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i00998This dream image is a good example of the different lives within us, as the dreamer is with three different aspects of her self – seen as three people – and is trying to manage the situation even though they each have their own agenda. But what is important to see is that the specific agendas that different parts of us are focused on can prevent us from getting the knowledge we are seeking – even when it is right there in the room with us. This happens because where there is a personal agenda in one part of us, our higher parts can get disconnected from the universal guidance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream that I remember, it feels like I’m with two other young women my age, because I’m younger in the dream. And, initially, we’re doing something and this seems to be something that has to do with a pattern of breathing. And maybe even a little ritual about that. Something that we do before.

And we develop this little ritual, or whatever it is that we do, that’s also linked into our breathing. And it feels like, initially, that I initiate a relationship with one of the young women, but she rebuffs that after a short period of time.

And so all three of us go and we seem to be camping out in the living room of my parents. Although I think of it more of my mother’s house in the dream And the one that has kind of rebuffed have being in a relationship with either of us seems to have her own little place that she sleeps behind a screen.

The other woman I’m with, or the other young lady I’m with, in order to deal with the loneliness that she creates, or feels, goes out and gets a couple of puppies and creates a nest for them in the middle of the living room.

We’re all in the same room, but there’s a little bit more of a divider between us now. And we’re all continuing with the breathing pattern, although I seem to have a few doubts about it. So as we watch this pattern, and I kind of feel what’s going on, I feel like something’s not quite doing whatever I want it to have.

I look at the fact that there’s been a slight rebuff from one of them, I looked at the fact that the other one’s gone and gotten puppies, but now that it’s getting more towards morning, the puppies are getting active and they’re peeing on the floor. And she lets them up on the couch, and they’re going to pee on the couch, too.

So I’ve gotten something and I’m trying to clean up after them, and it’s like she didn’t have a clue that this was going to start occurring when the puppies woke up. So I’m getting her to help clean up, because she was a little in shock at all this, and try to get the puppies to stay on their bedding.

Then. in this process of cleaning up, and I’m looking and questioning whether this ritual we go through with how you breathe, or a pattern that you have before breathing, it’s working or not, I seem to look through one wall which becomes more just a veil – I can see through, and even go through.

And on the other side is like a Middle Eastern scene. There’s some women sitting on ground, and then there’s an older woman who seems to have some kind of knowledge. And it’s as though I cross through that veil for a minute and I go to where she is, as though I feel like she knows something. And I know her. At the same time we no longer speak the same language, but it feels as though I go to her where she’s sitting, then there’s something that she does, or has, that I’m familiar with. But then I need to come back because it’s like we no longer speak the same language.

John: So this other place that you go, that is kind of a new place that you can now see from the room, or whatever it is that’s part of your heritage, or mother’s house, this other place is where something very, very interesting and expansive has opened up – but when you go there you can’t speak the language anymore anymore, the memory is lost.

Wow, that’s a pretty deep dream. So you started out as three, and what you’re doing is you’re dealing with parts; the energetic is broken into components in terms of awakening, or coming to know or realize something. So it’s a dream in which all of the components are engaged in the process. But in terms of how they’re intertwined, and, how this intertwinement rises up to the next threshold of awakening, is kind of the subject at play here, because something now more needs to occur in terms of a change, or an awakening.

The key part of yourself, the loud part of yourself, the main part of yourself is holding what you think you know and understand and you’re holding it in the presence of an awareness that’s opened a place, so to speak, a presence, so to speak, that has opened for you, in relationship to being in your mother’s house.

So that’s kind of like, that’s where you’re at. I mean, that’s pretty good. You’re starting right there. Then you have another part of yourself that’s a little more independent, that goes around the veil, but still has enough sense to hold into the spaciality presence of the area. And then the other part that stays within proximity, but has to lean on something in order to to be comfortable; in other words it has the puppies and whatnot. And what it leans on, it’s being forced to have to look at, because what it’s leaning on, it’s realizing that there is an acting up that happens by having to lean on something, or be a bit dependent on something.

In other words, there’s still hold-out quality to where that part thinks that it needs something and, and that which thinks that it still needs, acts up; it pees and makes a mess of things, kind of discombobulates things.

So those three parts are catalytic, and that catalytic quality then sets in motion a change, whereby something more can be brought in. So initially when there’s something more brought in it’s like you go from that which is pretty advanced, and now is like a limitation. And that something more now needs to be grasped, or taken in. And suddenly you see through that, into a whole new area.

You’re still getting closer and closer to a one beingness, or a wholeness, but in that process, in that absolute stillness of that process, in which you are becoming this fourth, which is a state of completeness, which is going from the states of these other three qualities to a station, but you’re not able to make that yet a station because it’s still somewhat in a language, or a mannerism, even though, you know it’s more meaningful and much more, it still comes across in a way where it’s hard to grasp.

Now what you have to do when you hit a place like that inside of yourself is you have to stay the course. You don’t go back into noodling with things, you stay the course. And eventually that gets clear because you’re meant to be in this new space and it’s just a whole new thing that you have to contend with now, in terms of awakening.

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