Under the Influence

gravitational-wavesHere’s a simple analogy: when we receive a package delivery, we bring it inside of our house. Then we open the outer box to see what is inside. Inside there is another box protecting the product. When we finally get to the useful (hopefully) product, there are many things to be sorted and put away: some goes to recycling, some into the trash, and then we need to find a place to store the product when we are not using it. If we understand this process, we can see how it is also true of any energetic vibration we take on, an emotion, a fear, or a passion. Energy needs to be sorted and processed through us, and then sent off to where it belongs. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of my first dream is that I seem to have something which represents either an ownership, or management, of some percentage of the UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, that whole sport. And it feels like I’m going around, in a sense, taking care of that.

It feels like something that I hold up, and I take around, and it’s physical, but it’s not really a person, but it represents a specific percentage of that entire industry, or sport, that I’m taking care of. And that’s all I remember of the first dream.

John: So what one has is, there’s two parts to creating manifestation: first there’s the image, and then there’s the vibration. So this part is the vibrational; you’re looking at a vibrational effect upon you. If you put that together with images, pictures, then, the next thing you know, vibration matched with images taken out of an innerness becomes manifestation. So you’re doing the vibration part.

Jeane: In the next dream, initially it feels like I’m going to the home of a woman who’s husband’s been abusive, to help her leave.

But what it actually shifts into is that she’s not really in the home, so I’m going there and I’m removing some things that she wanted from the home, which are an embroidery machine and some of the embroidery supplies that go with it, which represents a craft that she was very good at. Because when I go into the home, there’s not only the embroidery machine, but there’s a lot of other embroidery related handicraft.

But mainly I’m taking the machine and the threads and things that go with it. And the husband who, I feel like it was maybe someone like a sheriff or someone in law enforcement himself at some point in time, comes back when I’m removing this. So I’m a little bit ahead of him, and I’m taking it over to my car.

Well my car looks like one of those little Smart cars, you know, that’s about the size of the old Volkswagen Beetles, or smaller. So I can barely fit the embroider machine into it. And the husband’s right on my tail, and you feel like he’s going to block my getting anywhere, but my car somehow can turn into a helicopter, too.

So I get the car kind of starting to go in the air, but meanwhile I see another car like mine tangled up in a tree it’s crashed into, but mine gets off the ground enough that I don’t crash into anything. On the other hand, it won’t go high enough that I can get away from the husband, either – plus he’s pulled somebody else from law enforcement into it.

And it feels like I was flying slightly off the ground with maybe one of them holding on to the car a little so it doesn’t go any higher. And I’m explaining to the officer that I’ve only taken some things that belong to the wife, they’re actually her handicrafts. And meanwhile I’m trying to get a little more altitude because I’d like to get back to the wife, but I don’t want the husband to be able to follow me because apparently he’s been abusive or something.

So I just want her to be safe. But I also want her to have her craft. But meanwhile it feels like I’m still kind of held by the officer so I can’t go that far; I can’t seem to get that high off the ground that I could get away.

John: So what you’re doing is you started off recognizing that a vibration, or an aspect that causes something to be held onto, they’re an aspect of unfoldment, well it takes two things for manifestation. It takes the vibration, and then it takes the image. And you put the two together, and you create life.

So, you’re trying to understand, or trying to figure out, where you stand in relationship to a vibrational effect. And you have a sense that deep down there is a stillness, or things that can be done that result in a letting go. And the embroidery machine are expressions that lead to, or point to, how it is that a person can let go of, or to get out of, a projected scenario, the imposition of a projected vibrational scenario.

Now, the thing is, you are not able to understand or separate yourself from the vibration itself because you were given a heavy dose of that in your first image. And so this dream is now attempting to give you a perspective, an observation. The intent behind it is for you to see that a vibration holds you in its clutches. And so you have to have a complete letting go into a total stillness in order to truly let go of a vibration.

So, you’re still scoping about, and although you have a sense of where a stillness can be used to offset that, in other words, the embroidery and things that a person does to try to touch something within, you’re not able to fully carry that across and, therefore, you’re not able to get off the ground by much, you’re still affected by the intensity of things.

Now, you’re using groundedness, in this instance, as a quality or characteristic of manifestation. And in order for you to go to a deeper place within, to where there is something that is outside of an abusive situation, and you’re using an abusive situation to represent an action and a conduct that has a vibration, and it is captured in a motif, so even though you’re able to experience and catch up with and touch, to certain degree, a quality of relief that is found in a pastime, or a mannerism, or hobby, or whatever you want to call it, that points towards awakening a stillness, you still have a long way to go because you are still affected, you’re still carrying in your synapses, just like the UFC intensity and what that’s all about. But they are also toxic as a tone or a mood; toxic in terms of a letting go into a stillness.

So you established, as a means of getting close to experiencing how it is that you are affected. Understand, manifestation is nothing more than the culmination of putting vibration and image together. And then the sum total of all of that is the collective consciousness, and the degree to which mankind is caught up in this sort of thing, the greater teacher being manifestation, or the delusionality of the collective of all of that.

And so, in your dream, you’re recognizing that there is a stillness that one needs to go to, but you’re still under the sway and influence of the impact of things in the outer, and, therefore, you’re having trouble extricating yourself and are still feeling the effect of the intensity, vibrational intensity, and thus not able to break the image, or trance, of all of that.

But you’re watching it, you’re seeing it. I mean, you experience it this way on the inside in order to create the true letting go, and true way of holding an atmosphere. To do it on the inner is to burn it off – so that you can be at ease in the outer.

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