Up and Down

tew_handHow do we evolve? We evolve by trying new things, discovering if we like to do that thing, and finding out if we have any talent or facility with it. Some we keep doing, others are set aside. It is in this trying that we also get new intelligence, because we often don’t know much before we begin, yet suddenly much information will flood into us. This is why we have to put our spiritual understandings into practice, we have to use them in our daily life. Otherwise, it is just a philosophy; by doing it, it can become reality. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in the next, in deep meditation and the Dhyana meditation, what goes on there is so far within that it is inaccessible. In my dream, I note that I am in a scenario where I am not appreciating what is happening within; I’m unable to sense it. What I am noticing is how dismissive I am, when I find myself to be in such an outer scenario.

In other words, you’re dismissive of bringing in the subtle, because you don’t know it enough in terms of this value of the stillness. So, from this, I experience a catching up with, and a knowing of, what is going on. My sense of this is one of exhilaration.

What am I describing? Talking about a subtle level of up and down energy, as a pattern, is in the way of a deeper stillness. In other words, deep inside I can go somewhere. I’m realizing that there’s kind of like a couple three things that occur inside oneself at a very, very, deep depth, that aren’t quite the stillness, but are close to it, but still need to be brought out into the open; should be reflected in the open. Or otherwise they create a spiritual distortion.

And so I’m seeing this very subtle level of kind of an up and down. And I call it an up and down in that there’s something really, really hidden inside, and then there’s the down side of it of an acting out, in the outer, that doesn’t quite take that into account.

And so this creates a yo-yo effect in which you’ve got something of a deep inner essence, and something of an outer effect – and you’re not integrated. You’re not intertwined. And when a person’s not intertwined like that, then they may go through these episodes where they’re feeling wonderful, and then they’re feeling sad. And the degree to which you’re feeling elated and wonderful, usually it corresponds to, at another point in time, the flip side of that coin. You’re now feeling depressed, or sad.

And even Proverbs of the Bible talks about this as a condition in which a person is admonished at being able to hold the middle, which would be a stillness, not thrown around by the energetics of an excitement this way, or a depression that way, because they echo off of each other.

Or to put this more bluntly, in the dream, I am noticing an inner vibratory up and down nature of a holding back, and then an excitement coming out, or however you would say that, but not quite really a coming out. And my attention is taking me into the outer and away from the next, deeper level of stillness.

In other words, this is that same greater pattern portrayed in a subtler way. Observation: maybe the trite dreams I was having, that portray this symbolically, will come back. In other words, kind of what kind I’m writing up, but I can’t quite pull the full dream down. At two different times, the alarm in my had went off and I was able, at that time, to write down my dreams. But if I had just accepted that, but in my linear in-betweenness I deemed the dreams to be too trite.

To put the denial bluntly, I keep being dismissive and remain in a holding back reservation. The underlying theme is a stillness that embodies all vibrations, and everything that is vibratory, which to an ego is not newsworthy. It’s not exciting. So the ego is at home with up and down hoopla and, in other words, kind of holds space in a way that doesn’t get lost in the stillness.

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