The Stillness Within

i009swIn this dream we have the image of moving back and forth with a hose, and every trip just gets the dreamer and the hose more tangled up. What this is speaking of is how we involve ourselves in the outer, by placing the importance of life on external things, and all that can come of it is endless entanglement. On our journey we want to be untangled from the grip of the physical – because the physical is always temporary. We want to put the importance of our life in the energetic side of things, which is eternal. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, like I say, the theme of the dreaming, I never know what the theme of the dreams is going to be. And then I come to figure it out, and then I generally reflect back as to what triggered it. And what triggered it was, I was bothered by a talk that one of Dean’s students gave at the center. 

And she has been around for a long, long time, and is up in age. And she kept talking about things as if you take and have an effect, as if there is something to do with things to be done in the outer. Or ways in which there is a balance that’s attained in the outer. And it doesn’t ring right, because it’s in the opposite direction of the stillness. It’s as if you can find a stillness in the outer by looking in the outer. But you find the stillness by looking within. 

And so this became the seed thought for my dream. So the way my dream worked, that was the sleep dream that is, is that it starts off where there is this like little person, extremely little, like five inches, one foot, a foot and a half, whatever, that just lays on my stomach. And you can cuddle it, you can cradle it, you can disappear into it. 

And there’s something very inner and sweet about that. It’s like an energetic or something, because obviously you can’t have something like that, actually, in a physical sense of it. And yet it has that whole sensation of such a closeness. 

And then there is, in the outer, the idea of things that can be done, and that’s represented by being able to drag something to and fro like a long hose. And in order to show that you’re making progress, in terms of going to and fro, back and forth, and back and forth, the hose has marks on it. And so you line up a mark to a particular line, and then you turn around and you go back and you line it up then, and when you hit that you go back and forth. And, conceivably, you’re gaining the measure of things by that approach. 

Well, as you keep it up, it gets harder, it doesn’t get easier, because there’s always a snag on this side or the other that seems to accumulate, in terms of the reflective is always building. It’s never simplifying, it’s always becoming more and more diverse. 

And on each end, there’s a man and a woman. And, as far as I can tell, they seem to be helping me, supposedly helping me. And supposedly maybe even related in some sense, in terms of this process.

Well, on one occasion, I get snagged and I have to go over things that have come up because the outer is continuously changing. And the woman realizes I’m in trouble and she comes and starts helping me – because I’ve come up and over and around, I have to come out of my entanglement – so she pulls the hose away.

And when I get to where I can look to see where my whereabouts is at, I’m completely lost and confused; we’re off track. And yet, she was the one that was supposed to have a sense, at that end, in terms of how it lined up. Plus, this is starting to not make any sense, because if you’re going to and fro, and you’re lining up to particular measurements, and all of a sudden I’m having to go up and up and around and about obstacles, this is getting very, very confusing. How can you have anything that is being simplified in this way? 

And then I come to find out that the two are wanted by the law. And one of them is accused of espionage. And so this causes me to ponder the meaning of the term espionage, and all that. And so it’s like the scenario going back and forth to and fro, which is both exhausting and debilitating, is an illusory reflective effect that kind of grabs your attention, can predominate in a way that it’s possible to actually sort things out, by contending with them. And that’s a confidence game. 

In the end, this, as a process, is not acceptable. And the inner authorities have questions regarding espionage. Espionage is the taking of an inner clarity and attempting to use it to do things, in the outer, that are designed to gauge and measure what is going on. It doesn’t work like that. And this is revealed: what you come to know is that instead of things getting clearer, the whole outer thing is becoming more and more overwhelming.

Or, to put it bluntly, the longer you go with this as a primary frame of reference, the further you kind of get from making any real significant headway – as the beginning and the end just seem to stay out of sync with the inner flow. Or things just seem to continue to continue in some sort of acting-up way. 

The point is this, true change comes within as the heart of hearts embraces. In doing so, the vibrational nuance is an image of a this or that, which is the outer. Instead of you going back and forth in them, they get absorbed as the stillness essence prevails. Or, in other words, renders the reflections back to a stillness. The idea that there is an outer part that is played independently, or has a component that can function, in terms of looking at the reflection and trying to make the reflection change in that regard, is the wrong focus and attention. The focus and attention has to be to the stillness within

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