Into Manifestation

m6ElerWhen we speak out loud, we put a vibration into the world. When we make an action, we put a vibration into the world. And the whole of our personal existence is a vibration into the world that can affect all that it touches. If the universe is in a constant state of refinement, then any higher vibration can refine any coarser vibration. If we choose, we can be agents on behalf of creation’s purpose in all we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream was pretty intense in that I was caused to take note that there is a sight and an awareness of how something is to be, and, initially, I am aware of a vibrationally embodying of this kind of hold on me within. It’s like it effects me in terms of how I feel myself.

What happens when that occurs is that sight and awareness gets recreated, instantaneously, from a vibration. Or, to describe it with other words, the recreating within is in accordance to the vibrations I am experiencing. So, in other words, you have images that recreate in accordance with the vibrations that you’re experiencing, that surface in a kind of weird reflective representation.

So what I’m doing is, I’m realizing how vibrations and sight work hand in hand, only this is a sight that has to do with an image, and not a sight that has to do with a letting go. Or, to describe it yet another way, if I pause and I’m still I am able to empath the vibration into a holographic beingness that I am able to see as being a replica inflection correspondence to the vibration. When I am okay with letting that be appreciated, as a beingness, there is an acting out from inner into outer. When this is done, there is manifestation.

In other words, when both the image and the vibration come through, to let go of that is to go into a stillness – which is another level of beingness that isn’t in manifestation – manifestation is the play act of vibrations and images, images that come to the fore to correspond with a vibration, as close to a vibration as possible.

And to put this still another way, from a stillness arises a vibration that inflects a type of energetic beingness, and then I am that and it is me. You know, that’s the delusion. So by knowing the vibration that I am stepping into energetically, by way of a visceral image, I’m able to see how creation works.

It is as if when I pause and then go forward and instantly get caught up with a visceral abstraction within, equivalent to, or being, a vibratoriness, then, from the pause, there’s the vibratoriness and then the image that corresponds. And, in the outer, that is manifestation.

So I am able to take on a way in which I am like in a dream-state movie. If the dream state is manifestation, then this corresponds to an experientially that is physical. The physical experience reality, in other words, is manifestation.

So what I described is created creation dreamed first, within, before it is taken into the outer. Or, put another way, when the vibratoriness goes from an all-pervading stillness into life, the birthing is manifestation.

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