The Allure

Hand offering an apple.The concept of temptation has a long history in literature and religion, but it’s not completely understood. On a spiritual journey, the most important question is “why do we do the things we do?” Because it is our intentions that make our thoughts and actions more, or less, potent energetically, which, then, determines what we are radiating into the world. For us to be fanatical, or possessed, by worldly things is where the danger lies. On the other hand, we can energetically elevate what is coarse through our intentions, and thereby be in service to something higher. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I set the stage of the dreaming in the meditation dream, then I proceed to go into ways in which I am functioning in spite of that, because sustaining that is not something, when everything is set against me, it’s not something that one does, except if they become extremely conscious in terms of themselves  and that’s not likely because there’s always a nuance that’s there to chip you down.

So the dream starts out with the allure of the outer at an outrageous level, experienciality-wise, in other words, it’s exaggerated. And yet I know deep down, or deep within, that this unfoldment is nothing more than reflections going wild.

But I also know that it’s “good luck” convincing others who are having a good time in manifestation, or at least they think they’re having a good time in manifestation, as they’re experiencing the reflectiveness of lower-self vibrations.

I notice that even me and everything in manifestation is drowning in an allure that swallows up sight, or a presence, or however you want to call it, that can exist without the weather events of the vibrations. And so because this swallows me up, all I can say is “good luck,” because what I notice in terms of taking into account the perceiving way of things, that the outer senses are reflectively, and vibrationally, an allure that pulls one away from who they really are.

Tell everyone, and everything, caught up in reflective outer senses, that a letting go of all that will bring them into an all-pervading stillness, is asking for trouble. That until the freedom to embrace the outer is exhausted, in other words, which a person has to exhaust on their own to realize that it goes nowhere, that it is only an abstraction from the wholeness.

Until that is recognized, until one yearns or seeks for something more direct, rather than reflective, the true beingness will remain veiled. And manifestation will permeate as a reflective outerness, and the stillness that is a one being’s higher self, i.e., a beingness that’s a universal, or global, or everything, soul, it stays in another capacity because the vibrations operate or function as if they have their own aliveness. 

Or, as the teacher might say, it’s like an entity that is here but you don’t take with you because the only thing that is really you is the soul level, and you have to find that by going within – and not sit on the outside that is one of vibrations.

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