultaneously. It’s a tiny, subtle alignment that’s required.

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