A Thousand Pieces

A human is in a body, but what else are we in? We are inside of a planet, protected by an energetic aura, or atmosphere. We are also in a solar system which has been shown to have discernible boundaries that hold in, and keep out, presumably, like an aura or energetic field. Shall we keep going? We are in a galaxy – might that have a discernible edge? And then, what about the universe itself? We know that it is expanding, so it must have an edge. At a certain point we have to say, there is only one thing going on in the whole of everything, and we are a part of that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So instead of going into the meditation dreams, which were extensive, I had a whole bunch of that, and then when I came to sleep, I had one really, really loud dream that kind of consolidated, or drilled down on that. And this is kind of like the counter story, to your dream, only in terms of something that I would have thought was of a feminine nature, but I guess it’s really of a kind of a masculine nature.

So, in the dream, a statement is made that I take to be denoting a limitation in the overall oneness of beingness that I have come to embrace as the beingness of it all. I point out that that sounds like a repudiation or something that is not accurate, that for that to be so, then, add to it something to the effect: how does that take into account the runny-nose kid in the ghettos of Calcutta? And needn’t all of that be fully embraced, simultaneously?

Well, that could be a reaction that may not go over. But anyway, that’s an aspect of something like that vibrationally is what I hold to, as the essence of my beingness, so I refuse that anything can be distinguished separately from the oneness; that everything is the oneness, and that God is everything.

And so you can’t, looking at this versus that, or something. It seems like because there is this quality of a note that is still being wrestled with in the outer, that what I have said is taken as portraying a kind of blasphemy, that they are kind of adhering to something in another way, and that I’m not getting it or something. And, therefore, what I am representing is a denial of what it is that they perceive to be.

So, for them to maintain what is to be a truth, and, because I am representing something other than that, I am seen by everyone in the outer as being in a kind of hypocrisy to manifestation. I’ve experienced myself as grounded in what I adhere to as my inner overall truth. I feel it so much more in me, as me, that this is as if this takes in the sum total of everything there is into the heart.

So as I walk with Dean and I’m surrounded by his students, I deep down believe that what I have taken in is enough, and will exude the wholeness as the difference. Dean says to me, what if there is a reaction in which everyone grabs a part of my physical being and rips me to pieces? I’m like a center and they pull from all directions until I’m torn into a 1000 pieces. And I say, so be it, as I am still holding onto holding everything in the heart.

But, in the next split second, I wince in recognition that this will be excruciatingly painful
on the physical level, and will this pain overcome my heartfelt wholeness to it all? And so because there is this split-second blink, I see myself as pondering what else I could have said that may have created a seeing redemptiveness for the overallness. But I winced, and so I contaminated the silence. So it just is going to have to be endured now.

And the meaning is, either everything is God, or there are as many gods as there are pieces able to be torn asunder this way, or that, as an energetic reflection of split-second excruciating physical pain. Or, to put it in another way, that’s what’s really going on in everything that’s divided out that is out there, is it’s all a type of pain; we don’t know it when we separate from the whole.

But, to put it in another way of saying it, it’s called a death, and it is a one beingness, because there isn’t anything that’s holding out some other aspiration or manneristic-ness. So a death that is a one beingness is an essence of all that ever has been in the universe, so, for this to truly be, means a nonbeing state prevails, such that the physical body and the synaptic reflections must also go – if there is any holding on to an entity-like quality of separation.

But the dilemma is that the physical senses are a culmination of the collective, in other words, the physical body that exists is like a composite of the collective, in that there are the synapses that fire off, and there’s all of the vibrational energetics that go at it, that aren’t necessarily still, because there’s all this action of the “city of man,” so to speak, that also represents, and they represent, the kingdom of man, which also represents, symbolically speaking, everything in the outer, all going on in a beingness of the physical body.

And that there is kind of a way in which the body can be pulled into a 1000 pieces, and in none of those pieces is there anything there; there is nothing there – if there truly is a letting go to where everything is put into the heart.

So this dream is like an imagery of, okay, that’s what it has to be like, and that the excruciating pain is a conceptualization of the entity-like quality of one’s physical nature, that is a culmination of all of the vibrations and images that have been projected.

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