A Life of Their Own

54eWhen we see a detour in a dream, or a barrier or impediment to our journey, it often is showing us some part of ourself that is getting in the way of a certain progress. And, because of our many psychologies and defense mechanisms, this can seem overwhelming. Yet, in terms of our journey, our dreams can show us the one aspect that is a hindrance to us right now. In this way, these images can point to where the current road block is, and we can leave the rest for another day.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this is a bit of a conundrum. It’s an option. What these are are various contrasts to the conundrum. They’re not necessarily answers; they’re just options in the conundrum of a stillness. And how can a stillness be within manifestation?

And, in a prior dream, Dunne is brought in and Dunne represents one that’s just completely catatonic, and strange, and all of her ideas, and that you don’t want to talk to her much because she goes so wild and off on tangents, it’s just absolutely destabilizing.

So I’m around Dunne and I have to accommodate her imbalance. She will drive me crazy if I’m unable to get her to drop all of her ideas or mannerisms. In this dream, it is a responsibility that I seem to have taken on. So to do so, a shift is needed in terms of where I am at. In other words, I can’t just sit in that environment.

So I know that there is a change, or a new way of being, that I can feel deep within that needs to occur, that contends with absolving misalignment that damages what is important. And so I know the direction that I need to go in. I see by shifting over to this area that there’s a quietness that absolves all hat jumping around, but where I’m at it just jumps around and drives one batty. And Dunne is so all over the place that she needs to just trust me for this to happen.

I also know that an obstruction lies ahead, and that a detour will get us up and over to the other side. But it’s a long way to the detour, and I know that I just need to start in that direction. I can’t tell Dunne that we’ve got this big detour or then she’s going to get all worked up from where she’s at – and then you just get all exhausted by all that goofiness.

But, as I get there, and as the detour presents itself, she could then perhaps accept the detour. And so there is an alternative that presents itself, but I need Dunne to trust even more, and quit imposing her predilection that undermines the inner flow.

Now this thing that comes up right at the last minute is a shortcut, energetically, is seen as just a short way from where something is blocked from going across. When I turn up a side road there is a house, and it has yard and a walkway or trail to the house, and so I I drive onto the trail, in terms of it going up to the house, and then from there veer onto the lawn, go into the backyard, drive the car into the backyard, and on the other side is the line of this obstruction. And I could drive across it right there, because you can’t just drive across it everywhere, but for some reason this spot will work.

Now I somehow or another have to convince Dunne and her idea of what’s ethical and proper behavior, that even though this is the property of another, and me doing this is uninvited, that, on a vibrational level of letting go, it’s okay.

So the meaning is that, in the other dream, to experience life in the simplest and most basic way, I put into my heart the environment that is connected in a most hidden way. In this dream, I make the journey, I incorporate it into my beingness a part of myself that is yet in need of settling down into a quietness. Unintegrated, this part is a danger to the greater whole; this part is so carried away with spiritual illusions, in other words, it is a spiritual belief system that jeopardizes, gets in the way, of a natural process.

Observation: this is a dream that speaks of a way of being that I do not currently embrace or understand. Well, I do understand it. I must keep up a letting-go process in order for there to be a greater and greater intertwined stillness, and that when I do that the overallness will take care of itself. In other words, it functions as the one beingness, and the way things dance around are the bifurcations out of it.

And so then I have to include that meditation dream, and in the meditation dream what I have done is I have taken a look at the interim in which everything is affected by the collective consciousness. Manifestation is a reflection of the vibrational nuances of mankind. These vibrations which live in the graveyard set up as manifestation, veil a direct conscious access to the oneness that exists in a stillness.

And then, in the last dream, I see myself losing the connection to the inner into outer flow and falling under the grip of some vibration in manifestation. Now there are millions of vibrations and these vibrations tease and tense one in strange ways. So, in this dream – I’ve seen myself do this over and over again – something comes over me and I can’t stop myself, even though I have the ability to look and know, I still backup, I still keep backing my car into some parked vehicle.

And this dream is portraying the effect of the collective outer forces of manifestation, the vibrations in other words, that make manifestation, which you pick up on all around you reflectively, that cause me to do things to myself that I do not want to do because the outer is so dense that it defaults its way over our greater oneness.

So the reason for the image is to get me to recognize how vibrations have a life of their own on this plane in manifestation. And I denote this best by watching, or seeing, how they disturb my better inner will, or stillness. In other words, they subvert that into a rising up from that will of vibrations of a doingness, and, in watching this, this is part of getting out of such clutches.

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