Attitude Adjustment

im008sWe don’t always acknowledge the role our attitude, and inner location, plays in how events unfold. But we have likely had the experience of being on a customer support phone call: sometimes we are in such a state when we finally speak with a human being, that we have a bad attitude and often the process does not go well. In another instance, we’ll feel calm and settled and let the person do their job, and everything works out well. We may blame the world in the first example, but the attitude we bring to a situation has an energetic cause and effect on whomever we are dealing with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then I finally have a dream, and it’s a long dream. And in the dream, I travel to a friend’s place that is in another area, in other words, my friend lives out in the country that’s maybe near a city or something, where I have to do some things.

And, as circumstances would have it, I have come to his place on a tight schedule. He isn’t there on this particular day. And I’m actually impressed that his parents take me in because I am a friend of their son. And there are things that I need to do, and I only have that one day to do them because the next day, I’m supposed to be somewhere else. So my time is limited.

And in this place there are two things that I must do. And so I don’t remember much about the first thing because I get it done easily. The second thing involves selling a piece of property. Well, it seems to come together at the end of the day, but I’m unable to understand the price, in terms of the agreement I reached. In other words, I had an agent helping me, the thing is all said and done. I’m settling back.

And then the assistant to the agent comes out and reads to me the price and terms. But she, as the person handling the details for the agents I use, she’s speaking in some sort of way that I can’t understand. She doesn’t seem to be able to sit there and answer my questions. And she’s speaking too fast, so I’m unable to understand how this got put together.

I have to understand how it’s put together; the details of it. Because, yes, it’s been done, but then comes the packaging. So I ask again and again: what are the price and terms? I don’t get an answer, so I’m going to have to come back later that day. So, as I leave, knowing I’m going to come back just before I have to leave town, I’m assuming that the details will be laid out in a way that I can understand. If not, I’ll have to forget it. In other words, my attitude will be such that I’m just going to walk off, if this doesn’t happen.

So I go back to the place where my friend’s parents are at. And there’s a truck that I’m able to use that’s there. And it’s like more or less loaned to me. And somehow, in using it, the left rear tire goes flat. So I back it into a kind of parking lot in this little town. And it’s at the end of the day, and I’m thinking it’s safe and secure there, but then when I looked at it more closely, I realize that the tire really isn’t low on air, it actually is flat. So I can’t slough it off. It has to be fixed. I must make it right.

So from there, I must walk back or something to where I’m staying. And as I come into kind of that little garage area where the vehicle had been, I realize I was rattled by something, I got huffity about that, and so when I came, got the truck, I must have been in one of those shorting-out states, and I have monies from my clip, my money clip, so money is just laying out in the open that I didn’t pick up when I must have been looking at things. But still I’m okay because no one touched this, but it points out I am imbalanced.

So as I wake up from the dream, what I’m realizing is I still do not know the terms of the transaction. I haven’t yet got a new tire for the pickup truck. And I need to somehow do all of this today. And it is already late in the afternoon, and that I have things scheduled somewhere else for tomorrow. Plus my friend is not here, so I am not going to have the usual connection and closure. Isn’t that an awkward dream?

The dream is pointing out little things that affect my being. On the positive side, my focus and attention gets the job done. But, one, it is not a gracious thing. I don’t do it graciously. Two, the whole thing is too abrupt and unsettling. Three, the terms are hidden because I’m not taking the time to allow for the unfoldment to be more gracious. Four, my attitude is in need of an adjustment – to put it mildly. I am blowing up a left tire, and blowing up over the process not coming out as demanded or expected.

To fix this, I’m going to have to adopt a pace that is timely, responsible, and gracious as my current actions seem to have invoked unintended consequences that need to be cleaned up.

As a deeper meaning, the theme of the night is about having access to information in a stillness of being, in other words, whatever goes on the stillness of being is there, and takes it all up, which means the whole world is put in the heart, and, therefore, in a stillness, so that the acting up doesn’t take you into the outer in a way, vibratorally, that just keeps you going around and around.

So, in the dream, the access is there, but the timing is off. Consequently, there’s forgetfulness, i.e., inadvertently leaving monies I took out of my pocket out in the open. And there’s too much taken for granted that everything will be okay. I fail to function with the usual protocol, i.e., depicted my friend’s parents taking me in – a stranger to them – while their son is away. This speaks of a character and trust that exists, but there’s still something being put to a test as a result of that. There is still a hiddenness, in terms of detail, that needs to come up, that is important.

Being more grounded will help, in that regard. If my attitude is off, however, because I am too pushy and insistent upon maintaining a way of being that lacks the graciousness required, collateral damage will obliterate the unfoldment. It is important that what happens is balanced, sensible, and complete, or it will all be for naught. Furthermore, for there to be no contamination, everything must through a stillness; any residual effect, or rub-off, is unsettling definitionally.

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