Finding the Ease

Susan Kinsella

How often have we been upset by something, or stressed out by something, and then, at a certain point, have just said, the heck with it, and let it go? In that letting go we always feel a wave of relief, as we release the energetic vibrations that we were holding onto. Vibrations all have their signature, and when we hold onto them, that vibration is dictating what we experience. It is better to let the vibration go; we are designed to process energies, not contain them. We want to always be available for the next vibrational experience, as life unfolds.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams were so mellow last night, there wasn’t much to them. It felt like I was dreaming about Seattle winning the Super Bowl, except in my dream, it was more like they had won some kind of basketball championship.

And I was following Wilson around to kind of see what was changing when he was with his family. And one of the things that had changed it felt was like they practiced in a special stadium – and that was part of what contributed to them winning. And the stadium was more like a basketball court of some kind, but it had a very mellow energy to it.

And I felt like, as a result of winning, they’d be able to practice in that more, now, or have one of their own that they practiced in. And I was observing that, and then it shifted a little.

And a friend of mine had come in, that I knew from high school. She’s older now and she’s sitting in the bleachers of the stadium, and she’s explaining to someone why she can retire now. And it’s like she can retire because now she can get Social Security, along with some other pension that she had. Or slight disability, or something, because someone’s questioning why she’s retiring now when she hadn’t retired earlier. And it felt like things have finally come together so she can do that.

But all the dreams were just like really mellow, like I was just following around and observing how they were doing things a little differently that it contributed to their winning, and it had to do with a certain kind of smooth energy. Because it was so mellow, it was hard to pull out.

John: It’s a dream in which, yes, the intensity of something is taken out of the equation, the heavy vibratoriness that one imposes. Like when you’re looking at the four archetypes, each of those has a heavy, imposed vibration.

And so the key to letting go, and thus the ability to experience something in a more rhythmic, or balanced, or whole way, is to not be indulgent in the vibratoriness as the end all, be all, but to be able to take that into a stillness.

And when you take that into a stillness, then there is a natural cadence, a natural flow, a natural rhythm. And you, as the person in the dream indicates, that then you’re able to retire yourself from the anxieties and the stresses of having to go back and forth, and up and down, in the intensity of things.

Like I said, it’s an intensity to have to contend with, no matter what door you’re looking at, whether it’s the Thief vibration, Gambler’s vibration, or the Prostitute’s vibration, whatever door it is there’s an intensity of vibration in each of those doors.

And so what you did is you took a quality of focus where there is typically an element of passion, like people who are heavily involved in the Seahawks, and such, epitomize a type of passion that really presses and pushes them. In other words, there’s a heavy vibratoriness that you could get caught up in there. And you saw yourself as being able to bring that to a stillness.

So the theming of the dreaming has been, for some time, this idea of there being a stillness. This has been octaved into another way of portraying it, too, in that that is the only way that you ever reach forgiveness. Because as long as you’re in a vibratoriness you’re still acting out in some fashion and not really forgiving, or letting go, of something. That’s kind of like another higher octave that I had to look at.

But you were looking at it in terms of the release, or letting go, and finding the ease and peace that exists, in terms of not having to be swallowed up with relating to a vibratoriness as a kind of outer contanglement hold.

The heavy vibratoriness is an outer thing, and the inner quality is the letting go. And the letting go is a way of taking and putting that vibratoriness like it’s a type of dust, or something, it’s like being able to put it back into a peace, or quiet, or a stillness in the heart, which is the image of being able to sweep everything, or put everything, into the heart. And when that is done, then there isn’t the acting up, or the diversity of things, in the outer. I mean, it can be there, but that diversity, and that outer, isn’t where your attention is being misconstrued.

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