Along the Way

9owsdesWhen we are caught up in the things we wrestle with in life, it can be useful to ask ourselves: will this matter in a month? If the answer is yes, we ask: will this matter in a year? And so on. Usually, we will reach a point where we will have to admit that, no, it probably won’t matter at that point in the future. If we do reach that point, we can also see that it may not really matter in the now moment. This is a process of letting go that can enable us to find out what really does matter, and where to put our energy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream there’s a house that feels like it’s my mother’s house, but she’s not there right now, but many of her things are there. And I have a relative, and I don’t know whether she’s a cousin, or a sister, but she feels a little more distant.

And she and her husband are also living in the house. And they’re going to be moving to another house, a little way down the road. And I’m helping sort things out, which things are hers and which things belong to my mother.

During this process my mother returns to the house, but it feels like she’s somewhat tired, and it feels like my cousin is also tired, so I have more of the responsibility for doing this sorting out. And I’ve sorted out most things and moved those to the new space, the new house. But there are some things that I’m not sure which belong to my cousin and which belong to my mother.

And so I need at least one, if not both, of them to come and look at those things and see if they can distinguish what belongs to whom, and what’s going to go on the move. Some of it I sort out at my mother’s house, and some I go to the new house with my cousin and have her looking at whether something sorted out needs to be brought back, or not. Because that last sorting out seems to have to be done by them. even though I can help because I seem to have more energy.

John: The way that this is similar to the prior dream is the swinging doors, and whether something is over here to the left, or over there to the right, or however that is, now is carried forth in terms of the parts of yourself that are still in need of a knowingness just being naturally there.

And so in a reality or domain in which there are all kinds of conditions, or I should say, things that are happening that are in a multiplicity, then there becomes the need to determine what is what. And, in this particular case, you, in terms of catching up with these components and parts of yourself, meaning your mother and cousin, whatever all there is there, you have to bring that into a wholeness inside of yourself so that you know, and are able to embody, all of that as an aspect of your heart.

Until you’re able to put all of that into your heart, or as an aspect of your heart, speaking now kind of in the metaphysical, spiritual, vibrational sense – when everything is in your heart, there is a stillness – until you do that, there’s like a type of catching up that appears to be how you are inclined to be experiencing it.

This is like a step along the way. It doesn’t get you there because you could be sorting, and sifting, and putting this over in this way, and that over in that way, forever – and still not stop a doingness.

But that is how the alignment appears for a long, long time until you’re able to somehow let go of that quality, which is a type of mental wandering as well, until you’re able to let go of that completely, until you’re able to hone that into an emptiness, you do not actually, then, fully take into account the essence of your stillness, of a beingness, that is a oneness. Instead, you are still looking at bits and pieces, and are affected by how those bits and pieces are, in relationship to how it is that you still see yourself as distinguished in a relationship, and as responsible, in terms of those bits and pieces.

So what you’re describing is a particular state along the way, or a particular level, upon which you are taking into account the wholeness, but taking it into account as having this kind of quality, or effect, yet. You haven’t let go of that. And to let go of that is to go into a whole other level, and that whole other level is a quietness, is a letting-go, leads to the stillness.

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