Able to Be

Octavia Brooks

Through the arc of a night of dreaming, all the dreams are connected. Sometimes we can even see the progression that has been made, and the evolution that results. Here we have images that utilize the imagery of things, or people, in threes. Yet in a later image, we have the number four, which signals that a completion has been made – just like four seasons make a full cycle, and Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are the four elements of everything. This points out, again, that everything is connected: the universe, the planet, the human, and our dreams – all work under the same unfolding principles. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, this time I’m in a hall near the front. And the president, that’s upfront, that I’m able to observe, is a woman president.

And so then there are two people directly to her left, or my right. And I notice that I’m looking at the furthest one, not the one in-between, but the furthest one, who’s fascinating to me in some way because I know that she is more than what she projects. In other words, she’s sitting there, but there is something about her that is held back, or dynamic. In other words, that’s in a quiet repose.

At some point, the president looks over at her, and starts to talk to her, and in talking to her she shifts her position and comes closer to her. And I am able to see that this woman just keeps opening up like I always knew she was able to do, or had in her. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of what I am seeing, as if I can’t get enough of the coming-out connectivity.

And then, at some point, in what is now a kind of glee, she and the woman president hug. And when this happens, the image changes and I see bare feet juggling about up in the air, in place of the woman president and the woman.

Now, incorporating the prior dream, the inner/outer perception encompasses all there is: inner into a one beingness from which there is a rejoicing with glee. Everything is included when there is no time, space, or inner/outer vibratory mannerisms, characteristics, or impressions. Just joy in separation, and bliss in union.

So the sweet pain is a type of joy coming in to life. And the going back union – that’s the bliss. The thing about this dream, now, that you have to denote, is that there were three seats in the back row, in the first one, and there was like three sections I had to walk through to get to the back area.

And in the second dream there was a woman president, and then two others, so that was three. And so then, here comes this dream.

I’m riding in the backseat of a car. And, in this backseat, there are four of us. And, in this case, as the situation and circumstances change, I have to accept wherever I find myself. To begin with, I start next to a window; a window on the right side. When another person is more comfortable being, and is in need of being, next to that window, I sit in the middle. In other words, I don’t think of it one way or another, it’s just what seems to naturally gravitate.

In another image, there’s three of us, and I’m on the far left. But I’m moving to the middle as we pick up our fourth person who gets in next to the window, because, again, that’s what makes sense, and that’s what’s easier to do.

What is important in the dream is I am surrendered to whatever is in flow, or, you might say anywhere on the bus, as the statement goes, or in this dream anywhere in the backseat of a car in terms of how all of it flows.

Now the significance is that this dream is rounding out the letting-go images, as kind of denoted in a certain way in the first and second dream, in that the result is completeness of the letting go into a natural overall stillness. In the first two dreams there was still the observing of the process. So three needed to become four; in the first dream there were three seats in the back row, and three sections in the hall. In the second dream, with the president, there were three in the front, two to the left of her.

Now there are four, the symbol of completeness, as I am okay with being where I am placed, and have reached a point where I have no qualms whatsoever in terms of any way in particular.

And so, in the final dream, in this dream the sensation is that things are going on in life, and I notice the unfoldment. When asked about my opinion, I say I wouldn’t think of imposing my ideas or mannerisms upon the situation.

So the meaning scenario is, I noticed a person yesterday, that I know, making actually interesting observations regarding the outer reflections of things that have a whole lot to do with the way things are in terms of how the collective consciousness of man has evolved, and I noticed that the person was seeking to make choices to contend with the way this is unfolding.

Everything may have made sense when observed in that way, in other words, in terms of the fact that things are falling apart, and that certain inevitabilities seem to be in the offing when looked at in an outer way. But because it is an outer perspective, you can have no letting go, you just have the self-imposed grief.

To be able to be in whatever there is, and be at ease, is what it means to, one, put everything into the heart. And two, be the one beingness.

So what is this really? Well, actually, it’s the higher octave of forgiveness that is not understood or practiced. The reason is because of reacting outwardly, in terms of the collective consciousness, instead of placing everything into the heart to be absorbed. Nobody seems to understand that because they find themselves in this outward sorting out, that just leads to peculiarities in terms of how you are. It does no good quibbling, introducing things in an outer context that have nothing to do with an overall harmony.

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