The Pressure

Angela Anderson

If we throw a rock into a pond, the water will process the waves, ever outward, until the surface of the pond becomes still again. This is the way everything works: an interaction upsets an equilibrium, and a new state of balance must be found, after the change is either processed out, or incorporated in, to a new state of equilibrium. In this view, we don’t take the energies we process personally – just as the water doesn’t take the rock personally – they are just a ripple, large or small, for us to release or absorb into our greater wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I remember about the first dream is it felt like there was a group of sociopaths living  in our house. And even the girl was like that; a young girl, which I found kind of disturbing. That’s all I remember about that dream.

Then, in the next dream, it’s like this kind of creepy young man is living in the house with us, and he goes everywhere with us. It’s like he sleeps in the bed with us, follows us around, and when you’re in the bathroom he tries to assault me – and I can barely get him off me.

You finally come in and make him get off, but then I’m just going to pack and leave, but it feels like the suitcase is just full of half clothes that are dirty, and half are clean. And I can’t find all the right things, and everything’s junky and not sorted out. So I had a headache last night, and it just felt like my dreams were just messed up like that. 

John: Kind of giving up. Trying to wonder what all that scenario is all about. In other words, all of that sort of thing kind of comes up when the letting go isn’t a proper letting go, and it’s more like a relinquishment of how it is that one needs to be in terms of themselves.

So it’s kind of like a type of confusion; something’s unsettled. And, as a consequence, it’s getting in the way of being able to rejoice in a kind of heartfelt stillness. Things are piling up. What all is bothering you?

I guess that something is overly pressurized. Of course, Ellen would say to me I’m trying too hard – if he saw that in my nature. Apparently there’s a fine line between letting go, or going into a stillness, and the reverberation that yet exists in terms of how things are in the outer, in that there seems to be such a contrast, and yet they need to come together and function, somehow, simultaneously.

But when something has to be done, in the outer, it tends to create a kind of pressurization when, if the outer is truly seen and taken in, in terms of what it is, which is basically vibrations rising up from a stillness, and you’re able to go back into a stillness, then what you have is the appearance of two opposite polarities, in that you have what is going on in the collective of an outer, and you have the stillness that you can find inside of yourself.

And the challenge is to be able to figure out how to take and have the stillness able to touch things, as opposed to it coming across as a kind of aloofness, or separation, from the plight of how things are. A person can get kind of crazed, if there is a reaction, if they do not know how, or if they failed to be in an unfoldment process with both, simultaneously.

It can lead to mannerisms, and moods, and tones, and attitudes that are kind of overly blunt, and not gracious enough, not simple enough. It’s kind of the in-between of what you experienced, and then is kind of portrayed, as a danger and inflection, that I’m having to contend with, as well, but am not readily accepting it yet, apparently. And so, if I don’t catch up with this, the effect will be that of a kind of collateral damage.

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