Trusting the Link

71goIs it disappointing to learn that those sexy dreams, where we are making a beautiful connection with the object of our desire, are really about one part of ourselves interacting with another part of ourselves? It shouldn’t be a disappointment because it means that a deeper connection is being made, if the seduction is successful. We are always in an inner dance of approach and retreat, inside, as we try to become a oneness in ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I remembered my first dream, but lost my second one. In the first dream, I seem to be at some kind of a gathering in the mountains. There’s like little cabins we stay in. There’s people from different areas there.

And it’s a day when most of us will be leaving. And I want to make an impression, or link up with, or still spend some time with one of the men who’s somebody I’ve known for quite a long time that I want to get closer to. And I’m trying to think of how to do that. He seems to have some kind of an appointment or something that he has to do back in the city.

So when I’m going to say goodbye to him, along with a couple other women friends that are with me, I think I’ll take him a crystal that has special powers. So when I go down to meet him, it’s in a small wooden building, but there’s other people that have come into that building, both men and women, that have been at the seminar. And I go over to him and I’m going to give him one of my crystals that I have in a little bag; I’m looking at a couple that have special powers.

And I grab a hold of one crystal, I know that it’s a crystal which I can almost levitate or do other things with. And then I see a man that’s come into the building, who’s from India, and I actually see him levitate, and he’s wearing white robes.

Well, then when I connect with the man that I want to spend more time with, I suddenly realize that he really is a good friend to me, that I don’t need to be wanting more. I don’t need to be doubting that link, or friendship, he actually does have something he has to do. And we will connect, because we have this deep friendship, and I shouldn’t have been being so neurotic about it.

And I don’t really have to give him any of the crystals or anything. In fact, now that I’ve seen the other man levitate, I feel like I don’t want the others to know that I have the crystals, or know what I can do with them, or if I can levitate or I can do other things when I hold a crystal, that I just put them away in a bag. It’s like I don’t want the man from India to see what they do. I should just relax and trust the connections I have. So that was that dream.  

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to be in a one beingness, or, in other words, a quality of essence of oneself, in which there is the holding onto the emptiness.

And what your dream does is it causes you to catch up or to recognize the one thing that you’re still holding onto, in terms of trying to get it to be in some particular personal way or another. So the dream starts off in which you have climbed the mountain of obstacles. And, having climbed this mountain, you’re at a point where there is the means of just now letting go; letting everything fall away.

And yet you still want to direct, or to shape, or to affect something, that you still feel is important, that you need. And so you attempt, then, to establish a reflection of yourself, in such a way, so that that creates an enamor-ation in which you are able to get, or to recreate, the inflection of that which you sense, or still hold out, as being something that you need, or want.

And, pausing from the dream for a second, on a psychological level, this trait is spoken of in terms of when the feminine energy takes and hearkens to a quality of doingness separation, to hold onto a situation, it is generally seen, or spoken of, or recognized most prominently, as what is called a Father Complex, in which the feminine energy continues to keep trying to please that aspect – as if there is something amiss until that is pleased.

But, in your dream, having noted this quality inside of you, and so also in noting this quality you note that there was something inhibiting about that, you were able to see that something that was inhibiting about that, instead of staying righteous in your oneness and adamant nature, to get what you felt you wanted and had to have happen. You came to recognize and to realize that there is a greater purpose unfolding, that there is a greater overall beingness that is emerging, and that this sweeps over anything that you could be looking at in some trite way, and you then realize kind of the error of trying to induce, or seduce, the conceptualization of what it is that you feel you still need to do.

And so, you realize that you are doing that as a kind of abomination, to yourself, when you utilize the secrets of magic in the physical plane reality of things. Instead, you can let all of that go as you embrace the totality of all that there is.

So, even though the dream is making this kind of an interesting Aesop fable of a storyline, what’s deeper underneath that is to actually do that, what is it that the heart must do? Because the heart is always lying to hold onto something a little bit this way, or that way. So what is it that the heart must do in order for it to truly be able to do that?

And the heart must be able to put everything into it, in other words, not have some little holdout area that it is keeping secretive for itself, or, otherwise, there will always be the idea that is called or referred to as a kind of Father Complex mannerism in which there will be an attempt to cause something to have an appearance that is in a directed, created, kind of alignment – that one has self-created – which limits the potentiality.

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