In the Process

life-cycle-pictureBecause of the way the world is, and the culture is, we find ourselves always looking at our experiences as winning, or losing, events in our lives. But that isn’t the way of life at all: everything is in process, and, in the end, all that matters is how well we managed the processes we experienced. In every process there is new knowledge, as we navigate our way. That’s what we want, and what the universe wants, and that’s why everything has been set in motion. When we embrace the process, rather than the outcome, things will begin to take care of themselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I recounted a scenario. I have been wondering if I should make the adventure to India easier by helping to facilitate helicopters as part of the package, so that one doesn’t have to suffer the long drives, and horrible roads, and switch backs, and all that.

But then, there is something about that, where a person, when they get there, they do appreciate the arrival, having gone through the heat and travail of the day. And so if you were to take that away, would they still have the proper appreciation?

So it’s like my understanding of the dream has to do with, where’s the fine line in terms of interfering with the process, the inner process, that is designed with the best interests of the heart and mind?

The next dream starts off with a song. And this is a song that was played at the very, very beginning. And now it’s being played at the very, very end of the game. This song is sung by an auctioneer.

Now, initially, you start off life, and you come and you observe – this is an auction-type setting – where the whole thing starts off, like life starts off, you come and you observe what’s available. And so there’s the preview.

And so all kinds of people come to the preview to see if there’s anything there of interest in this big auction house. And so as I come there, to my surprise, the guy that’s the curator of that, who is also the auctioneer, he sings this song right at the very beginning. And I go, what the heck, we’re here to see this stuff. We’re here to preview this. What is he doing singing this song?

So we preview it, and then comes the day of the auction. Now, there are people that are coming to the auction that are serious about that. I’m one of those. I’m interested in buying what there is there, that is important. And then there are others that are coming just to watch.

And we take our seats, it’s a smaller group now that has come that’s actually into consummating something now. And, I’ll be darned, the auctioneer sits in one of the seats and stares out at it all, and he goes: “Here I watch the children that play, as they dance away their lives. Every day is a story,” and goes etcetera, etcetera.

I listen to the whole thing, the beginning and the end, but remembering it. What a wonderful melody it was, too. And so that was that dream.

And so, then there’s another dream in which it’s kind of like I go back into the meditation dream, in other words, where you’re dealing with an inner and an outer, but I want to do this over now. I mean, the first time I went into the inner, got the 3% and blew it. So I want a do-over.

So, in this dream, in order to pull inner into outer, there’s a certification that’s required. So on the inner, when I went into the inner to where this was at, I used a notary who had indicated that they were who they said they were; in other words, they were able to acknowledge what needed to be.

And so they notarize that document. But then I have them notarize this as an event in the outer, and that didn’t happen, that didn’t get completed. That fell askew. So now I’m back in front of another notary because the primary thing didn’t get notarized. I’d left, or gotten thrown out, or, as you can see, the 3% got taken away.

And now I’m back kind of in front of a notary that notarizes on this side. And I have in my hand the primary thing to be notarized. But I also have in my hand the other document that was notarized on the other side. And I’ve got a copy of that. And I’m not sure how this is going to work out. And I’m kind of almost trying to hide this other, because if there are two steps, how can you have two different notaries? It’s as if you have to put the two together; you have to close the gap.

So how do I do that? And so that’s where that was left.

And, of course, now you put the meaning of both of those together. In this dream, I am back to complete what was started long ago. In other words, I accessed something from the inner, brought it in, it brought across something, but then I utilized the energetic in some capacity that was inappropriate, seemed to then, as a consequence, lose the thrust of the inner coming into the outer, the vibration of the 3% that was so transformative into the outer got lost – too much personal got involved.

So I’m back now to complete what got started. And I’m picking up my memories at a point where I left off long ago. Appearances about things may seem different, but, in the energetic reality, nothing has really changed.

And in the prior dream, I caught up with the humor of the prior manifestation where everything gets lost when it goes into the reflective seriousness. I reviewed the outer as if I am required to take a position. In other words, that’s how I was reviewing it. I came to view it all seriously. And then this auctioneer goes singing this goofy song. And then when he’s the auctioneer, instead of holding the auction, he sits down, he’s like a comedian, and starts singing the song again, instead of getting on with it.

And I carried on all the way to the end, when I can came to now, like at the beginning, an energetic unfoldment, like a play, is such in which the higher self, inner beingness observes it all as if a movie. A play in which the song at the beginning and the song at the end are one and the same; nothing changes. Nothing has changed, there’s just a subrogation of the energy, only the energetic appearances can seem different, in terms of a density, in terms of physical senses. But, actually, that’s not so. It’s more like, as Einstein said, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes form.

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