The Glaze

Kon Trubkovich

Let’s think of it: we are born into a physical body, with a gender and a genetic of time and place, under an astrological influence, on a planet, into a culture, educated by the society, and imprinted heavily by our early life experiences. So, where is the purity of the “us” that was born into all these layers of influence? We will never let go of all these layers, but we can be aware that they exist and are not who we truly are. The more we let go of them, and manage them, the closer we get to our inner self. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, that third step, to better understand that it’s necessary to kind of understand the second step that got skipped over, or the middle step. And the way that works is, I can be in a room with a lot of other people, and there is a person in this room who is relating to the others in the room – I have just come into the room – this person is already able to relate to the others in the room and is able to affect the atmosphere and the people there, to a degree, with his presence.

The person has just enough focus and attention to be interesting, in other words, to be able to permeate across to others, but not enough to make a transformative difference. And a lot of people or teacher’s personalities are like that. But they are also defined because of an ego setness that the person uses as their filter for portrayal. You might say that, in the movie Wall Street that we watched the other day, the main actor there had a setness of his ego that he was able to sell, and project, then infused others, but it affected them in a glazed-over way in that it created a type of veil, and behind the glaze is the person, so to speak, that is real.

And, until you hit that, you’re affected by the glaze. You are overwhelmed by the glaze, and you buy and accept the glaze because, somehow or another, from behind the glaze comes the real presence that is more than what you, on your own, have caught up with, or been able to settle back and accept.

So, what comes across, you might say, has a note that from this glaze, the glaze being a personal mannerism that hasn’t let go into the real all-pervading stillness, or emptiness, yet.

So, in this dream, I have come into the room, or the scenario, where there is this person affecting others by their presence, which is able to take things up to a point in a kind of cultish way. In other words, the idiosyncrasy prevails, that I called a glaze, prevails and is augmented into the atmosphere as well.

So I looked into this person’s eyes with the stillness I am able to embody, in other words, or the sensibilities, or however you want to call it, that functions from the other side as a stillness, as a wholeness, as a oneness.

So, in the dream, I am able to come up to him and there is a relatability that is able to be so much there that the glaze lifts from his eye, he awakens, and the depth of an innerness, that was there before but had been aspected in the glaze as well, comes out as if always there.

This is like a shift, and it occurs automatically. It’s as if a person suddenly had an epiphany or something, no one realizes how and what really took place there because, when this occurred, how he is suddenly is as he needs to be, and everyone sees this and does not know how to look at it other than it being amazing.

Well, what is interesting is that the attention, when you do something like this, in other words when I came into this room, and then there was this guy that had this relationship with all the people that were there, and that they were all off on a little tangent, based upon a certain glaze I could see in his eyes, of which when I looked at his eyes and kept honing to the focus and attention to something more, there was a quality of emerging in which this glazing went away. Which means that there was a oneness, or stillness, that was able to permeate across.

So, what is interesting is that the atmosphere in the room is still like the same, except this is the focal point, or this is the person who is kind of like a teacher in a trance, that no one in that room is able to go beyond the condition to recognize the subtle effect of how there is this little idiosyncrasy, or behind this idiosyncrasy is a transformative stillness.

So to be able to truly be in a stillness is to be able to heal in a way no one notices with their physical senses and ego. The physical senses and ego have to fall away, because they are like a glaze upon the eye, in order for there to be the stillness. Since this is not a condition that is automatically, or readily happens for most human beings, because the soul awakening occurs over a consequence of time, so noticing what’s really going on is not likely to be put into conjunction. Or, as said in a Sufi statement, it takes a while to make a soul pregnant.

The effect of an atmosphere as a touching which is able to occur, in its little subtle ways, is able to do it without actually leaving traces that point back at itself. Or, in other words, there is a flying without a shadow.

So a person just has to fall into the stillness, and it is the stillness and not some in-betweenness. This is the middle way that makes that third thing, that I described, all complete.

But when the time comes when the noticeability is not veiled or hidden, the quickening is exquisite. In other words, a oneness of beingness is touched when this occurs.

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