Universal Truth

bigboaEverything we see in creation, where does it come from? Well, we can say that it comes from the Big Bang event, but what we really need to contemplate is the idea that it comes from something higher. After all, it is always: energy first, then matter, so everything that is seen has come from a more refined, purer state. And, in a way of thinking about it, we are trying to reconnect ourselves with that purer state, because what we are knows and recognizes where we come from, just like anything that is born recognizes its mother. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My meditation dream kind of set the tone, in that, in the meditation dream, I suddenly have this inflection, in the meditation dream itself, in which I know that it is not possible for there to be anything in the reflective that is greater than the inner before me as manifestation.

In other words, what I’m trying to say here is when I look around, and I see whatever it is that I see going on around me, I can’t quite buy into anything that I see happening around me because, deep down, I know that it wouldn’t be there unless there was some other deeper stillness that it had risen up from.

So when I see something going on in manifestation, no matter how subtly it appears, there’s like a code language inside of me that says, okay, the corollary to that is a deeper stillness from which that rises. In other words, the outer way of being, the personal way of being, would be to act as if what one sees happening in the world around them is distinguished in some fashion, or greater than kind of a overall beingness or something. But, deep down, I know, how can that be?

It can’t be, it’s just a reflective, it’s just a flicker of a reflective that has come out of this overall beingness, and I just need to take it back to see that which is the essence, because it’s just the reflection of the essence, and the closest we get is, how pure of a reflection can it be, in relationship to the essence?

But it cannot be greater than the essence. All it can do is always approximate the essence; the essence is always something more, because this is always just a reflection. So, as a consequence, I know that manifestation is a reflection, like I say, of the vibrations, out of the stillness, and that this is a universal truth. A singular beingness is the stillness. Or, to put it another way, stillness is a universal truth in a nothing but nothingness.

And so when you look at all of the things that show up in manifestation, like cancer, or diabetes, or any other vibrational-affected condition, are arising up from the natural state of stillness, and manifestation is a kind of reverse-engineered stillness; by reverse engineered, it’s like the stillness is just naturally there and then out of that something bifurcates that exists. So it’s a reverse-engineered stillness that exists reflectively to portray the rising up, or the coming up, or the equivocation of a vibratoriness from the all-pervading essence of stillness.

Knowing this, whenever I see a reflection, knowing that this is how it is, I’d be this lightbulb moment instead of going down the state of something that’s going on inside of me and reporting back on that. Instead, I kind of stop myself because I know that the reflection I am perceiving is coming from the stillness.

So, okay, that’s the deeper thing to come to know, because I know that it makes no sense to settle for manifestation. In other words, the portrayals of manifestation, as if that is all there is. So I pause. And in pausing, I experience stillness. I know that the stillness is the end all, be all. That’s the graveyard for vibrations as they go back to their home, or to their source.

So, what I am saying is, the dream I am having as manifestation is sight and sound that does not really exist when in a pure stillness. In my meditation dream, I had image after image of things appearing to be going on that, deep down, I didn’t bite, or go into and try to describe – because they’re not real, because I am aware that such images are reflections, and reflections are manifestation.

Meaning: manifestation is a motion coming out of the stillness. A motion coming out of a stillness is a vibration. A vibration lives as manifestation. To go home is to go back to our essence – which is pure stillness.

So, when I woke up from my meditation dream, I was prepared to describe the vibratory state I went off into. I paused, as I knew deep down that this is nothing more than a state or states. That my true station is the one being stillness. I pause because deep down I know that I am not interested in settling for second-hand reports. Or, to say the same thing in another way, every state is a second-hand report of a vibration rising up from the station of oneness. If the station of oneness is stillness, as our birthright, then the journey from the alone to the alone is an essencing of stillness.

So, a punch line could be (could be many punch lines), but a punch line could be: so when a person makes what is deemed to be a profound statement, behind this, that kind of causes something to jerk and note that something more is going on, behind this statement are levels upon levels of thinking that’s brought to rest.

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